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 Static Raven [Kusarigama, Only for Ezekiel]

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PostSubject: Static Raven [Kusarigama, Only for Ezekiel]   Tue Apr 29, 2014 2:08 pm

Name: Static Raven MK I

Rank: C

Range: The kama has a 12-inch blade, the chain reaches out to 8 feet.

Static Raven is a steel kusarigama that has part kama and part kusari-fundo. The chain is 8.3-feet long, the extra length past 8 feet due to adding to the reach so it actually reaches 8 feet. The weight has a 3-inch radius and weighs 10 lbs. The kama's handle is 1.5 feet long and the blade is a foot long going one way and 3 inches going the other.

Abundance: Only one

Unique Abilities: The static raven, while in Ezekiel's hands, may be electrically charged to a minor degree. This is safe for Ezekiel but may be lethal against others unless they otherwise have a resistance to electricity. Also, the chain has a guided return when Ezekiel pulls it back and/or launches it to a minor degree so that it lets it fly with little error.
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Static Raven [Kusarigama, Only for Ezekiel]
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