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 Expectations & Standards

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Chief Administrator
Chief Administrator

PostSubject: Expectations & Standards   Sun May 11, 2014 3:02 pm

Hello everyone! Just wanted to say that, despite the slow movement, we're only a single step away from being completely open and ready for the member-base. That is thanks to the hard work that everyone has put in; as well as the support and activity. So thank you all for that. Special thanks to Kaira, because the site is looking amazing! That said, there are some things which have been going on which will require some addressing and attention from us all.

As the site opens, and we become an official staff body, I am going to expect more and more out of the acting staff members. While I have no issue with doing nothing when there is nothing to be done, I am going to want all assigned tasks to be completed with a priority. This means that, should something be assigned, it needs to be ready as quickly as possible. Recently, there have been projects which need doing, and which have instead been all but dropped, leaving it to others to do it instead. It sets a lot of people back, as I am sure all of you can make sense of, and are aware.

Unfortunately, this time is a bit of a hard one for me in terms of activity. My boss, at the restaurant I work in, fired three people recently. We're going into the summer, and that means a lot of work, and really hard work shifts. I'm showing up early, and getting out incredibly late, and that's going to be how it is until he finds someone suitable and able to handle the positions which need filling. Dont know when that will be, hopefully not too long, seeing as he needs the man power now; so things should shape up in the near future, for sure. That said, I apologize for any poor communication on my end, thus far. I understand there has been some frustration directed at me for several things, which I doubt is being helped by the various individuals stoking those flames.

As it stands, we're working in an unfinished site. It's not officially open, something a lot of people seemed to have missed. That'll explain the lack of information in some areas. Sure, normally, the reboot process is quick and easy, but this one is a bit more complex. A complete rehash of all of NarutoR's core systems, the wonderful graphics and site layout, everything is being created fresh and new, and made with 100% quality. Looks, more or less, professional, as that's the image that we're wanting to convey on new members.

When I get back from Mother's Day outings, I'll post a complete work list, as well as a list of who has been assigned what, and deadlines. Those of you unable to complete tasks before the deadline's end will have the task reassigned, and it will not look good ._.



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Expectations & Standards
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