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 Chakrams [Open Use]

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PostSubject: Chakrams [Open Use]   Mon Apr 28, 2014 8:43 am

Have you ever looked at your spiky shurkien and thought "Hey, these are too spiky" or been playing frisby and thought "Man, I wish I could play this in my ninja job" Well look no further, for your answer lies in the circular glory of the chakram!

Name: Double Chakrams
Rank: C

  • 60 centimeter radius
  • 10 Meters Thrown


Chakrams are circular in shape with a bladed edge, this set comes with the frame made from brass giving it a shining yellow finish. Underneath the frame the metal is arched slightly, allowing the weapon to glide through the air smoothly. Though many sets have a fully bladed edge this set only has a blade on one side, though when flying the chakram spins fast enough that it may as well be fully bladed.

The blade is attached to the framework, rather than being a bladed side of it. Protruding out of one side on each of the discs, the blade follows the curve of the chakram to around halfway where it trails off into a spike leaving a half moon shape around the weapon.

Abundance: Widely Available
Unique Abilities:
[*]Soaring Blade - This blade is made for the express purpose of being able to glide smoothly through the air. Unlike smaller ranged weapons it's shape allows it to make smooth curves making them more maneuverable and accurate than lesser ranged weaponry such as kunai, while it's shape makes it fly swifter through the air than something less airodynamyc like a fuuma shuriken.
[*]Spinning Blade - Most movements with this weapon in melee combat are based around spinning. This makes the disk far better for parrying than a sword  which has far straighter lines of attack. It is particularly useful at for disarming off balance weaponry such as foes attempting to use two handed blades with a single hand.


 Yuki, Eira
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Chakrams [Open Use]
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