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 Guide The Advanced Role Player

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The Righteous
The Righteous

PostSubject: Guide The Advanced Role Player   Sun Apr 13, 2014 9:39 am

Hello Guest, and welcome to the _____ guide. In this guide we will explain how to obtain the titles of Advanced Roleplayer, and The Righteous. These titles serve as a dual purpose. First, they separate people who role play casually without concern for growth, or gaining teams, power, etc. from those want to have deeper story, as well as site involvement. Secondly, they allow the community to determine whether or not an individual is responsible enough to accept the responsibility of exactly how much you can unlock by obtaining these titles. Let's get started.

The Advanced Role Player

The Advanced Role Player title is granted to those who would like to develop their character and create a distinguishable difference between themselves and the role players around them. Desiring to enhance their experience as well as contribute directly to the community. The Advanced Role Player receives the following bonuses and privileges:

A) Ability to have a team.
B) Ability to join an Organization.
C) Ability to become Staff.
D) Increase in stat caps.
E) Ability to participate directly in Site storyline.
F) Ability to create/become leader of Clans.
G) Gain a vote in site change polls.

The Righteous Role Player

The Righteous Role Player is someone who seperates themselves even further than that of the Advanced Role Player and displays an excellent desire to participate in the community [to it's benefit]. You must already be an Advanced Role Player to become Righteous. The Righteous Role Player gains the following bonuses, in addition to the Advanced Role Player:

A) Ability to become Kage.
B) Ability to start and Organization.
C) Ability to create a summoning contract.
D) Greater increase in Stat cap.
F) Ability to develop site plots.
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Guide The Advanced Role Player
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