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 Kiri Genin - Shikigami Isamu complete!

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PostSubject: Kiri Genin - Shikigami Isamu complete!    Wed May 21, 2014 8:55 pm

Shikigami Isamu

"It's absurd to divide people into good and bad; they are either charming or tedious!"

Face Claim:
Character Face Claim:

  • Face Claim: Orihara Izaya
  • Character Origin: Durarara!!

Basic Information
Name/Alias: Zon.
Character Name: SHIKIGAMI, Isamu.
Character Age: 15.
Character Birthday: 13th August.
Character Zodiac: Leo.
Character Gender: Male.

Personality and Appearance
Character Appearance:
Isamu stands five feet and six inches tall. Taller shinobi often deem him weak, judging from the fact that he is short. However, he weighs a hefty seventy kilograms from muscle and should not be underestimated. Then again he does not fully know to use his muscles to their maximum limit and over his clothing looks kind of skinny. The boy has spiky black hair that is pretty much messy all the time. He has eyes that seem dark and black, but upon reflection of sunlight makes it clear that they are hazel brown. Being of a tanned yet somewhat fair complexion, the boy has a unique skin tone that distinguishes him from others. His signature look is a cocky smirk and grin that often provokes even the calmest of foes.

As for his usual outfit, the boy wears a black V necked T-shirt, that has no design on it whatsoever. Over it he wears a furry coat, his trademark piece of clothing. He never goes out without it. The coat is thick and brown. A stripe of furry clothing is stitched into it near the hands and the hood, as well as the bottom ending part, like an outline of sorts. His shirt is tucked in neatly to his dark jeans-like pair of trousers that are long and flexible. His belt has the Kirigakure symbol as a buckle and serves as his ninja band. Rarely, he tucks out his shirt and wears the band on his head.

His alternate outfit consists of a similar V necked T shirt that is red in color, and a collared, thinner black leather long sleeved jacket with its collars standing. Sometimes he wears a white tie. With this outfit he wears the same pair of bottoms but with his shirt tucked out. His ninja band goes as an armband.

  • Hair Color: Black.
  • Eye Color: Hazel brown.
  • Height: 5'6"
  • Weight: 70kg
  • Overall:

Character Personality:
SHIKIGAMU Isamu has a complexity of mind in his character that is hard to grasp, especially for individuals who have not known him for an extended period of time. He can be a bitch to people he has no emotional ties to. To them he can be deceiving, disloyal and heartless. It takes a lot for a person to eventually leave an impact on him as he is hard to impress. However, when and if he develops a bond with a person, he becomes very loyal and protective of them. So far only his parents and his home village have made such a connection to him.

Once one gets to know Isamu more deeply, one would comprehend his point of view. In general, he only cares about and acknowledges the present, and only the consequences of his actions momentarily. He only thinks about the benefits of his actions that he would get immediately, and not any ill effects that could derive from them on the long run. He often lets his curiosity get the better of him. With a thirst for knowledge and adventure that he cannot quench and repeatedly pursues, it is not a rare thing for him to get carried away and more often than not get into deep shit. He is quick to betray acquaintances and people he do not necessarily care for, in order to save his own ass from such deep shit. However he does quite the opposite when a loved one is involved.

On small things, Isamu usually does not care on what his loved ones are up to. Also, he normally acts as though they were not important to him and often treats them as such. He wants to isolate himself from society but loneliness drives him crazy. As such he is grateful for the company of someone he cares about. However he hates to and will not admit that fact. When it really matters, he is always the first to volunteer to aid his mates. This is just one side of him. As he himself says, "It's absurd to divide people into good and bad; they are either charming or tedious!" And he often proves to be the latter.

When with his mates, he almost always gets the group into trouble with his stupid and unreasonable maneuvers. However he almost always compensates by dealing with and trying as hard as he can to fix the troubles he cause. Always the boy attempts to do these himself. When not with them, he can be quite crude when speaking to strangers or unfamiliar individuals. Also, he often speaks to everyone as if they were all his close friends, even though he never treats them as such. For example he would make up nicknames for strangers and cuss and insult people with a mocking demeanor. Like this, he is very comfortable around everyone. As such he is loud and whiny most of the time.

To add to his unlikable characteristics, Isamu likes to be a smartass. He often makes up ridiculous and demeaning quotes that make him seem wise from the way he phrases it. He likes to come up with morals and use fancy words. Half of the time he just rants bullshit and he himself acknowledges that fact at times. Rarely, these smartass quotes actually do apply and occasionally make him look like a wise and collected person.

In general, he treats others (strangers) equally, never judging a person on good or bad. He never cares about their nature of villainous or heroic characteristics. If he likes their attitude towards him, he would be quick to accept them. However as he is hard to impress and please, he almost never likes another person right away. Thus, he somewhat dislikes everyone equally.

As for his actual intellectual capabilities, he is both dumb and smart at the same time. While his lack of foresight lands him in tough positions and causes him to make silly mistake, the boy manages to show momentary skill and wits as he deals with the problems as they come with much cleverness. However, he does not always surprise his foes in the way it would be bad for them. Quite often his silly mistakes cause comical errors and surprise his foes in a way he would be a joke. However, foes that repeatedly take him on and have felt his wrath know otherwise. When it matters, Isamu tries to think better but his aggressive nature makes it hard for him to do so. Nevertheless, he never fails to impress when pressured.

He believes he was brought into this world to have fun, explore the world's secrets, gain knowledge on the vast subjects and do his duty for his allegiance. Ultimately, his loyalty lies with Kirigakure and of all things would be the last thing he would plot against. He aims to do all of the things mentioned above to the furthest of its extent. Accomplishing all those things to its fullest is his ultimate goal.

The Logistics
Character Nindō: "As long as I exist, I don't care whether I go to Hell, or if there's only suffering there."
Character Clan: Shikigami

  • Kekkei Genkai: Paper Release. (Official descriptions TBA)
  • Hījutsu:

Character Affiliation: Kirigakure.

Character Rank: C
Character Occupation: -

Elemental Nature(s): Katon // Fuuton
The History
Character History:

Prehistory arc
Isamu's ancestors were from Kirigakure, always. In times of absence and decline of the nation, they all stayed around the initial area and gradually moved into the nation ech time. His ancestors are known to be extremely loyal to Kirigakure.

Academy to Genin arc
Isamu's story is a quite simple one. There were no murders involved. No deceasing parents, no disastrous calamities, no special encounters with a Bijuu, no bullshit. He was born to a Shikigami father and a mother who did not belong to a clan of a special ability whatsoever. Both his parents were shinobi in their youth and decided to send him to an academy where over the course of a few years he learned and mastered basic techniques essential for shinobi life. As he progressed and graduated, he decided that he wanted to continue pursuing a life of a shinobi, and was taught Shikigami basics and secrets by his father. At the old age of 15, he then decided to pursue joining a Genin team, as he was by then officially a Genin.

His parents stay in a small yet comfortable and luxurious house. In an attempt to teach Isamu to be independent and give him values for the future, they keep him a walking distance away at a less comfy hotel where he has to earn his money. Isau agrees with their decision and does not secretly wish to murder them in cold blood for making him eat hotel food.

Role-play Sample: It seems you guys deleted the old posts, I can;t find a sample post of mine. I hope this will suffice? I wrote that when I was high :D
Character Family:

  • Mother: Asuka Osamu
  • Father: Osamu Shikigami
  • Spouse: -
  • Siblings: -
  • Children: -
  • Pets: -
  • Other: -


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PostSubject: Re: Kiri Genin - Shikigami Isamu complete!    Thu May 22, 2014 5:04 pm

kompreeshun bumpu.


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Kiri Genin - Shikigami Isamu complete!
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