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 Kukazu, Suoh [Kirigakure genin wip]

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PostSubject: Kukazu, Suoh [Kirigakure genin wip]   Fri Apr 18, 2014 12:38 am

Kukazu, Suoh

Kirigakure's Puppet

Face Claim:
Character Face Claim:

  • Face Claim: Random OC From DA
  • Character Origin: Artist - x-DarkMess-x on Deviantart.com
  • Character Image Link: here

Basic Information
Name/Alias: Cross
Character Name: Kukazu, Suoh
Character Nickname:

  • スス語- Susu-go
  • 行方不明の魂- Missing soul

Character Age:13.
Character Birthday: June 23rd.
Character Gender: Male.

Personality and Appearance
Character Appearance:

  • Hair Color: Maroon.
  • Eye Color: A gradient of light blue dispersing to a darker shade towards the outer eye.
  • Height: 5'4"
  • Weight: 130 lbs
  • Face & Complexion: Included in Overall description.
  • Body Type: ^
  • Attire:
    Casual attire:
    Suoh's casual apparel isn't really anything special; at least in his thoughts. He usually goes shirtless if he had the option to, but the elders beg him to somewhat look put together and hide his body from the view of the younger women and children. The black jeans that he does wear everywhere however; stick to his toned legs like glue. They don't move an inch whenever he does take long strides and so forth. They might wrinkle a few times, especially around the zipper, hur hur, but other than that; the belt that keeps them tightly against his body remains loosely fit. He doesn't even need the belt to be honest but, it does make a nice little accessory to throw on.

    Even though he does choose to go shirtless most of the time; he does have a shirt and favorite coat that he cherishes for personal reasons. The coat that covers the most of his body has black fur just wrapping around his neck and pushing over his collar bones. The fur could be artificial; he never really asked the person if it was real or not. It didn't really matter; it looked cool enough, right? Right. A plain white and tight T-shirt would do just fine underneath all of that.
  • Training outfit:
    Oh the glorious training outfit of Suoh! It's actually -not- that much different from his casual attire besides the fact that he goes shirtless underneath his coat. Most of his upper body is exposed from behind the adjusted coat; with extra baggy sleeves that he added just for training methods. He usually wears this when it rains so that the water collected at the end of the fabrics could easily weigh down his motions somewhat. He would also use his forehead protector to blind his self so that he could get in more tone with his senses of smell and hearing. He didn't really have to rely on touch all that much, but whatever the cost of training took, he didn't mind pushing his body to its limits. His hair still remains slicked back in the common hairstyle that he is seen with.

    This outfit is only used when he trains his own cell team for missions, or to sleep around in. Once he puts it on, his mood changes and all he thinks about is training and getting what needs to be done, done. The fabric of his coat makes it so that his body actually has to move to get free of the fabric's grip. It acts like chains in a sense; keeping his body back from its natural and fluid movement.
  • Mission attire:
    This is probably the most common outside of his normal attire that people will see the Genin in. Since he is actively on duty and sometimes has to leave the country himself to get some work done, this uniform is a custom uniform much different than the ones of higher up Kirigakure ninja. He chose this to not only be easily identified, but it allowed him to be comfortable while actually working and that is the most important thing to be, right? A long-sleeved white shirt is underneath an ebony vest that is buttoned up just to his collar bones. His fore head protector would remain at his right temple, just covering his burn marks and letting the white fabric fall to down to his lower back. His training robes tied around his waist allows him to sheath his weapons just beside his thighs and quickly allows him to drop the tied coat.

    Suoh's lower body surprisingly remains unchanged; the boots and lower clothing remaining in this outfit due to his lazy and boring nature. On his hands are the special ops gloves from the Kirigakure Anbu unit for protection from the hilt of his blades. He doesn't care when they get raw, but he rather keep the feelings of his hands just so that he can keep track of his handsigns in his mind. The village is rather accustomed to seeing him going around in this little attire. Even though that Suoh doesn't really care what they think about his looks, he 'attempts' to look somewhat decent with the added vest to his usual lower attire.
  • Overall:

Character Personality:
Prideful and rude:Needless to say, Suoh is rather arrogant and proud; his pride and his arrogance stem mostly from his mind, so formidable and mighty, and his natural abilities.  He is smarter than most (personally believing less in ’most’ and more in ’all’, and his successes in life certainly support his views thus far) and with his powers, he can treat his own 'death' with nothing more than contempt, for a situation where he would be in any real threat of dying is virtually unthinkable.  Naturally, this leads to Suph having no fear whatsoever, and why should he?  Dying is more an inconvenience than anything else, physical harm is ultimately meaningless, and his allies mean nothing to him. Their loss is at worst an inconvenience, at best a triumph.  He has no friends, no need for things like love…and so he has no fear for the safety and lives of others either.

By default, all Ninja are his ‘enemies’ (but if any were willing to become ‘allies’, then Suoh would be the very last who would turn them down – he isn’t about to discriminate in such matters), but they only become true enemies, real annoyances if they actively oppose him personally, actively hinder his nefarious plans.  Only for a true enemy will Suoh bring himself to fight seriously; whilst it is true that in almost any fight, Suoh will seek to defeat and preferably kill the opponent in the fastest, most efficient means possible, he would much rather not fight at all.  In favorable circumstances, Suoh would only fight those he deems true enemies…in the end,. Suoh is otherwise mostly reluctant regarding battles, doing his best to stay away and let others do the work – he is an artist in death, and fighting is the time wasted before the killing.  A mastermind of death should set the scene, and eventually let the dominoes drop…but the hard work, the fighting itself, is best left to the pawns.  However, if he must, Suoh will not hesitate to enter the battlefield, for the simple truth remains that whilst others might be asked to fight; only he can truly ensure that everything works out for the best.

Generally, Suoh is comfortable in his skin and that comfort radiates as his almost arrogant confidence in his body. If he had it his way, he would just walk around naked when it was warm and humid. Clothes are not necessary to perform most tasks done in a day, and it's actually more comfortable to him. It's common for him to be nude in his own home, even with company over, or to be wearing as little clothing as possible while training or swimming, ect,. Men or woman, the gender does not make much of a difference. It's easy to get Suoh in a flirty mood, but it's still the lazy confidence of a man who is used to getting his way. Rejection doesn't faze him, and if anything makes him strive harder with a trickling determination. It's the only thing he ever does patiently.

Calm and respectful:But, to the other likeable aspects; Suoh isn’t exactly a man of few words; he enjoys the sound of his own voice, and engages in conversations most often with delight.  Even to those he intends to kill, Suoh can be quite charming, and furthermore, although he has not a care in the world for love, the beautiful ladies of the shinobi world are hardly going to be ignored. Of all beings, they are the last on his list of individuals to see dead…for Suoh is not one to completely abandon more human pleasures.  Suoh also enjoys a few indulgences; the man is rather fond of wine and a few select foods from the average human when relaxing, Suoh might also be found reading, or perhaps even walking around the village, peaceful, calm…and so very unlike his fellow Kumogakure shinobi.

In this stage, Suoh is a polite and very kind person. He may seem arrogant in his words and quite self-centered, but many assume that's just the influence of youth. In fact, he is very giving and just self-confident; he does tend to have a little bit of Tsundere in him. He's very charming, loving to smile at women and making friends with them, and helping those in trouble. He seems relatively harmless and loyal to his friends, but when angry, will and can beat the living shit out of you. He tends to dislike violence, unless aggravated and annoyed. He has a fondness for coffee and seems to not have any ability in household chores ever. Minus cleaning. He likes cleaning. And clean spaces equal a happy Suho. He's a bit OCD like that: liking things organized, proper and very well, clean. He does have the tendency to throw things, when irritated and blushes when complimented by someone he likes. After all, it's a pain to go through his sarcastic comments and treatment in order to become in that friendzone : but once there, it's worth it.

Fierce and mercilessSouh is rather ruthless. If his friends are in danger, or himself or his beliefs are wronged, then there is no safe place to hide. While most of the time he seems rather lazy and unmotivated, it takes only a small ounce of his passion to spark for a raging inferno to ignite his determination. In most of the above possible cases, he is not afraid to end the life of another human being or creature if it will satisfy the need for either protection or justice that drives him. It's almost a scary type of bloody lust that pushes forward in these times that Suoh himself does not always understand, yet does not attempt to fight it when it works in his favor. His style is a series of switching between defense, dodging, and fast paced attacks that strike high and hard in the vital areas; the face, chest, and joints. He won't hesitate to snap a bone or pull and enemy to the ground before dispatching them in their moment of weakness. Those who are normally strong and then become weak are less than those born weak, and deserve no mercy in his eyes. It's just the way the man thinks, and that will never change about him. If he had to call himself good or evil, it would take him weeks to justify either one with a good explanation.

There would be times where he would even attack his own allies from his own rage.


  • Silence - Complete and utter silence allows Suoh to clear his mind and re-examine his past actions. This is usually a thing that is hard to come by, as his somewhat juvenile companions can rarely stand a moment without making some sort of racket.
  • The Open Night Sky - Such a thing gives Suoh a sense of luster and freedom, something that is rather rare in his case. He often finds himself gazing up at the starless sky above kumogakure and inevitably losing his train of thought.
  • Candy - Since Suoh was a young lad, he always had quite a sweet tooth.  He rather enjoys sour candy, though the sort of "numbness" of his taste buds that follows isn't as enjoyable as the actual candy.
  • Art - As a child, Suoh was oddly intrigued with art. This fascination followed him throughout his life; he would still find himself stopping to marvel in the beauty of certain things for quite some time. It wasn't just wondrous tapestries or sculpted creations that caught his eye, simple things, such as a child's chalk drawings upon a sidewalk would ward a moment of silent contemplation for Suoh.


  • Loudmouths - Suoh has a strong dislike for those who, in short, have an inability to keep themselves quiet. He finds any random babbling an unnecessary annoyance and will not hesitate to silence anyone getting on his nerves. Normally, he finds the people who insist on being the loudest believe themselves to be the most powerful, which is easily one of the greatest exaggerations in existence.
  • Confinement - Suoh is rather claustrophobic, in a sense that he dislikes being trapped small, confined spaces where he is unable to "stretch his wings", in a hypothetical and literal sense. If he finds himself in such circumstances he will go into a blind rage, doing anything in his power to break free of his prison.
  • Ignorance - Many may claim that ignorance is bliss, but Suoh believes this to be far from reality. Those who are blind to the truth and refuse to accept valid proof of the contrary to their beliefs annoy him to no end.
  • Tobacco Smoke - The stench of tobacco is possibly the world's most disgusting and unattractive scents in Suoh's opinion. Not only does the slightest whiff make him want to gag up every last bit of his stomach content, but if the scent lingers on his cloths, he very well may set them ablaze on the spot to rid himself of its nuisance.

The Logistics
Character Nindō: Each story has a beginning, a middle, a climax, and an end. Where shall we start?
Character Clan: N/A

  • Kekkei Genkai: N/A
  • Hījutsu: N/A

Character Origin: Mizu No Kuni
Character Affiliation: Kirigakure No Sato

Character Rank: Genin
Character Occupation: N/A

Character Genetics:
Character Race: Human
Elemental Nature(s): Katon|Raiton

The History
Character History:



Role-play Sample:
From US:
Character Family:

  • Mother: Kukazu, Juno
  • Father: Kukazu, Sei
  • Kukazu, Kirko(Younger brother)

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Kukazu, Suoh [Kirigakure genin wip]
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