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 The Tatoāto Clan

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PostSubject: The Tatoāto Clan   Sun Apr 20, 2014 12:46 pm

The Tatoāto Clan

Clan Name:Tatoāto
Origin:Mizu no Kuni
Location:Kirigakure no Sato
Founder(s):Tatoāto Ātisuto
Clan Age:200 years

Clan Requirement(s):
The clan's jutsu is not required for a shinobi to use, although tattoos even for non-combatants are seen as a sign of adulthood and pride throughout the clan and noone goes without a few. However the clan is known for thier affinity to water and all clansmembers must have this as thier base chakra alignment.

The Closer Look

General Philosophy:
The Tatoāto clan is pretty laid back, seen as a roudy, stubborn, loud, and generally masochistic. They are a fun loving group with little observance of normal dress, the lot of them typically wear little more than bathing suits. The tattoos the clan is so well known for are worn openly and with pride, the more signifying the level of proficency with the jutsu. The clan doesn't have any true infastructure per se, but the oldest member still coherent is typically considered the elder.

Clan Tradition(s):
While the ninja of the clan do only recieve tattoos that can be helpful in battle, not everyone in the clan was a shinobi. Birthdays after the tenth one were celebrated with tattoos, the tenth birthday being important to shinobi clansmen for they recieve the first three tattoos all clan members receive. These are a shuriken, a kunai, and the youth's pick of a snake, bird, dog, monkey, or bobcat.
Until the youth passes the exam and is granted the level of genin these are a ninja's only weapons allowed, once passed only two more are granted. This allows for the shinobi to fully grasp how, when, and where each tattoo is and what would be needed instead of randomly picking useless tattoos. Once a shinobi reaches the level of Chuunin restrictions on the amount of tattoos is lifted, granting the ninja the ability to use as he wishes.

Properties Owned:
The small clan was still practically in it's infancy, only about four generations old thier 'compound' if it could be called that was small. On the south western outskirts of town the roudy clan lived, only twelve families in total. The clan, understanding it's youth and size well did well to ignore the plights of the few older generations that passed who wished for inter clan relations.
The houses were differrent than many of the others within the village, they formed a circle around a small lake in the cul-de-sac that they created. Also they were designed by the artists of the family themselves and therefor were made with many styles and odd architecture unfamiliar to many. Great images of accomplishment or feats of strength were created on the buildings, each meant to glorify the shinobi to his ancestors.
The small lake, nearing forty feet in diameter the water was far from being a plain area for swimming in. The small lake was shallow, only about waist deep in the middle it is the clan's training ground. The water held a seal that covered the concreted floor of the pond, this kept the water perfectly still on the surface unless acted on by anouther jutsu

Unique Characteristics:
Clan Combat:

* Hījutsu: Kuashi Irezumi Āto - Living Tattoo Art - Shinobi of the Tatoāto have taken to using thier bodies like summoning scrolls and ninja art. The jutsu allows the ninja to make the tattoos of thier bodies come to life or become substantial. This jutsu allows the shinobi to breath 'life' into beasts on thier bodies or make kunai or a sword substantial weapons.

The Vitals

Clan History:
The Tatoāto have only been around for a short time compared to many other clans that were around them. In the short time thier jutsu has made a small name for itself as a reliable technique for both scouting and fighting. Still they are looked down upon by other clans for what they consider a masochistic style. Not many agree with the age the first tattoos are given to children, but those friends deemed worthy of witnessing the ceremonies understand the honor the children find in it.
Having been a clan kicked around for the first few generations, first living in the former hidden rain village followed by a few other before finding minor acceptance in Kirigakure no Sato. Taken in by the Mizukage there they established thier clan's quarters and began to thrive for the first time in thier short lives. Now they strive to protect the village that has given them a place to live, striving to show thier loyalty and strength to those around.

Clan Jutsu:
Kuashi Irezumi Ato: Ikimono Ririsu - Living Tattoo Art: Beast Release - Jutsu that allows the shinobi to give a living creature from a tattoo a three dimensional body, the constructs are tangible and able to to damage but like a shadow clone require little to defeat. Similiar to clones they allow the user the knowledge of thier experience while released. This jutsu requires the shinobi to release a constant amount of chakra while the animated construct is in existance. Jutsu such as a bird used to track use little chakra initially but increase with the distance from the shinobi's body.
Kuashi Irezumi Ato: Aitemu Ririsu - Living Tattoo Art: Item release - This jutsu is used by the shinobi to substantiate inanimate objects. These types of jutsu react one of two ways, weapons used for throwing or leaving contact with the shinobi are released when parried or after damage has been incured. This is to increase damage due to allowing the wounds to flow openly as the thrown devices simply vanishes. Melee weapons however are maintained through chakra and expire at the shinobi's will or at the limit of his chakra.
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The Tatoāto Clan
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