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 Old stomping grounds

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Castor Shells

PostSubject: Old stomping grounds   Tue May 06, 2014 11:22 pm

Old habits died hard. Taizen was hard at work using an advanced training dummy that spun when hit in order to help train reflexes and agility for a Taijutsu user for close quarter fights. It wasn't much now for Taizen to go up against these dummies in a row, scoring multiple hits and blocking or dodging all of the counter blows. They were used in training the academy students and he himself was a student not too long ago but he had long outgrown the use for the dummies. All they were good for now was a warm up, if that. The young Inuzuka let out a quick, hard breath before tapping the dummy on it's chin and moving away from the counter attack.

Class was out for the day and the training grounds were mostly empty save for a few kids hanging around chatting and the odd hard worker or two. The sun was still in the sky but daylight was going to run out in a couple hours. As always, the fresh and light breeze blew through Konoha setting the perfect mood. All that was missing from this spring weather was the sound of cicada.

It was familiar all right. He had spent a lot of time at this academy. He didn't graduate like most kids, it took him an extra couple of years before he was able to graduate. It wasn't like he was stupid or just bad at what he did but he didn't have enough free time and he certainly was no prodigy. As familiar as it felt, he was proud that he no longer belonged here.

But where DID a ninja belong after they graduate? He wasn't strong enough for any real missions and he wasn't capable of taking any more courses so any sort of specialty ninja was out. It was a weird life being a genin, and he was at a loss of what to do. He missed his friends. He missed having something "fun" to do everyday.

He absentmindedly hit the dummy again, causing one of it's wooden limbs to spin rapidly and knock him in the back of his head roughly. A light shock caused Taizen to widen his expression and duck while looking around before realizing he had caused his own misfortune. It wasn't shocking, honestly. His mind was never fully on training and maybe that's why it took him so long to graduate or maybe it was that he lacked the confidence to push himself to his full limits. Or maybe deep down he really was just a runt. Just a smallfry.

((OOC: Hey guys and gals. Since we're all Genin, feel free to write as if you know Taizen a little bit if you want to skip the ice breaking bits. It can be assumed that we were in the same class, or different ones. If you want to assume our characters were in the same class, great. If not? Still great! Open to all cool Konoha kids!))


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Old stomping grounds
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