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 Kagema, Shunko [Skills]

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Chief Administrator

PostSubject: Kagema, Shunko [Skills]   Wed Apr 30, 2014 7:26 am


My mission.

The Data

Elemental Affinities: Suiton | Doton | Mokuton
Primary Specialty: Iryōjutsu
Secondary Specialty: Fūinjutsu
Tertiary Specialty: Ninjutsu
Primary Application Link:
Total Skill Points: [Total]
Total Exp. Points: [Available/Total]

The Trait Skills

Fortitude [Strength] 5
Vitality [Endurance] 10
Agility [Speed] 10
Chakra Flame [Energy] 5
Perception [Sensory] 0
Whisper Step [Stealth] 10
Ninja Art [Hand Seals] 0

The Specialty Skills

Ninjutsu [Ninja Techniques] 5
Iryōjutsu [Medical Ninja Techniques] 25
Genjutsu [Illusionary Techniques] 5
Fūinjutsu [Sealing Techniques] 5
Kugutsu [The Puppet Technique] 0
Taijutsu [Body Techniques] 0
Bukijutsu [Weaponry Techniques] 0

The Shinobi Arsenal

Chakra Cost:
Range: Close [0m-5m], Mid [5m-10m], Far [10m+]


Cats, Cats,
Glamorous Cats
Some Are Skinny
Some Are Fat

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Kagema, Shunko [Skills]
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