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 Infiltrator Set [Kirigakure Genin]

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PostSubject: Infiltrator Set [Kirigakure Genin]   Sun Apr 27, 2014 5:40 pm

Name: Infiltrator [Genin Edition]
Rank: C
Range: Body
Outfit Appearance:
Abundance: Kirigakure - Widely Available
Unique Abilities:

  • All Terrain Gear - Infiltrator Sets are resilient to all but the most extreme weather. [Warning, will not defend against lightning strikes]
  • Resilient Rubber Padding - The outfit can deflect light slicing motions without being harmed, particularly applicable to glancing range attacks. Will not defend against melee weaponry or direct piercing range strikes such as arrows.
  • Adjustable Size - The outfit can be adjusted to fit most young ninja [12-17] sizes.
  • Mass Produced - Available to purchase throughout kirigakure
  • Scabbard Straps - This gear is made with straps specifically for carrying swords at the ninja's tailbone. No need for fancy sword belts!

Name: Infiltrator Ninjato
Rank: C
Range: 60cm (24inch) Blade.
Shortsword Appearance:
Abundance: Kirigakure - Widely Available
Unique Abilities:

  • Resilient Blade - Resists Most C Rank Weaponry
  • Quick Draw - it's shape and length make it quicker to draw than Wakizashi and two handed weaponry of the same rank
  • Deflection - Can be used to deflect most ranged weaponry - Dependent on the Ninjas skill
  • Status Symbol - Expensive and traditionally made, this shortsword is a status symbol among newly graduated ninja.


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Chief Administrator

PostSubject: Re: Infiltrator Set [Kirigakure Genin]   Tue Apr 29, 2014 10:24 am

Everything here looks super duper :3


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Infiltrator Set [Kirigakure Genin]
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