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 Yuki, Momoko - [Kirigakure Genin]

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Castor Shells

PostSubject: Yuki, Momoko - [Kirigakure Genin]   Sun Apr 27, 2014 5:45 pm

Yuki, Momoko

"I'm not vain. I'm just a honest with myself."

Face Claim:
Character Face Claim:

  • Face Claim: Ranko Kanzaki
  • Character Origin: iDOLM@STER

Basic Information
Name: Cas, Castor Shells, Shells
Character Name: Yuki, Momoko
Nickname: Momo
Character Age: 16
Character Birthday: August 22nd
Character Zodiac: Leo
Character Gender: Female

Personality and Appearance
Character Appearance:

  • Hair Color: Silver
  • Eye Color: Magenta
  • Height: 5' 2"
  • Weight: 98lbs

Written Appearance::


Character Personality:

The Logistics
Character Nindō: "To be better than you."
Character Clan: Yuki

  • Kekkei Genkai: Yuki (Link to Yuki)
  • Hījutsu: N/A

Character Affiliation: Kirigakure

Character Rank: Genin
Character Occupation: N/A

Elemental Nature(s):Suiton, Water / ???

The History


Character Family:

  • Mother:
  • Father:
  • Spouse:
  • Siblings:
  • Children:
  • Pets:
  • Other:

RP Sample:


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Yuki, Momoko - [Kirigakure Genin]
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