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 First Monkey Summon

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Takashi Senju

PostSubject: First Monkey Summon    Sat Dec 07, 2013 4:03 pm

Name: Simisaru, Byakko
Species: Monkey
Rank: A-Rank
Description: Byakko, standing at about 4 feet tall, is a monkey from the summoning clan in Ionia.  Built like a fighter without the height, Byakko's muscles are quite large for his size, standing with broad shoulders and a confident posture.  His body his covered in fur, which is green in most places, and has a beige tone for his skin, belly, fingers, toes, the palms of his hands, and the bottom of his feet.  Covering his shoulders is a patch of white fur, a sign of membership in the Simisaru clan.  On top of his head, his green hair is slicked back into a large mass that is hard to move.  While his size may be small, his muscles still pack quite the punch, being capable to compete with most Taijutsu specialists.  

Personality: Byakko is often a trickster, and jokes around with his friends.  This can sometimes make it difficult to focus Byakko on the battle at hand, but once he sees or feels pain, his mind focuses on his true role, the ultimate physical defender for his masters.  His loyalty to his friends is of the upmost importance to him, willing to sacrifice himself for his friends over and over again.  It is this devotion to protect those he cares about that makes him powerful, both in body and mind. At the same time, Byakko can often have an hot shot attitude, and although he only means it playfully, he often hits on female shinobi that his masters are with.  He tries to go with the flow of life, and is never seen sad or angry.  In fact, he will often try to cheer you up, or joke around.  After all, once a trickster, always a trickster!

Summoning Requirements: Blood must be sacrificed from the same hand that signed the monkey summoning contract.
Specialties: Taijutsu
Elemental Affinity: Doton
History: After signing the Monkey clan contract, Takashi was eager to finally obtain a summon, and hoped that it would be Wu.  However, Wu wanted to test his ability to persuade the clan before allowing him to have free summoning ability over all of the monkeys, especially himself.  Knowing that Byakko was a friendly and eager ape to get out on the battlefield, Wu proposed that Takashi train with the other monkeys before he would become Takashi's summon.  After a long night of arguments and fighting, Takashi became more supportive of Byakko's tricks and jokes, and ever since, Byakko has been at Takashi's side, protecting him as best as he can.
Taijutsu Techniques:

Note: This would cost 7800 words, as described in the Summoning Guide.  I had made another post about this in the Missions Request forum, and have not heard back from anyone.  After getting this approved, I will be writing the 7800 words to train Byakko, so that he can be added to my personal Arsenal.
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Takashi Senju

PostSubject: Re: First Monkey Summon    Tue Dec 10, 2013 4:19 am

Bump for Completion.
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First Monkey Summon
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