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 The Early Bird Catches The Worm [NF | OPEN]

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PostSubject: The Early Bird Catches The Worm [NF | OPEN]   Sat May 10, 2014 5:08 am

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He was shown walking among the quiet streets. Specifically, the streets along the market area of the village. Few people were present today considering it happened to be the wee hours of the morning. The usual mist that normally engulfed the village was absent. This allowed great vision and everyone to see all things clearer. He pushed open the metal door of the local diner and walked in with silent footsteps. A small bell rested between the corner of the door's entrance and the bell rang to those who chose to enter. The diner was completely empty other than the individuals who were currently working behind the counters.

"What can I get for you today, sir?" A women waitress inquired. The waitress always welcomed her customers in an appropriate manner. "The usual ma'am.." The Yuki said returning the courtesy.

He yawned and chose a seat near the only window. He looked down and started to twiddle his thumbs. This eased the boredom of waiting and allowed for a few minutes to carry on.

"An order up!" The waitress behind the counter yelled to her peak. Her loud voice echoed throughout the small restaurant.

The young man walked toward the front counter to receive his ordered meal. There on the plate laid his food; tender grilled calamari and two lemon slices arranged on each side. The food gave off a delicious, smoky aroma to the boy. He nodded in return with thanks and satisfaction and then took his plate and walked back to his seat near the window. He added just a small squeeze of lemon and began gorging down on his food.

As he was enjoying his breakfast; a piece of the squid's tail dangled from the edge of his mouth, surprisingly, he heard the bell chime and the footsteps of an unfamiliar figure enter the doors of the diner. His eyes shifted toward the direction of the noise to observe of who it was.

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The Early Bird Catches The Worm [NF | OPEN]
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