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 Guide • NarutoR Core Systems

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NarutoR Administration
The Righteous
The Righteous

PostSubject: Guide • NarutoR Core Systems   Wed Apr 23, 2014 10:38 pm

Hello and welcome to NarutoR's core systems of functionality. A full fledged, creative environment has inspired all of the systems you'll find here. It is important to note that all systems listed here, as well as rules and rulings, are held as law on this board, and will be enforced by our strong staff team, and supportive members. In the following sections, you'll learn most of what you'll need to RP here on Rise of the Righteous, save for some of the more individual information you may need to learn later on for your own personal character. Have fun, abide by the rules, act responsibly, and you're well on your way to success here!

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NarutoR Administration
The Righteous
The Righteous

PostSubject: Re: Guide • NarutoR Core Systems   Wed Apr 23, 2014 10:39 pm

Character Creation.
On Rise of the Righteous, the character building process is done in two steps. First, you'll work on your primary character application, which asks questions about your characters personality, appearance, history, and other basic information. For help on filling out this application, please refer to the example template at the top of the page found in that link. Once this basic template is completed and passed by the staff members as adequate, you'll be able to start RPing at once. The next step in the process is to fill out your character skills application, which will hold all of the more technical information on your character. Jutsu, weapons, and character skills are decided there. It is required that you keep the link for both applications in your signature, which can be edited in your profile. For additional help with your character creation, or for any specific questions, feel free to ask a staff member for help, or look through some of our other relevant guides.

Multiple Character: You are allowed to have multiple characters here on Rise of the Righteous, however there are a few rules which surround the creation of a second character. Primarily, the second character must be created in another village/area than the previous character. Interaction between the two characters is strictly forbidden without prior admin permission, in order to avoid metagaming. For more on metagaming, please view out combat guide further down. You are allowed a maximum of two characters in total. Game on!

[Naturally, jutsu selected must be appropriate to your character's stats.]
[These are merely starting limits. You can expand upon these later.]

[Naturally, jutsu selected must be appropriate to your character's stats.]
[These are merely starting limits. You can expand upon these later.]

Clan Creation.
On Rise of the Righteous, clans are of great importance! Picking your character's clan is a large step in their development, as picking a clan can completely change how your character acts in combat. This is because some clan's abilities are a bit more exclusive, forcing a clan member to focus entirely on his or her kekkei genkai, or secret ninjutsu should they wish to progress. An example of this would be the Kaguya clan, wielding a frightfully powerful kekkei genkai, at the cost of making it harder to learn jutsu outside of the clan. The same can be said for some secret ninjutsu clans such as the Aburame clan. In making a clan, you'll use the template found here. When you're looking a clan over to see if you want your character to hail from those genetics, you should always make sure to check out the clan's Unique Characteristics and Requirements to see what effect choosing that clan will have on your character.

Admin Permission Clan: Some clans, such as the Uchiha, are allowed only to those with admin permission. It is important to check in the Clan Requirements section of the clan application if the clan you're applying for is open or not. If not, you are required to PM a staff member of the chief administrator rank. From there, it will be decided amongst staff, and we will return the answer as quickly as possible. Thank you for your patience!

Jutsu Creation.
Jutsu on Rise of the Righteous are rather simple, and familiar. After roleplaying, you'll be rewarded with experience points, which are used like currency to purchase either skill points, or things like jutsu and gear. Jutsu are priced according to their rank and power, and it is important to properly prioritize which is more important than the other: character skill points, to build his/her stats, or jutsu and weaponry to actively build your character's immediate power. The jutsu template can be found here, in the custom creation area of the forum. After filling out the template, a member of staff will look over it for approval. Once it is approved, your experience points will be deducted, and the jutsu will be added to the application. Wondering what rank your jutsu should be, or having trouble knowing what rank amounts to what level of power? Below is a basic table that'll help describe how powerful jutsu are at each rank.

  • E Rank Jutsu.
    Essentially the first level of shinobi jutsu, these are by far the weakest of the bunch. Taught at the academy level, these techniques are mostly aesthetic, or for the purpose of small tricks. Jutsu of this rank include the academy's clone jutsu, the substitution technique, or the transformation ninjutsu. It is not often that genjutsu reach such low ranks, unless their purpose is truly basic.

  • D Rank Jutsu.

    This is the first step a shinobi takes in his or her journey, with the creation of a D ranked technique. These jutsu are basic, often crude, and almost always kept simple. Rarely elemental, these jutsu are not meant to deal high damage, or create impressive defense, but instead to act as quick, easy abilities. That said, they are capable of dealing minor damage, such as flesh wounds, minor burning, etc.

  • C Rank Jutsu.
    At this rank, techniques start to become a bit more serious, finally leaving the realm of trickery, or petty attacks. As often elemental as not, these attacks are the building blocks for any shinobi's arsenal. Essential to have due to their relative power, yet relatively low cost, these techniques are perhaps some of the most commonly used in combat. C ranked jutsu are able to cause broken bones, painful burns, deep bruising, and other effects.

  • B Rank Jutsu.

    In between the stages of novice and master, these jutsu fall at the adept level. Even so, these jutsu are fully capable of winning a battle if used correctly, or dealing impressive damage to target(s). While often not entirely lethal, these jutsu are the trademark of chuunin level shinobi, causing searing damage, breaking bones, and starting to cause larger problems on the battlefield.

  • A Rank Jutsu.

    Officially of the elite, these jutsu are by all means deadly and lethal, and should be avoided at all costs. A rank jutsu, be it ninjutsu, genjutsu, taijutsu, or otherwise can become an impressive attack, defense, or tactical source. Able to accomplish impressive and stunning feats that some would consider impossible, these jutsu are held as trump cards among shinobi that are able to master them. It is rare and completely dangerous to see jutsu of this calibre used in combat for most shinobi and civilians.

  • S Rank Jutsu.
    The legendary powers of shinobi able to reach such levels of power, these jutsu are learned only by those with incredible audacity and comprehensive ability, making them the most dangerous and powerful of all of the ranks. Jutsu of this level are capable of accomplishing feats thought to be miraculous. It is often the case that these jutsu come with dark prices, or side effects, due to the extensive power they wield, and as such most are considered forbidden jutsu. This is also in part because these jutsu are literally dangerous to attempt without the proper control and experience.

Created by Zack ©
Additional Contributors: Kaira©
Property of NarutoR. ©
All Rights Reserved. ©

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NarutoR Administration
The Righteous
The Righteous

PostSubject: Re: Guide • NarutoR Core Systems   Wed Apr 23, 2014 11:15 pm

Here on Rise of the Righteous, we calculate our character's power level(s) with the use of individual statistics. What this means is that each character will actually have their own stat information which will govern how strong, fast, or durable they are, among other information. It'll also decide how good your character is with any of the numerous shinobi specialities, such as ninjutsu, genjutsu, etc. With this system, you will be given a completely blank start with your character, and actually build him or her exactly as you want. That is to say that all specialties and physical abilities are fair game, provided you spend the time on training them with your character. Through RPing, you'll gain experience points which are then spent on jutsu, or skill points. Skill points are the official way to rank up your character's skills in various places. Additionally, as you rank up your individual skills, your character will become more and more adept in those areas. Lastly, when you accumulate enough points overall, your character will rank up; for example, when a genin accumulates a total of one hundred skill points, they've officially ranked up to a chūnin's level. Below, you'll find all of the in depth information you'll need in order to understand the system as we have it, starting with a brief look at all of the individual statistics you can choose to excel and further.

  • Fortitude [Strength] Fortitude governs your character's overall physical strength. The higher the level of this area, the stronger your character will be. Mental and emotional strength in facing difficulty, adversity, danger, or temptation courageously.
  • Vitality [Endurance] Vitality is responsible for a character's endurance, and stamina. Essentially, a character's innate defense. Capacity for survival or for the continuation of a meaningful or purposeful existence.
  • Agility [Speed] In charge of a character's speed in basic movement, attacks, defenses, and fine motor control. The power of moving quickly and easily; nimbleness.
  • Chakra Flame [Energy] The heart of the ninja, one's chakra is the fuel through which jutsu are born. A generalized, supernatural force or power, which may be concentrated in objects or persons. How much do you want?
  • Perception [Sensory] The Sensory trait defines both your character's overall physical senses, as well as chakra sensory. any of the faculties, as sight, hearing, smell, taste, or touch, by which humans and animals perceive stimuli originating from outside or inside the body.
  • Whisper Step [Stealth] Primarily, shinobi or ninja are assassins. Stealth, and the ability to move unseen is key. The act or characteristic of moving with extreme care and quietness, especially so as to avoid detection.
  • Ninja Art [Hand Seals] More than merely moving quickly, it is the ability to formulate chakra at high speeds in order to produce jutsu. The ability to move one's hands at great speeds in order to procure hand seals, and thus activate their jutsu.

  • Ninjutsu [Ninja Techniques] Ninjutsu (忍術; Literally meaning "Ninja Techniques"), is a term referring to almost any technique which allows a shinobi to do something that they otherwise would be incapable of doing. Unlike genjutsu the effects of ninjutsu are real.
  • Iryō [Medical Ninja Techniques] Medical Ninjutsu (医療忍術, Iryō Ninjutsu; Literally meaning "Medical Ninja Techniques") is a branch of ninjutsu associated with healing, as well as the manipulation of their own, or anothers' body, practised by shinobi categorised as "medical-nin".
  • Genjutsu [Illusionary Techniques] Genjutsu (幻術; Literally meaning "Illusionary Techniques") are techniques that are employed in the same fashion as ninjutsu, requiring chakra and hand seals. However, the primary difference between the two is that the effects of genjutsu are illusory.
  • Fūinjutsu [Sealing Techniques] Fūinjutsu (封印術; Literally meaning "Sealing Techniques") are a type of jutsu that seal objects, living beings, chakra, along with a wide variety of other things within another object. Fūinjutsu can also be used to unseal objects either from within something or someone.
  • Kugutsu no Jutsu [The Puppet Technique] Kugutsu Ninjutsu (傀儡の術; Literally meaning "Puppet Technique") is a unique ninjutsu fighting style using chakra threads to control puppets like marionettes. Any number of chakra threads can be used to control a puppet, but users with more skill can use fewer strings per puppet.
  • Taijutsu [Body Techniques] Taijutsu (体術; Literally meaning "Body Techniques") is a basic form of techniques and refers to any techniques involving the martial arts or the extension of natural human abilities.
  • Bukijutsu [Weaponry Techniques] Bukijutsu (武器術; Literally meaning "Weapon Techniques") are techniques that entail the use of any handheld weapons in combat, be they bladed, long range, tactical, or otherwise.

Advancing Your Skills.
Simply put, one has to RP in order to gain Experience points. Once these Experience points have been obtained, the member is able to spend them on numerous things, be it jutsu and equipment, or actually building their character's growth. This is done through claiming skill points, at the cost of your experience, which can then be used to level up any given skill on the statistic card; this includes both Character Trait Skills, and Character Specialty Skills. By placing these skill points, you will increase the level of your character's skill in that given area, allowing you to unlock differing levels of power throughout your arsenal. All skills begin at zero, and cannot go beyond one hundred. When placing your points, it is important to know how many points in one area means what. What level does your speed or strength have to be to be in order to be considered at jounin level? Below details what level means what in this statistic system, in terms of each category's specific levels.

Skills Through The Levels.
As you acquire experience, and spend it on skill points, your character will gradually become stronger and stronger. Should you choose to devote your incoming points to one area, your character will quickly angle itself towards that skill. Or, you can even your character out with equal distribution of points over every area, and slowly raise all of your skills. Either way, it is good to know exactly how powerful your character is when they have their points in any one area. Because of this, a series of summarized blurbs have been written, describing the what skills do when they are at various levels. Essentially, the power of a skill when it has x amount of skill points on it.

Statistic Limitations.
There are very specific restrictions that one must keep in mind when placing their stat points. The most important restriction to keep in mind is simply the amount of points you can spend in total on your skill sheet. The following information can also be found in the Character Skill Sheet Guide. Each of these rules needs to be memorized.

One. A total of 400 points can be spent in Skill Points on your Specialty Skills.
Two. A maximum of three specialties can reach level 100. All other specialty skills can reach a maximum of level 25.
Three. Out of your seven trait skills, only five can reach level 100. Two must remain at level 40, and 60, respectively.

Advancing Your Character's Rank.
Advancing your character's rank is made very simple on Rise of the Righteous. All one has to do is acquire a certain amount of skill points, in total, which varies depending on the rank in question. For example, in order for someone to rank up from a genin to chuunin they'd have to acquire and place a total of 100 skill points onto their Skill Sheets. Ranking up, by this method is automatic. When you have reached enough points to earn yourself a rank up, you are officially considered to be of that rank; it is of course possible to reject the official rank of genin, chuunin, etc, and instead inhabit a lower rank while being of a higher power level. In some cases, however, the kage can override a shinobi's choice to reject a rank, and promote them regardless.

The Statistic Card.
In order to keep track of each character's individual statistics, and in order to have your information on hand should the need arise, NarutoR has designed statistic cards for your use! On these stat cards, you'll be able to update your character's information and store it in your signature for easy viewing among other members. This will also make your character's information readily available to staff members, and those around the community who wish to RP with you. Below is an example of a stat card before any points have been distributed; meaning each stat remains at zero. For further reading and information on the stat cards, different backgrounds, and help on figuring out the coding or mechanics, please be sure to look at our Statistic Card Mechanics Guide. Note that it is mandatory to have a statistic card in your signature once your Character Skill Sheet has been approved. It is also important that your statistic card be updated regularly, so that it conveys accurate information.

Uzumaki Naruto
Kujutsu0Chakra Flame0
Bukijutsu0Ninja Art0

Created by Zack ©
Additional Contributors: Lysander, Meghan & Kaira ©
Property of NarutoR. ©
All Rights Reserved. ©
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NarutoR Administration
The Righteous
The Righteous

PostSubject: Re: Guide • NarutoR Core Systems   Mon May 05, 2014 7:06 am

Introduction • Experience & Currency.
On Rise of the Righteous, our character progression system governs exactly how they gain experience, as well as the funds to sustain themselves. As such, the character progress system is divided into two main categories. The first is Experience, the process or fact of personally observing, encountering, or undergoing something within Naruto's ninja world. As character's gain experience, they're able to spend it like currency on certain things, like jutsu and techniques, as well as skill points. One gains experience through RPing in topics around the forum, be it a normal topic or mission. The second is Currency, money which is used as a medium of exchange. The currency system is heavily reliant on shinobi missions, essentially the job of a shinobi. Currency is used to purchase items, like weapons, creatures and pets, as well as many other things. Currency cannot be transferred between characters openly, and is only used to make official purchases. There may be exceptions to this in NarutoR events or specials.

Earning Experience.
The experience system is built to be easy, simple, and instant. Essentially, each character rank has a minimum word count, per post, which must be reached in order to score Exp. When this post count is reached in a post, the posting member will receive 10 Exp. points. With every additional amount of words, depending on the character's rank, you will gain an additional 5 Exp. points. A list of word count minimums is posted below; in order to provide an example, please reference that table. Example: when a genin ranked member is posting, they have but to post 400 words in order to gain 10 Exp. Points. After they have met the 400 word requirement, they can go on to post more. In doing so, with each additional 250 words, that member will gain another 5 Exp. Points. In conclusion, if a genin member posted a 953 word post, they would gain 20 Exp. Points; 400 [initial req.] + 250 [added] + 250 [added] = 900. The extra 51 words are not enough to reach the next Exp. drop, so they are merely discarded.

Step One. Posting. Make the post/topic, in a legal IC posting area. Should the post be long enough to acquire experience points, and the member wishes to harvest Exp. points from that particular topic, you'll move along to the next step.
Step Two. Applying for Exp. Post in NarutoR's Skill Point Bank using the provided template in order to be given your Exp. points. A staff member will add these experience points to your approved Character Skill Sheet, in the data section once the transaction has been completed successfully.
Step Three. Spending Exp. Once the Exp. Points have been added to your Character Skill Sheet, they're considered yours to spend on what you wish, be it jutsu, weapons, skill points, or something else. When purchasing these items, another application must be made, and approved, and the jutsu, etc, will be added to your Skill Sheet via staff member.
Note. You are not bound to posting more than the minimum posting limit for the character rank. When posts are made that do not meet the Exp. requirements, they will merely not be used to collect Exp. points. Some events, etc may require you to post with a max. or min. word count.

Earning Currency.
Currency dictates a shinobi's ability to maintain their life, in most cases. Earning money on NarutoR will be done mainly through missions, official shinobi occupations, and actually through selling pre owned equipment, etc. For the most part, currency will help a member pay for their character's weapons, ninja tools, pets, armor, as well as other things, such as fines, properties, etc. On NarutoR, just like in the manga, ryō is the currency used around the forum. One ryō is equivalent to ten yen. While there are other methods, as previously mentioned, shinobi often collect money through the completion of missions. Site approved missions can be found here. On average, a D ranked missions can earn a shinobi around 5,000 ryō, while S ranked missions can earn a shinobi up to 1,000,000 ryō upon completion. Below will be details on price defaults for weapons and other equipment which can be purchased. It is important to note that shops and stores do not have to abide by price defaults; additionally, price defaults and prices in general may fluctuate during site events, or due to plot. This is due to shifting economies, which may harshly change the prices seen in stores, or the currency exchange rate between Konohagakure and Kirigakure. Yes, there is an exchange rate, and yes, it will change depending on the site's current plot.
Created by Zack & Lysander ©
Additional Contributors: Kaira ©
Property of NarutoR. ©
All Rights Reserved. ©
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PostSubject: Re: Guide • NarutoR Core Systems   

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Guide • NarutoR Core Systems
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