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 Uchiha, Kagema [WIP]

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PostSubject: Uchiha, Kagema [WIP]   Tue Apr 29, 2014 11:46 am

Uchiha, Kagema

"Living one lie isn't enough. You must live two."

Face Claim:
Character Face Claim:

  • Face Claim:
  • Character Origin:

Basic Information
Name/Alias: Zack.
Character Name: Uchiha, Kagema.
Character Age: 13.
Character Birthday: April 4th.
Character Zodiac: Aries.
Character Gender: Male.

Personality and Appearance
Character Appearance:

  • Hair Color: Black.
  • Eye Color: Dark. Black.
  • Height: 5'3''
  • Weight: 116 lbs.
  • Overall: Tba.

Character Personality: It's hard to describe what is so cleverly hidden, honestly. Kagema is just a boy. A boy with a sense of morality, yet with a certain darkness in his heart. From the time he was young, Kagema seemed to perceive things on a different level than most. Quickly he began to understand the world of shinobi, seeking out both the darkest and most light filled corners of the globe. His wealth of experience, already, offers him a very adverse sense of humility, and serene attention span to crucial instances. Unfortunately, for the sake of his personality's growth, at a young age, Kageme was recruited into the Konohagakure ANBU units, as a special unit. Despite his relatively low ranking, and the gap of skill difference between him and his fellow members, he was able to fit in. Learning the formations for the team was near instant for the Uchiha, and he was quickly taken off of promo status, and added as an official member to the team. Instantly, his world is expanded, and he begins to see the darker sides of the village.

All of a sudden, Kagema was put under a maturing spell. It was required. The darkness in his heart was fed by the ANBU's twisted methods. Killing became second nature, and he began to understand how the shinobi game was played. Evil was not always evil, and good could sometimes hurt more than anything else. It was about the crucial balance between. Devoting himself, full heartedly to his village, the Uchiha began to become more and more active in his missions, allowing him to stand out at what he did. But his time in an ANBU unit did not last long, as he was selected for a different mission altogether. The infiltration of Kirigakure no Sato, an enemy nation. Uchiha Kagema instantly accepted the mission, as there was no alternative, letting the system officially claim him as its slave. Despite being a good person, he understood that, in the future, he may have to commit dark deeds in order to stay alive, and avoid massacre among the village's.

The Logistics
Character Nindō: Complete the mission.
Character Clan:

  • Kekkei Genkai:
  • Hījutsu:

Character Affiliation:

Character Rank: C Rank
Character Occupation: ANBU

Elemental Nature(s):
The History
Character History:
Role-play Sample:
Character Family:

  • Mother: Unknown.
  • Father: Unknown.
  • Spouse: Unknown.
  • Siblings: Unknown.
  • Children: N/A
  • Pets: Unknown.
  • Other: Unknown.


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Glamorous Cats
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Some Are Fat

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Uchiha, Kagema [WIP]
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