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 Kagirinai's Training

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Kagirinai Ikazuchiarashi

PostSubject: Kagirinai's Training   Wed Dec 04, 2013 9:38 pm

The winds blew sharply as Kagirinai stood atop a plateau high above the village. He had used this place as his training grounds for many years now; it was peaceful and quite away from prying eyes. His sharp eyes surveyed the area as he made his slow approach towards one of the training posts. He had been working on some ideas for a few new raiton ninjutsu to add to his arsenal of techniques. He had spent the time to read up on lightning manipulation as well as research ninjutsu from the other elements to see if he could alter any to suit his element.

He pulled a small notebook out of his pocket and flipped it open half way where a page was marked. He kept all his notes on ninjutsu in here. He let his eyes scan the page as he went over the theory of his new raiton jutsu he was fixing to create. Pocketing the book he took in a deep breath and slowly went through the various signs for his new technique.

Taking in slow breathes he began to manipulate his lightning nature element channelling it into the palm of both his hands. He began to shape and sharpen his lightning element as electricity cackled in his palms sparking to life with its deep yellow glow. A bead of sweat fell from his forehead as he concentrated on shaping the lightning and condensing it trying to control it to stop it from blowing up in his face. He slowly brought his hands together clapping them and letting the lightning chakra flow forth from his hands. The lightning slowly extend from his hands only to disperse as his control failed. He scowled but it did not deter him.

Kagirinai slowly went through the hand seals again this time changing and altering them to increase the control and power of his jutsu as well as its speed. He let his lightning chakra flow out into the palms of his hands allowing electricity to spark as he condensed it. His brows creased as sweat dripped down from his forehead. He let out a breath of air as he brought his hands together clapping them and let loose the lightning chakra. His lightning chakra shot forth extending and shaping itself into a 5 foot 3 inch wide sharpened spear made entirely out of lightning. The spear raced through the air towards the training post at genin level speeds and crashed into denting the wood post slightly. The technique wasn’t perfect but he’d work on it later, for now he had the basics of it down pat.

With a nod of his head he turned on his feet and walked away to go over his notes for tomorrow.

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Kagirinai Ikazuchiarashi

PostSubject: Re: Kagirinai's Training   Thu Dec 05, 2013 5:02 am

Kagirinai brushed a strand of hair away from his face. He was back standing on the plateau that over looked the village. He had mulled over his thoughts last night jotting down a new idea for another raiton ninjutsu. Of course with his current reserves the jutsu wouldn’t be as strong as it could be and its range would be minimal but the technique would do. The idea was to channel lightning chakra into his finger tip and fire it like a beam that would pierce on through defensive doton techniques and human skin, a pure offensive technique. He glanced down at the notebook in his hand reviewing his notes, nodding and shutting the book with a loud snap before pocketing it.

Kagirinai slowly breathed in and turned towards one of the training post. He would practice upon it with his new technique the Byakurai or white lightning. He placed his hands together and started to go through a number of hand seals in order to channel his chakra, empower and control it. His control over his lightning element was descent but could be so much better. Slowly Kagirinai began to lift his right hand letting his lightning nature pour through his tenketsu and into the tip of his index finger. Lightning sparked at the edge as a small sphere began to form right at the tip. His brows frowned as he condensed his lightning nature shaping it.  He let his chakra built up before releasing it. Shooting from his finger tip was a thin beam of lightning. The beam flew through the air hitting the post however barely even making a splinter fall.

With a frown he started from the beginning going through the hand seals again altering them along the way to add more control and power as well as to sharpen his attack. Raising his right hand he pointed his right index finger and let his chakra flow on through his tenketsu building up at the tip of his finger. Lightning began to spark as he shaped and sharpened it condensing it into a small ball. He aimed carefully before he released the lightning, “Raiton: Byakurai!” he called letting loose a thin beam of sharpened lightning. The lightning sailed across the distance hitting the post cutting two inches into it. Kagirinai released a breath he had been holding letting his chakra flow drop as he approached the post to inspect the damage. Crouching down he eyed the small hole that had formed although it hadn’t penetrated the wood very deep it would probably slice through the first two layers of human flesh.

Standing up Kagirinai pulled out his notebook and a pencil opening it to a marked page and began to jot down a few notes. He scribbled in furiously before snapping the book shut. With a nod he pocketed his book and turned leaving the area.

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Kagirinai Ikazuchiarashi

PostSubject: Re: Kagirinai's Training   Thu Dec 05, 2013 5:26 am

Kagirinai sighed as he stepped once more onto his training field above the village. He cast his gave away from his notebook pocketing like always. He had another idea for a new raiton ninjutsu. He thought it would be a good technique to use. Knew lightning could be shaped into other objects but just what was the question? He had decided to shape his lightning release into a common ninja tool encase he ran out, shuriken. Lightning based shuriken encase he needed them, it my use up chakra but it would help in a pinch. Shuriken like other objects weren’t overly complex in their nature unlike animals, he had attempted to shape his lightning into swallows bu the creature was to complex and blew up in his face they would require more chakra and control.

Kagirinai took in a deep breath of air calming his nerves as he brought his hands together and began his chain of seals moving through them carefully each representing a different aspect of his technique shape, control, power, edge and speed. As he ended with the final seal and let his nature chakra flow through his body converting it into the lightning element as it flowed on through his tenketsu. He could feel his chakra flowing into each of his hands and in between his fingers. He began to shape his element as lightning sparked between his fingers. He concentrated on the first shuriken shaping it and sharpening the blades of lightning.

Lightning sparked to life between his right thumb and index shaping into a shuriken made entirely out of lightning. The blades were lopsided but he changed that and sharpened them creating a perfect shuriken shape. He then started on the next shuriken shaping the lightning between his index and middle finger letting it spark through the air shaping into a shuriken. He did the same with the third and the fourth in his right hand watching as four perfect shuriken had formed and sparked with electricity.

Kagirinai moved onto his left hand concentrating harder as a bead of sweat dripped down from his forehead. The first began to take shape between his left thumb and left index and like the first four formed a perfect shuriken like shape. The next three took shape as well transforming into three lightning shuriken. With a grin he turned his attention to the post. Unlike normal shuriken they wouldn’t be able to travel as far as his control wasn’t high enough. With a flick of both wrists he sent the eight shuriken sailing through the air. The shuriken spun as electricity cut through the air flying towards the post. The eight shuriken struck their targets digging in three inches before dispersing.

Kagirinai breathed out wiping the sweat from his forehead. Taking out his notebook he opened his marked page and jot down a memo’s before shutting it tight and taking off. He headed home for the night.

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PostSubject: Re: Kagirinai's Training   

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Kagirinai's Training
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