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 Aburame Clan | Insect Manipulation [Konoha]

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PostSubject: Aburame Clan | Insect Manipulation [Konoha]   Sat Apr 19, 2014 9:01 am

Clan Name: The Aburame clan (油女一族, Aburame Ichizoku)
Origin: Hi no Kuni.
Location: Konohgakure no Sato.
Founder(s): Miyuka Aburame.
Clan Age: 500 years old.

Clan Requirement(s): N/A

The Closer Look

General Overview: The Aburame clan (油女一族, Aburame Ichizoku) is one of the four noble clans of Konohagakure. At birth, members of this clan are offered to a special breed of insects such as kikaichū as a nest, residing just under their host's skin. These insects will then live in symbiosis with their host from that point on. Because of this, its members are characterized by their use of insects as weapons. The clan members may also carry additional insects in jars or gourds with them on missions. The insects can leave and enter their host's body through various pores. They feed on chakra as a food source, making them quite deadly. The relationship between the shinobi and the insects is mutually beneficial. The host grants the insects shelter and allows them to feed off their chakra, their body becoming a living hive of tens of thousands of these insects, and in return the insects do the user's bidding, allowing the shinobi to perform ninjutsu-like techniques without the use of hand seals or chakra conversion. A major defining trait of the Aburame clan is that all of its known members' eyes are obscured usually by glasses, as well as they wear clothing that usually cover up most of their body.

Clan Tradition(s): N/A
Properties Owned: N/A
Clan Politics: Standard "Clan Head" system.
Clan Religion: N/A

Unique Characteristics:

  • Ability to converse with insects, naturally.
  • Sensitive eyes to light, often calling for darkly shaded glasses.

Clan Combat: A female insect can be left on a target, which then can be tracked by smell by the male insect, or scout insects can be sent out and return to tell the host information about the area. For this reason, Aburame clan members are experts in espionage; they can communicate with the insects, and the insects specialize in stealth because they make no noise or motion during combat. In addition to utilizing insects in battle, the Aburame clan also studies insects. Even though their insect-related techniques are known only amongst the clan, Aburame do not limit themselves to using just a single type of insects.

  • Kekkei Genkai: N/A
  • Hījutsu: TBA

The Vitals

Clan History:
Clan Jutsu:
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Aburame Clan | Insect Manipulation [Konoha]
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