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Kagirinai Ikazuchiarashi

PostSubject: Manrikigusari   Fri Dec 06, 2013 4:38 am

Name: Manrikigusari

The Manrikigusari is a ten meter long chain made of steel. At the end of each chain is a heavy weight roughly 5 kilograms each to help weigh it down when being thrown. The chain is black and so are the weights at the end. The weights are shaped like hexagonal prism. The chain is roughly 3 inches thick.
Range: 0-10 meters
Special Abilities: The weapon is made of metal thus allow it to conduct electricity like any other metal weapon.
Descriptions: The Manrikigusari is used as a primarily mid to long range weapon but can also be used for close quarter combat. The ends of the chain the weights can be used for impact to knock the foe back. The chain can be extended to its full length to push foes back. The chain can also be used to wrap around objects or ones target to bind them in order to immobilise them. The weapon can be hidden up ones sleeve.
Origin: The Manrikigusari was forged in the fires of Kumogakure's forge of the villages prestigious black smiths and weapon sellers. The weapon along with others were placed on display where it was one day collected by Kagirinai Ikazuchiarashi.
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