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 Kata, Shirayune-e (wip)

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PostSubject: Kata, Shirayune-e (wip)   Tue Apr 29, 2014 10:53 am

Kata, Shirayune-e

Everything is gone....

Basic Information
Name/Alias: ShutUp-Reload
Character Name: Kata, Shirayune-e
Character Age: 9 years
Character Birthday: Doesn't talk about it
Character Zodiac: Aquarius
Character Gender: Male

Personality and Appearance
Character Appearance:

  • Hair Color: White-Silver, short
  • Eye Color: Red-Brown
  • Height: Three Feet and Five inches
  • Weight: 67 lbs
  • Overall: Sadly, due to his age, Kata-kun has not really developed, making him seem extremely lanky, but despite this it is obvious to see he is more athletic than almost any boy his age ought to be. In addition, due to the fact he spends his nights within a cell, and his days getting used to his new home, he is scrawny as he does not trust foreign food save to keep his strength up, refusing to eat anything too foreign to him. As for his clothing, Kata covers his hands in boxing tape, and covers a large portion of his body in bandages in order to soften blows. aside from this, he dresses like a homeless child in order to seem like just a street urchin on the days he is allowed out of his cell.

Character Personality: Kata-Kun is seen as uncharacteristically cold for his age for the purpose, he shows no remorse for what happened to his village, stating it's "What happens when you reach to the sky". In addition he has no issue with the fact that his adoptive father, the Raikage, died in the accident, seeing it as just another accident in life. His friends, his family, all gone, but all he will say about it, is that worrying or grieving is pointless.

But, despite this, Kata is still a kid in some ways, his curiosity causing him to sneak around to watch things. Kata in addition still enjoys sweet foods, and can be occasionally caught off guard by some acts of needless violence or anger, as despite his conditioning, he was not raised on a battlefield, so he still carries some child within him.

As for activities he enjoys, he is a typical soldier here. he loves to train and fight with other shinobi, save for genjutsu users, they aren't fun. And Puppet masters don't even begin to make his blood rush.

The Logistics
Character Nindō: Searching for his Nindo, the only thing that Kata-Kun believes in is a world without weapons.
Character Clan: -

  • Kekkei Genkai: -
  • Hījutsu: -

Character Affiliation: Kirigakure Prisoner (Still Loyal to Kirigakure)

Character Rank: Genin
Character Occupation: Prisoner, Ninja

Elemental Nature(s): Wind
The History
Character History:
Role-play Sample: The sloth farted, and said.... it.....is......good.....
Character Family:

  • Mother:[Left when he was Young]
  • Father:[Deceased, Raikage]
  • Spouse:[None]
  • Siblings:[Deceased, three brothers, one sister]
  • Children:[None]
  • Pets:[None]
  • Other:[No living friends or relatives]

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Kata, Shirayune-e (wip)
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