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 Kaguya, Ragna (WiP)

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PostSubject: Kaguya, Ragna (WiP)   Tue May 20, 2014 11:17 am

Kaguya, Ragna

"The Hungry Wolf"

Face Claim:
Character Face Claim: Ragna Kaguya

  • Face Claim: Noctis Lucis Caelum
  • Character Origin: Final Fantasy

Basic Information
Character Name: Ragna Kaguya
Character Age: 25
Character Birthday: 6/9
Character Zodiac: Gemini
Character Gender: Male

Personality and Appearance
Character Appearance:

As if carved from marble by the Gods of Greek lore, Ragna's physical build is like a picture of perfection. He stands 6'0 and weighs 215lbs of solid well-toned muscle. His skin tone is white though slightly tanned, showing he is no stranger to being outdoors. He has broad shoulders which only adds to his regal bearing and attitude; his posture only simply exudes this. His eye brows are a little bushy and always look make him look as angry, which most times isn't the case. His voices is deep and commanding, making it an easy one to remember if heard or recognize if heard.

The most noticeable characteristic of Ragna is his eye color. His eyes are best described as being golden, dark yellow, and always have a mischevious yet relaxed look about them. In the light it almost appears as if they are luminescent. His teeth are perfectly white and his canine teeth are noticably more pointed than the average person, giving him an feral almost wolfish look when he grins. His hair color is black and is shoulder length, slighter longer than it was in his youth.  Ragna has no particular preference for a style, so for the most part it simply varies day to day.

He has a few minor scars on his body from incidents in his youth. What stands out the most is his large tattoo that spans from his chest, over both shoulders and halfway down his back. On both sides is a japanese dragon, one black with white eyes the other white with black eyes. The two heads meet face to face on Ragna's chest. The black dragon's face is seen snarling as if ready to attack, while the white dragon's face appears calm and composed. Thier long bodies go over the shoulders and travel down his back, both bodies never crossing as they create an "S" shaped pattern with the tails of both stopping at the center of the back; completely parallel to eachother and mirroring eachothers pattern. The tattoos is meant to serve as a balance, similar to the yin and yang concept. On his right arm, spanning from shoulder to elbow is the name "Ragna" the R being on the shoulder drawn in old english letters, while the other letters are in standard print. He has no tattoo on the left arm, yet.

Despite his humble upbringing, Ragna is a man who prefers to make appropriate first impression. Thus, his attire alone speaks just as much about himself as his actions does. His favorite color is black, which is pretty much the standard for all his clothing in terms of color. He prefers the more formal type of clothing as he will almost always wear a all black short-sleeved button up, fitting perfectly to his build; not to snug but not to baggy. The buttons on said shirt are a dark red, matching Ragna's garnet colored eyes.  Under this, should he decide to leave the button up unbuttoned, he wears an all black t-shirt that fits more snug than than button-up and smaller in size. Should the need ever arise, he will also wear a black short-sleeved leather jacket. On the leather jackets left arm, is his headband which is stitched on. The fit is much more loose than the rest of his attire and the jacket's length actually reaches down to the knee area. The jacket has no outside pockets, instead only have two large inside pockets. The jacket itself, despite being leather, is fairly light and is loose enough to easily slip out of if the need arises.

Due to his lack of interest of being flashy, jewelry and such, the only noticeable accessory he has are his black leather gloves. The length of said gloves stop a few inches past the wrist and are durable enough to be worn even in fights. Though the leather is only slightly padded, it serves a more psychological purpose. With the slight padding, Ragna never feels the need to not commit to his punches. The little padding gives him the notion that his knuckles are protected from any major recoil from his punches. For example, if punching someone in the mouth. Ragna's concern of cutting his own hand on teeth decreases since his gloves will off some form of protection (Again its more psychological than actual protection like actual fighting gloves would grant. The gloves can still rip as easily as normal leather does.)

Maintaining his formal appearance, Ragna wears black dress pants. The pants are a perfect fit being not to baggy, but fitting to his size allowing room to deliver wide kicks and manueverabilty without ripping the pants. However, it is hard to notice this fact by simply looking at said pants. To the untrained eye the pants look as if they restrict movements, which sometimes grants the element of surprise. Though his pants fit well enough to do without, Ragna still wears a typical black leather belt mostly for looks than actual need. His socks are black and reach just above the ankles. What perhaps stands out most in the outfit is Ragna's footwear. Rather than traditional patent leather shoes, his shoes are more like a boots and dress shoe hybrid. Smaller than your typical boots, but larger than traditional dress shoes, the shoes grant good manuerability while maintaining the formal appearance.

Ragna prefers to not wear headgear, simply out of personal preference. As stated previously, he doesn't like to wear jewelry and has no piercings.

  • Hair Color: Dark Gray
  • Eye Color: Dark Yellow
  • Height: 6'
  • Weight: 215lbs
  • Overall:

Character Personality:

The Logistics
Character Nindō:
Character Clan:

  • Kekkei Genkai:
  • Hījutsu:

Character Affiliation:

Character Rank:
Character Occupation:

Elemental Nature(s):
The History
Character History:
Role-play Sample:
Character Family:

  • Mother:
  • Father:
  • Spouse:
  • Siblings:
  • Children:
  • Pets:
  • Other:

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Kaguya, Ragna (WiP)
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