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 Puppetry Guide

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PostSubject: Puppetry Guide   Mon Nov 25, 2013 9:49 pm

Puppet Guide & Template

So you have made a puppet user then? Puppetry is the art of fine chakra control and precise hand movements. These jutsu revolve around the use of extending chakra like strings that attach to things in order to use them at a higher range, and with more mobility than might be expected. Most puppet users actually use puppets that are built like weapons, however a puppet user can use the same jutsu to pick up weapons, and other things and use them as such. Advanced enough puppet users can even latch their puppet strings onto living people, and manipulate them as if they were a puppet. These puppets, in most cases, have hidden weapons, or even poisonous chambers that can be used to gain an edge in battle. Puppet users, seeing as they have a very different and unique style of combat then most other ninja, have their own basic set of systems and rules that they live by. Below are the basic rules that define what a puppet user can and can't do:

Puppetry Basics:
This is the first and most important rule is the puppeteer. In order to use and manipulate a puppet, the user must be in control and be able to use the puppet strings ninjutsu. This jutsu is listed in the canon jutsu for use, as well as below for member's convenience:
Puppet Control Jutsu:

Each puppet is to be built with the same template. The template is listed below:
Puppet Template:

Example Puppet With Additional Template:

Puppet Minimum Rank:
Because of the complex nature of a puppet, including all of the joints, hidden components, and differing weapons, no puppet can be below C rank in terms of how advanced it is. This means that there can be no E rank or D rank puppets.
A puppet user can use and create poisons, using a single weapons/devices slot. Poisons are unique to puppet users, and medical ninjutsu users, other than a few clan based exceptions. Below is the poison template, as well as a basic outline of how to create them slightly more in depth:
Poison Template & Basic Creation Guide:

Puppets and Jutsu:
Puppets that are C rank (or in the case of admin permission lower than C rank) are unable to be used in combination with jutsu outside of the puppetry specialty, and are otherwise considered not chakra conductible. This means that, while devices and weapon attachments that require chakra to activate can be used on C rank and below puppets, no other jutsu can be used from the puppet's point of view.
When the puppet becomes B rank, however, it become able to conduct the user's chakra and form jutsu as if it were a ninja. Chakra used in this fashion comes directly from the user's chakra tank - the chakra is sent down through the chakra strings and into the appropriate formation like a meridian system.

Weapons and Devices:
Upon puppet creation, each puppet will come installed with two free weapon or devices. This means that your puppet can have up to two weapons, or two devices, or one of each. The different between a weapon and a device is simple: while a weapon serves a clearly offensive purpose, such as a senbon launcher, kunai launcher, or retractable arm blade, a device can be a passive addition to the puppet, or something installed that is not directly offensive, such as hidden compartments to store things, or a thick piece of metal used for defensive purposes.  These count towards the total number of slots available for your puppet, according to the guide below.  Depending on the rank of the weapon or device, it takes up a certain number of slots.


Any Device/Weapon that is poisoned also takes up an additional slot to make room for the poison.
Puppetry weapon ranks are comparable to normal weapons.

It is important to note, especially in the theft or claiming of another shinobi’s puppets, that though a puppet of a rank that you can control may be equipped with a device ranked higher than your own that you do not have access to this weaponry when using the puppet. Upon achieving the appropriate rank these weapons and devices will be opened up for you to use.

Puppet Collections and Use:
Depending on the rank at which the puppet user is, a different amount of puppets is allowed to be owned, and built. This is not the same as the amount of puppets that the user can actually use in battle, and that will be covered as well. Below are the differing ranks, and what they can and cannot do:

C Rank:
A C rank ninja can build three puppets in total, however can only use one puppet in battle. This can be ignored and a shinobi can use two puppets in combat if they are willing to make a 500 word training topic and gain an SC allowing for a secondary puppet to be used.

B Rank:
A B rank ninja can build five puppets, however can only use two puppets in battle. They can gain an SC to allow them to use up to four puppets in combat after training for it with a 1000 word topic.

A Rank:
An A rank ninja can build eight puppets, however can only use six puppets in battle. They can gain an SC to allow them to use up to eight puppets at once after training for it with a 1500 word training topic.

S Rank:
An S rank ninja can build fifteen puppets, however can only use ten puppets in battle. They can gain an SC to allow them to use up to twelve puppets at once after training for it with a 2000 word Training topic.

SS Rank:
An S rank ninja can build twenty puppets, however can only use fourteen puppets in battle. They can gain an SC to allow them to use up to sixteen puppets at once after training for it with a 2000 word Training topic.



[b]Name:[/b] Advanced Puppetry
[b]Rank:[/b] C
[b]Range:[/b] Self
[b]Requires:[/b] 500 Word Training Post
[b]Description:[/b] After training for this SC, a puppeteer can increase the number of puppets they can control from one to two at the rank of Genin. This is required before one can gain the True Puppeteer SC.

[b]Name:[/b] True Puppeteer
[b]Rank:[/b] B
[b]Range:[/b] Self
[b]Requires:[/b] 100 Word Training Post
[b]Description:[/b] Further training in the art of working puppets in combat has allowed the shinobi to advance past the basics and gain an almost second nature when dealing with puppets. They can now manipulate up to four puppets at once. This replaces the Advanced Puppetry SC and is required to attain the Puppet Adept special characteristic.

[b]Name:[/b] Puppet Adept
[b]Rank:[/b] A
[b]Range:[/b] Self
[b]Requires:[/b] 1500 Word  Training Post
[b]Description:[/b] At this point the puppet and puppeteer have a relationship like a regular person and their hand. They are among the best at what they do and it shows in their level of comprehension of even the most complicated controls of a puppet. This allows a shinobi to use up to eight puppets at once in combat. One must obtain this special characteristic in order to train for Puppet Mastery

[b]Name:[/b] Puppet Mastery
[b]Rank:[/b] S
[b]Requires:[/b] 2000 Word Training Post
[b]Description:[/b] The shinobi’s skills are considered legendary and there are few who can keep up with them in terms of the number of puppets or the skill in using them. Those like this are the rare few who seem to make even errors into graceful displays of talent. Puppet Mastery allows the use of up to ten puppets at once.

[b]Name:[/b] Ultimate Puppetry
[b]Rank:[/b] SS
[b]Requires:[/b] 3500 Word Training Post
[b]Description:[/b] The shinobi’s skills have reached the utmost peak, and are all but impossible to improve now.  The shinobi can now use sixteen puppets at once.  Requires the Puppet Mastery SC to have been learned, and replaces it.

Weapon/Device Slots:
Although each puppet starts out with two free weapon/devices, each puppet can only have a certain amount of slots period. This is highly dependent on the puppet's rank. Below is a small guide showing which puppets can have how many device/weapon slots at what ranks. As a puppet advances in rank, should it be a scaling rank puppet, it will unlock slots of its rank:

C Rank:
C rank puppets can only have a maximum of five weapon/device slots.

B Rank:
B rank puppets can only have a maximum of seven weapon/device slots.

A Rank:
A rank puppets can only have a maximum of ten weapon/device slots.

S Rank:
S rank puppets can only have a maximum of twelve weapon/device slots.

Improving Your Puppets:
As you grow as a shinobi and puppeteer, you will undoubtedly desire to improve your puppets. This is entirely possible in the same manner as acquiring a new weapon with a few notes. To improve a puppet requires the same amount of PAC or Training as a weapon or technique of equal rating. This improvement will increase the rank of the puppet and increase the number of slots available but does not automatically add weapons or devices into these slots. Those must be bought/trained for independently.

Elite Puppeteers:
When a puppet user becomes elite, otherwise known as S ranked, they will be able to apply for a special ability, which is one of the perks of the puppet specialization. This perk comes with a complete mastery of puppet style combat, and can only come if the ninja has puppet style as their main combat style, not sub or third. This perk can only come with admin permission. Pretty much, when a ninja that specializes in puppetry becomes S rank, they have the ability to build themselves into a puppet, similar to how we see Sasori do it in the anime. This is risky, and takes time to do, however, as well as having a separate set of requirements. Completely changing one's body into a puppet is even more risky and hard to come by.

Who does these surgeries, and transformations, you might ask; advanced medical ninja do. Only A, S, or SS rank medical ninja that have the Surgeon Career SC can perform these surgeries. What is more, the puppet component must be made, approved, and purchased/trained like a weapon or jutsu would be, filled out out out to the puppet's template. Because of the gap in experience levels between the A rank and S rank level ninja, there is a difference in the word count needed for the topics in which the puppet convergence is happening.
A Rank Medics with Surgeon Career SC:
Total of 6,000 words to perform the procedure. Patient must heal for one real life week.

S Rank Medics with Surgeon Career SC:
Total of 4,000 words to perform the procedure. Patient must heal for four real life days.

SS Rank Medics with Surgeon Career SC:
Total of2,500 words to perform the procedure. Patient must heal for five real life days.

Healing means that the character cannot be rped with in any other conditions other than being hospitalized, and bed ridden. Any attack on a character who is within this healing bracket is a auto hit due to their vulnerability; this is the case unless a third party intervenes.

Should the user wish to turn themselves completely into a puppet, like our dear Sasori, then the word count requirements are doubled. What is more, the puppet's body must be filled out in the puppet template in great detail. One of the biggest things that must be explained in the full puppet body is how the user will still live within wood or metal without a beating heart, or working organs and the likes. Because of this, a fuuinjutsu user may also be required to be within the topic in which the puppet body is installed, replacing the individual's own. This fuuinjutsu user must fit the same requirements as the medical ninja when performing a surgery of this level, and must be able to seal something like a willing life essence into a container, for example something like what Sasori had on his chest. This means that the fuuinjutsu user must already have the required/specified jutsu to do so before the topic.

What is more, being of the appropriate rank does mean that you are good to go. The medical ninja must have the following things in order to perform the surgery:

Medics need a medical jutsu that targets the area of surgery they are performing, such as the eyes, arms, legs, etc. This jutsu can be no lower in rank than A rank or else the surgery will fail. Failure in the surgery results in the individual going under surgery to die, unless further, advanced medical precautions can be taken.

They need an A rank or above healing jutsu for basic healing during and after the procedure.

They need a B Rank or above sterilizing jutsu to make sure that the puppet additions do not cause infection, and are thus not rejected by the body.

All of the above is only through admin permission.
Have fun!


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Puppetry Guide
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