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 Avatar systems dump

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PostSubject: Avatar systems dump   Mon Jan 13, 2014 5:39 pm

Basically, anything I want to be able to access for ideas with the Avatar site, I'm dropping here.  If anyone that can see this topic thinks of something to add, then just post it.  This isn't a discussion thread, this is an Idea Dump.  Don't sit here and mull over what someone else posted, just throw your ideas in and one we have enough, we can discuss them elsewhere...

Advanced Element/Bending styles:

Waterbending: Bloodbending(Plot only!), Ice, Whips/Ropes, Swamp/Plant, Mist, Armor, Healing,

Earthbending: Sand, Metal, Armor, Crystal, Tremors(Earthquakes),

Airbending: Slicing, Void, Walls, Sound, Pressure, Cloud/Weather, Levitation/Flight

Firebending: Body Enhancing, Lightning, Cold Flame, Temperature, Smoke, Lava, Light

Air and Water: Storm, Mist, Weather

Air and Earth: Dust (Hard to really work with)

Air and Fire: Explosions (Ranged creation of fire)

Water and Earth: Mud

Water and Fire: Steam, Mist

Earth and Fire: Lava, Technology(Lightning + Metal)

Earth, Water, Fire: Steampunk/Automaton(Steam + Metal)

Air, Fire, Water: Hurricane(Lightning + Storm)

Air, Fire, Water, Earth: Tsunami(Air + Water = Storm + Lightning = Hurricane + Earth(Earthquakes) = Tsunami)


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Avatar systems dump
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