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 Showdown in the Hidden Leaf Village! [Open, Combat, NK]

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PostSubject: Showdown in the Hidden Leaf Village! [Open, Combat, NK]   Thu May 08, 2014 10:37 pm

Saizo had woken up in the royal palace and was ready to begin his first day of training to become a chuunin. It was a new day, yet nothing had changed. Sure, he had gotten stronger since his time in the academy, but he was still the same. He had met up and trained with his twin the day before. The two had done this many times before, so it wasn't anything new to him, but at the same time, he couldn't believe how much they had progressed. He had come to the village with the belief that he was strong enough to handle himself, but now that he had actually begun training, he wasn't too certain anymore. He would need more powerful jutsu, and he'd have to make the right friends. He was specifically searching for jutsu that he could close out a fight with ease, or a combination of sorts at least. He had already become accustomed to elemental ninjutsu, and had even started practicing taijutsu, medical ninjutsu, and even some weaponry ninjutsu. Saizo had never even thought about a real fight situation, and hadn't even considered how he would win should the time come.

Saizo thought for a while, and then believed that his solution would be to combine all of his jutsu in succession. The best way would be to catch the opponent off guard, and it's not like anyone around here would even realize I'm a shinobi. They all just believe I'm another feudal aristocrat, Saizo thought. That thought was somewhat reassuring to the teen, who was pushing on 18 years old despite only being a genin. It was one of the disadvantages of being a part of the royal family. He wasn't trusted to become a full-fledged shinobi - he even had to enroll in the academy in secret. Truth be told, Saizo was fairly rusty, but still felt hopeful that somebody would accept his challenge in the village. He had posted flyers throughout the village to meet him at the training grounds, but he could only hope that someone would take it seriously. He didn't put down any of his personal info on the flyer, only that the showdown would begin at 2 pm at the village training grounds. It was still only 1:45, but Saizo was getting worried that no one would show. The ninja calmly waited, seated cross-legged atop a training log. The wind was calm, and the warmth of the sunlight felt relaxing against one's cheek. For a brief moment, Saizo closed his eyes and deeply inhaled, absorbing the fresh air of the open area, about 100 meters x 100 meters, an open expanse surrounded by forest , with water to one side.

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Showdown in the Hidden Leaf Village! [Open, Combat, NK]
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