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 Hyouton Creation Set - Yuki

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PostSubject: Hyouton Creation Set - Yuki    Tue Apr 29, 2014 9:21 am

Name: Hyouton Creation: Crystal Ice Shards
Rank: D
Type: Ninjutsu
Range: Mid [5 Meters]
Element: Hyouton:Ice
A precursor to the more famous thousand needles technique; With the use of a single handsign the shinobi will form clusters of razor sharp ice shards in the air, mimicking the sharp edges of broken glass. Manifesting extremely quickly the ice will force forward from it's caster in an attempt to slice and pierce the opponent into a bleeding mess. The technique is particularly useful as a counter to opponents running towards the caster, as the force of their movement will be added to the force of the ices movement itself, resulting in deeper and more serious wounds.
Chakra Cost: D - 12

Name: Hyouton Creation - Senbon
Rank: D
Type: Ninjutsu
Range: Close [0m]
Element: Hyouton:Ice
The world is your arsenal when you have water vapor at your beck and call. This jutsu. After utilizing the dog hand seal and focusing ones chakra, a Yuki clan member is able to manifest a total of six senbon, the ideal number as it allows for one for each of the spaces between the fingers. Sharp and long these needles are more akin to icecles than traditional ninja senbon, but are no less deadly on impact. Unfortunately they have a bad habit of shattering when coming into contact with metal.

Additional: Recreational use has found by flavouring water, the same technique can be used to create long flavored senbon.
Chakra Cost: D -10

Name: Hyouton Creation - Snow Bomb
Rank: D
Range: Close [0M]
Element: Hyouton:Ice
Using the dog handseal a shinobi with hyouton affinity can manifest a clump of extremely fine powdered snow imbued with chakra. Upon flinging the creation into a solid surface it will explode into a snowy cloud similar in thickness to a cloud of smoke, allowing the user to conceal their exact location and potentially escape from combat. The cloud of snow fills a short 5 meter radius. This is particularly effective upon an opponents eyes, temporarily disorientating their vision with fine particles of ice.
Chakra Cost: D - 12

Name: Hyouton Creation: Rapid Cooling Technique
Rank: D
Type: Ninjutsu
Range: Far [10M]
Element: Hyouton:Ice
Focusing their chakra into the air around themselves a Yuki ninja can create a cooling point in the air that will slowly spread from where the jutsu was cast. This reduced the temperature in the air until it hits zero degrees. A common side effect of this may be mist, rain or snow in particularly humid areas but is not a result of the jutsu itself. The cooling effect is meant put the opponent in an extreme environment they are not used to, the cold will put emphasis on any exposed wounds they may have causing them to hurt more. The main use of the jutsu is to cool the air around the environment in order to make forming ice a much quicker process than it would be without cold temperatures.
Chakra Cost: D - 12

Name: Hyouton Creation: Frozen Density Shift
Rank: D - C
Type: Ninjutsu
Range: Mid [5m~10m]
Element: Hyouton:Ice
Useful only on opponents who are standing in snow or water, the user will focus their chakra, utilize a handseal and change the structure of the water or snow into solid ice, trapping whatever body part is within the snow or water. To utilize this the shinobi using the technique must also be in contact with the body of snow or water the technique is being used on. In the lower D ranked version this technique simply traps whatever it catches. However in the higher C ranked version the jutsu can be forced to condense the substance more rapidly and to a greater degree of density, with enough pressure to crack and crush bone.
Chakra Cost:
D - 12
C - 25


 Yuki, Eira
Kujutsu0Chakra Flame10
Bukijutsu10Ninja Art5

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Hyouton Creation Set - Yuki
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