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 Unlocking a secret

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Jesmin Kaylar

PostSubject: Unlocking a secret   Wed Dec 04, 2013 4:40 am

Jesmin Kaylar panted heavily. He’d been training for nearly six hours straight now, and was growing exceedingly frustrated. He knew that he could access his Byakugan. He just knew it. But he hadn’t managed to yet despite all of his efforts, and it was frustrating him to no end. It was obvious that he had Hyuuga blood in his veins, even if he had no idea who his parents were. Tapping into his anger at being dumped in some garbage bin as an infant, Jesmin pushed harder, trying to figure out a way to access his ancient doujutsu powers. Nothing.

Cursing loudly at a tree, Jesmin punched it a few times to vent some frustration, his anger at the world growing more and more by the minute. He’d been trying for the past two months to activate his Byakugan and today he had been just as successful as any other time. It was beginning to feel more and more like something was wrong with him. Maybe he had a defective gene or something. In the back of his mind, a voice whispered to him, saying that the Hyuuga girl from the Academy had been right. He was inferior, just because of his impure blood.

The voice very nearly sent Jesmin into a rage. Another flurry of blows against the tree trunk knocked some bark off, but did little else. He didn’t have the strength of a Jounin to be able to just punch a hole through the tree, nor did he have any Katon Taijutsu tricks to let him set his fist on fire and blast through. He had nothing. And it made him angrier than ever before. Screaming at the top of his lungs, he kept punching the tree, his fists numb from the constant battery on them. Searching in himself for the way to succeed, Jesmin focused everything he could into his eyes.

Hoping. Praying even. Jesmin stopped his attack on the bruised piece of forest, and dropped onto his back, staring at the sky. Tears leaked from his white eyes, and he very nearly gave up. But he couldn’t. Not until he’d met the Hyuuga girl again. Sighing, he steeled himself, swearing he wouldn’t give up until he’d done what he needed to do. With this thought in mind, and a strange peace infecting him, he tried again. This time, when he opened his eyes, strange veins popped up across his face, and he could see…
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Unlocking a secret
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