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 The Big Summoning Mission [Request]

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Takashi Senju

PostSubject: The Big Summoning Mission [Request]   Mon Dec 02, 2013 3:10 am

Mission Name: Gaining a Summon
Mission Rank: A Rank
No. of Min. Participants: 1 or More
Length of Mission:

A-Rank 4550
Kuchiyose Already Learned (-800)
+4 C-Rank Techniques for Summon (+1600)
+2 B-Rank Techniques for Summon (+1200)
+2 A-Rank Techniques for Summon (+1250, one Free with Mission)

Total Word Count: 7800 Words!

Description: This mission acts as the requirement for gaining a summon. The character must head outside the village in order to find, commune, and sign a contract with their prospective summon and must be graded favorably to be considered a success.  Additional word cost can be added if more jutsu is wanted to be included in summon’s creation. These word count additions will be equal to the combined word count of the jutsu as if they were to be trained normally, in addition to the word count of the summon.

~Can add Kuchiyose no Jutsu to their jutsu list~
~Ability to create a single summon of the character’s Rank with a single jutsu of that level known~
(For example, a B rank character can create a B rank summon with one B rank jutsu)
~Summon will start with 4 C-Rank, 2 B-Rank, and 2 A-Rank Jutsu (Total).
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Takashi Senju

PostSubject: Re: The Big Summoning Mission [Request]   Thu Dec 05, 2013 3:13 am

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The Big Summoning Mission [Request]
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