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 Nature's Fortress

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PostSubject: Nature's Fortress   Thu Dec 19, 2013 4:26 pm

It was late into the afternoon and the sun was beginning to set, as a burst of light cut along the horizon. There had been a long period of rain over the land of Pines and Steel, and the ground sloshed with mud. Jinsei could see Seikogakure in the distance giving him a sense of relief. He would take a moment to enjoy the warmth of the sun against the cold rain that drenched his face and soaked his clothes. He was grateful that he could still find beauty in this world, even if it was only for a little while.

Jinsei closed his eyes and focused on the sensation of the sun against his body. He then widened his focus to the earth as he performed a series of hand signs. With the remaining chakra he had left, he summoned a tree massive in height, with a large canopy thick with branches and leaves. Now laying atop the bed of foliage, Jinsei had saved himself a few more minutes to bask in this view. Yes, he did feel selfish to cheat nature, but it made Jinsei feel like a kid again. He decided that if he was going to take time for himself he would be nostalgic. Climbing trees was one of his favorite things to do as a kid. It made him feel strong and powerful in times when he at his weakest. The feeling of a king sitting a top his throne, able to see his entire kingdom.

With only a sliver of light left, Jinsei perked watched the reflection off of the tallest tower in Seikogakure. A giant structure made of steel and yet it was beautiful even though it wasn't a tree. He imagined what it would be like if things were different and it were the trees that towered over the steel of Seikogakure. The massive buildings that towered over everything could still be seen from so far away. The light against the village created a silhouette and Jinsei quickly shut his eyes tight as to maintain a mental picture. He opened his eyes once more and the light was gone, the sky was dark and once again he felt cold.

With the image of the village still fresh in his head, Jinsei wondered what it would be like to stand a top the tallest spire. Even though the forest was his home he still envied the constructions of Seikogakure. A tree could never reach such heights or maintain the fortitude that steel provides. Jinsei had been visiting locations he would of never dreamed of as of lately, and in his travels he had never seen a tree as tall as the towers of Seiko. That's when Jinsei had a marvelous idea. He would accept the challenge set forth by the builders of Seikogakure, and construct his own fortress; a fortress of wood, something to rival the steel of Seikogakure.

Jinsei proceed to dismount from the tree he was laying a top and looked on to it with a discerning look. It was a fairly decent tree, about a foot in width and almost 20 feet high, but nothing spectacular. He would have to find a way to hollow out the tree and it would have to be large enough to house people. It seemed like an impossible task and Jinsei was starting to realize why steel had trumped wood in Seiko. It's ability to be shaped and molded to fit the users design was remarkable, but as a Senju didn't he possess the same capabilities with wood. Jinsei was currently lacking in chakra but even at full strength he doubted he could conjure up a tree even the size of one of the smaller towers in the village. Jinsei put his hands against the base of the tree and pressed his body against the crackling bark. “I really did make a terrible tree”, he muttered to himself as he slumped against the tree trunk, his mind starting to fade. “maybe if I just sleep here a bit” Jinsei's slurred his words as collapsed to his side, his head now resting against the tree as he dozed off into a deep sleep. The tree might not have been the best, but it would provide him with shelter for the night.

Jinsei would awake along with the rising sun, the heat from its rays tingling his face. The leaves above him glistened as steady drops of water fell, splashing on Jinsei's head, nagging him to awake. He nestled the tree as he squirmed back and forth trying to fight the new day. He would eventually awaken to be greeted by the warm sun and few tiny critters that happened to be using the tree he was under for shelter. A squirrel, who took notice of the apple that was in his pocket, poked and scratched at his clothes, hoping to treat itself to a breakfast. Jinsei smiled at the tiny fellow, and offered it the apple he had reserved for himself. He might have been hungry but the pleasure of helping another animal satisfied him even more.

Pressing himself up from the base of the tree, Jinsei took notice of his chakra. His well deserved sleep, had recharged him allowing him to spend the day training. He was determined to surpass his own limitations and create a tree worthy of being among the steel of Seikogakure. Taking notice of the land surrounding him, he noticed the fertile soil, rich with water from the previous rain. His resting spot would prove to be a place worthy of a fortress.

Jinsei removed his cloak and armor that covered his torso, revealing new and old scars. There were minor cuts and lacerations across his arms and back, from his recent mission. The fresh air was a relief for his wounds, allowing them breath; much better than the damp clothes he was wearing. He stretched his arms and legs, being careful not to tear any injuries. It would have been wise to continue back to Seiko and rest, but Jinsei's motivation out weighed his concern for his well being.

Finally, Jinsei was awake and eager to begin. After performing the needed hand signs, Jinsei shouted as a he focused all his energy into the earth. The ground shook and the nearby squirrels scampered away and took shelter up in the tree Jinsei had been sleeping under. From the earth a tree sprouted, rapidly increasing in size. Jinsei focused on its size and strength, as he not only needed to make the tree tall and wide, but superior in durability to steel. At its peak the tree stood almost 30 meters tall, but it lacked in width. Jinsei marveled at the tree but still was disappointed as it was impossible to make a house out of.
He was also faced with the challenge of hollowing the tree out. But there in lied the dilemma. The weaker the tree the easier to hollow, but the stronger the tree the harder to hollow. Stumped, Jinsei sat down in the mud and focused his mind, mentally picturing the steps needed to create a tower of wood.

The animals who now hid within the branches of the tree, watched as Jinsei sat silently intent on solving this problem. He shut his eyes tight hoping it would improve his thought process. Then genius struck Jinsei like a bolt of lightning. Jinsei thought to himself, maybe if merge multiple tree together it would eliminate the need to hollow out a tree. It would require a large amount of chakra and concentration but on Jinsei's pride, he would complete his training. Performing the hand signs once again he summoned a series of trees, which sprouted from the ground and quickly grew in size reaching up to 10 meters tall. Jinsei panted heavily as continued to muster up the strength to nourish the trees. With another burst of chakra the trees continud their evolution. 15 meters, then 20 meters, and finally 30 meters high; caused Jinsei to collapse to the ground as he desperately tried to catch his breath. He rubbed his eyes as the stress had caused his vision to become hazy. As his sight improved, he witnessed the result of his effort. 8 trees surrounding him, stood tall and created a cage like structure 360 degrees around him.

“This is much better”, Jinsei said with relief. “Although it's still not complete” He bounced back to his feet after taking a few much need breaths, and resumed his though process. He had 8 separate walls, yet they were not connected. He couldn't grow any more trees as the ground was already over saturated with roots. They provided a sturdy foundation, but made it impossible to grow anything else. He would have to work from above ground now to finish sculpting his fortress. Moving up to the edge of the circle, he pressed both hands against a single tree trunk. He poured his chakra deep into the fibers of the wood, connecting his mind and body to the plant so that he could manipulate the branches and bark of the trees causing them to link together and form a single solid surface. The area around Jinsei became dark, except for a sliver of light that appeared along the tree tops. The day was still young and he hoped that he could finish his construction before he was completely enveloped in light.

Between the overgrown trees Jinsei felt like he was at the bottom of a well; his own personal jail cell. For others, they might unwind from the confinement, but this was the perfect setting for Jinsei to concentrate. He was accustomed to tight areas, in fact it was in the darkness of his prison cell where his mind awakened, and he became the man he is today.

Now that the base of his fortress was constructed he would proceed to the top. Sending chakra to his feet he quickly scampered up the trunk of the tree and perched himself a top the trees. “If I am going to make myself a tower, I'm going to need a turret on top”. With a crafty look on his face, he pressed his hands together, causing branches to emerge. They weaved together, meeting at the center of the tower, creating a stable platform capable of supporting Jinsei's weight.

While Jinsei enjoyed the view, it was necessary that he create a camouflage to defend against attackers. He proceeded to pour his remaining chakra in the stumps of each tree, causing the trees to grow further in height, but concave in width, in order to create a cage around the towers peak. From these wooden bars, branches emerged sprouting a lush foliage of leaves which circled around the canopy of the tower. In its entirety the tower appeared that of a single solid tree, vast in size and strength, with a sentry tower above, hidden among the thick branches and leaves.

Jinsei let out a boisterous laugh as he fell to his backside. The sun was now high in the sky and it's rays shown through the branches above him. The satisfaction of completing a hard task filled him with joy. After taking a short break to scavenge up some lunch, he returned to his newly created tree tower. It scanned it up and down, taking note of every imperfection and weak point in the structure. For Jinsei it wasn't enough to just complete a task, but he must evaluate his work, as he had very little tolerance for any less than perfection, especially when it came to his own.

After his inspection, he would spend the remainder of the day relaxing a top his tree tower. He planned to save his chakra for the following day so he could attempt to create another tower. He would push himself for the rest of the week, as he believed that he couldn't return to Seikogakure without mastering this new jutsu. He would prove his worth to his village and to himself.

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Nature's Fortress
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