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 Ijo, Ezekiel

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PostSubject: Ijo, Ezekiel   Fri Apr 25, 2014 12:29 am

Hyuuga, Ezekiel

"I'd rather remember my playmates as they were. Neat, clean little packages"

Face Claim:
Character Face Claim:

  • Face Claim: Stein
  • Character Origin: Soul Eater

Basic Information
Name/Alias:  Ezekiel Ijo
Character Name: Ezekiel Hyuuga
Character Age: 14
Character Birthday: April 24, 2000
Character Zodiac: Taurus
Character Gender: Male

Personality and Appearance
Character Appearance:

  • Hair Color: Silver
  • Eye Color: Blue on the right, green in the left.
  • Height: 5'9"
  • Weight: 185 lbs.
  • Overall: Ezekiel is a man whom has a disturbing composure to fit his personality, with the body language that told everyone he didn't trust them and his moments of obscurity where he shows his true self with the act of a maniacal smile. There is a familiarity when he clenches his hands like he is holding something...that of someone used to the act of strangling. He has a very broad jaw but in the eyes of others, when he tries he looks lazy and tired. But when he thinks he isn't noticed, he shows the signs of someone truly disturbed. He has a very toned body but with medium-sized muscles rather than being overly huge like most beefed-out shinobi. His silver hair is naturally shiny and silky to the touch and he usually keeps it a ragged mess. His skin appears to be smooth but is rough to the touch all throughout his body. His hands are broad, long and slender with a rigid appearance. Due to the usual build of a shinobi, he also has broad shoulders which isn't uncommon for a shinobi.

    Ezekiel usually wears a stitched-together lab coat due to his desire to study medical ninjutsu as his mantra for how he utilizes the Hyuuga Gentle Fist. For pants he wears cloth similar to the material of scrubs and only a black tunic rests under his coat without sleeves. On his right hand is a ring with the symbol of balance on it that he wears at all times. On his left ear is a gold ring piercing it with a sentenced engraved saying "RIP Hana Ijo". For shoes, he usually wears animal-skin shoes due to their comfort and flexibility.

Character Personality: The Outside - Ezekiel is an attentive listener for the sake of knowing what he must for what he has to do at that moment, otherwise it is for the purpose of knowing his teammates more clearly. This is so they can work fluently together on a mission, but otherwise he isn't very open about himself. He deems it irrelevant to get too deep into a friendship because it may fog up the priority of the mission or the priority of a shinobi. This causes him to seem detached from people to a degree where there is an understanding but there isn't a deep knowledge about him...ideally. He is usually serious about situations and only finds humor in the inability of the enemy or those whom he shares a negative acquaintance with.

The Inside - Ezekiel is cynical and plans out how his relationships with others will work to his advantage. He likes taking advantage of people for the sake of growing stronger which parallels with the desire to understand the human body and overcome human limitation. He sees the average shinobi as a model of inferiority and would rather bend his morality to obtain what he wants than fall behind trying to play hero. There is also a morbid tone with Ezekiel, for he prefers the site of blood over the site of flowers. His 'preference' has a tone of sadism rather than intimacy that is gentle and loving. Ezekiel is capable of feeling affection, but he avoids and hides it. The only people he truly lets into his inner circle are people who can understand who he really is, which applies to relationships in the intimate matter as well.

The Logistics
Character Nindō: I will overcome the limits of the human body.
Character Clan: Hyuuga

  • Kekkei Genkai:
  • Hījutsu:

Character Affiliation: Fire Country, Konohagakure

Character Rank: Genin
Character Occupation: N/A since there is no list

Elemental Nature(s):  Raiton
The History
Character History: The Hyuuga clan often breeds combat prodigies with their gentle fist and byakugan capabilities, which always follows with a posh life that most usually love aside from the bias on what part of the clan tree one is born. Ezekiel was born into a hate for his own clan for how stuck up or up tight his fellow members were, especially since he was born on the branches of the tree crawling most outward. That part usually represents an insignificance to a say in the clan, which brings out the distaste for the presence of social parties within the clan. Ezekiel's parents had conceived him without marriage, and otherwise the mother was frowned upon from being from a very insignificant clan that did not hold any fruit for shinobi to be part of. Ezekiel saw his body as inferior due to the complex that has been put upon him, which also instigated him to use his mother's maiden name rather than the Hyuuga name. Due to being raised around those he did not chance taking advantage of, he developed his cynical personality before being sent to join the Konohagakure's Ninja academy.

There was no thought or judgement on how well he did in the categories, only doing what he was supposed to pass with a good mark. He did not go out of his way to reinvent what he was learning, he didn't act like a genius...he simply followed the teacher's orders. It wasn't until he closed in on becoming a Genin did he decide to seek escape from inferiority. What he saw in his own body was that of a weakling, causing a determination to become the bane of the human body, to be able to decompose it with a touch and to usurp the throne of Hyuuga clan leader....or ultimately have a death battle with it. The last portion was a cloud-nine dream, Ezekiel understood this but knew that there were...ways to pursue the main idea of his Nindo. He wanted to be significant, but his childhood was one of uneventful boredom...his only recovery from it was to detach into his own person by becoming a ninja.

Role-play Sample: The Haze of a Crash

One slow breath...two slow breathes. An indecision of whether or not to wield a low or high heart rate, such a nuisance human hearts are. So fragile...a mere crash put Victor into the state he is in now, someone recovering from trauma, pain and the torture of everlasting agony. It was moments ago the mere small nuisances of low fuel and lack of a good landing zone turned into eminent system failure and a heavy crash just outside the city-harbor. Victor saw in blurs, a pile of books just outside a bag along with a dagger stuck in the ground and a spilled inkwell that had its ink drowning a writer's quills. The black ink weathered them greatly, ruining the beauty of being multi-colored. Slowly shifting from the obviously-unconscious-unwillingly position to an upright but shifty kneeling position, Victor took a moment to heal his focus. To no avail, he at least treated the lack of equilibrium just to quicken the process of replaying the attempt of refocusing.

"Damn. Where am I? I must be near a source of water...a sea at that...with this fishy smell and the putrid odor of unwashed peasants." Victor brushed himself off with as much effort as the lowly peasants give to surviving, not afraid of the dirt but with the expectation he must look the best he can for the moment. Victor took a moment to realize the collection of spilled items were his, at least the things he noticed weren't just his exotic quills and professionally made ink bottles. Collecting his books and Journal into his large satchel and sheathing his newly-strapped dagger, he replaced the disgusted composure with a renewed pose of superiority and courage. Factors kept pouring in as he noticed the high-in-population, vexing sound of buzzing...as if it was from a collection of bugs. With caution due to this realization, he continued forward on a walk that felt like a score. As he neared Port Royal itself, he started to notice an out-of-the-ordinary population...Over-sized, hideous bugs. But what he also noticed was another out-of-the-ordinary occurance...no blabbering humans. No peasants...So where did their smell come from?

"What in the blazes...Abominations everywhere...yet no sign of the filth?" Victor mumbled to himself, for if it was clear enough for others to hear he'd either be caught by the bugs or, as of right now less relevant than the first effect, anger another human/ Continuing the waltz to avoid the insects, he found a building to take refuge in amongst the vacant harbor. He hid from the insects, his heart racing every time an insect would near the building..

(Will give reference to where it is from if needed)
Character Family:

  • Mother: Hana Ijo
  • Father: Haru Hyuuga
  • Spouse: Right Hand of Ezekiel Ijo
  • Siblings: None
  • Children: No.
  • Pets: Only those he uses
  • Other: No...what? Should I list my toys?

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PostSubject: Re: Ijo, Ezekiel   Sun Apr 27, 2014 6:16 am


Fill out your second app here.


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Ijo, Ezekiel
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