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 Meditation in the Snow [NF | OPEN]

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PostSubject: Meditation in the Snow [NF | OPEN]    Mon May 05, 2014 1:57 am

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It was the glorious time of winter in the Snowy Edges. The forty-five feet tall snow covered trees blanketed the deep valley in the mountain. Each tree had a strong wide base of two meters. Easily being able to hide at most two people around the wide trunk. The branches, big and brown coming from off the sides, that hung from the trees were coated in a thin layer of ice. Some even had long icicles that draped up to a meter. Directly down the center of the valley ran a large river with a strong enough current to keep the center of the river unfrozen. The banks of the river were harden with ice as the river was over eighty meters leaving over sixty-five meters of moving water. There were even large rocks that stood out through the river that one could cross if they had the ability.

From the edge of the bank to the trees was another fifteen meters. From the center of the river to the cliffs of the snow mountains were over four hundred meters in both directions. Three hundred meters up the river was a hundred meter waterfall that poured off the cliff of the mountains. Down over five hundred meters from the bridge was a small waterfall that poured into a large lake in which the other side could not be seen from the mouth of the river. The floor of the valley had about two feet of snow keeping the ground hidden. Though underneath the snow was six inches of hard ice. The ground was known to harden in the Snowy Edges. It was one of the beneficial knowledge that all Yuki Clan members possessed.

Spread out over the gape was a strong small bridge. The bridge was only five meters over the running river. Underneath the bridge were three structure beams. The first one was at twenty meters. The second one being the strongest since it was the middle support was at forty meters. The third one being placed at sixty meters. The bridge was twenty meters across with railings on the side to stop those from falling over.

The sun was high in the sky even though the Yuki clansmen could see his breath when breathing. There wasn't a cloud in sight on the clear winter day. He waited at the center of the bridge; meditating in a lotus position.

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Meditation in the Snow [NF | OPEN]
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