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 Bloodlines and Clans Guide

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PostSubject: Bloodlines and Clans Guide   Mon Nov 25, 2013 3:26 pm

An Introduction to Clans

Clans are divided between Hiden Clans and Bloodline Clans.
Hiden Clans are groups like the Nara, Akimichi, and even the Aburame. They are based on jutsu that anyone could learn, but are kept secret among only the clan members. These clans may have people who are particularly specialized one area, giving access to greater skill and knowledge even without being a bloodline specifically.
Bloodline Clans require direct relation, or a surgery, to gain access to. Uchiha, Senju, and Hyuuga are prime examples of Bloodline Clans. These clans require you to be related to a certain person to have access to. These clans have access to incredibly powerful DNA which allows them to channel their chakra in such a way that they gain certain special advantages.

Clanless Perk

Those who start without being in a clan gain the Clanless Perk, and until they do join a clan, at which point they lose the Clanless Perk. Those with the Clanless Perk have an extra SC for every rank they gain.
Each Clan has a basic SC which allows access to their jutsu list. Generally Advanced Element clans should tie this in with the SC that gives access to the Advanced Element. However once a user has that SC, they need not be in the clan anymore to learn jutsu from the clan techniques list or develop personal techniques.
Anyone who has access to a Bloodline Clan may not have the Clanless Perk, for balance reasons.

Clan Special Characteristics

Clans are allowed Special Characteristics that only clan members can access.  The most common of these being an SC that allows access to the clan's jutsu equal to the rank of the SC.  Others may include passive bonuses that boost your clan’s powers in unique ways.  All clans are allowed ten(10) Special Characteristics at creation and gain one more for every member above  five members that are active in the clan.  Only the Clan Leader can add new SC after Clan Creation.

Clan Leader Information
To be a Clan Leader, the default minimum rank is A rank or Jounin.  Special allowances can be granted to allow for lower ranking Clan Leaders.  However we would like to keep these situations few and far between if at all possible.  A Clan Leader must remain active, or the title will be passed onto someone else in the clan.  Any abuse of your powers as a Clan Leader may lead to losing your position as well.
The Clan Leader of a Clan has a number of abilities which they can choose to exercise as desired.  The most important privilege of a Clan Leader is to add Clan Special Characteristics.  Only the Clan Leader can do this, and it is strongly advised that they do this whenever possible.
The Clan Leader can also remove people from the clan, but requires sufficient In Character reason to do so.  Removing a person from the Clan because you dislike them for Out of Character reasons is seen as abuse of power, and repeated attempts will lead to being removed from your position.
The Clan Leader is the only person who can set whether the clan is open or closed for new members, but the clan must have five members in it for it to be closed.  A closed clan does not mean that no one can join it, it simply means that any new characters being created that wish to be part of the clan require permission from the leader.
Finally, the Clan Leader is the only person who can accept new members into the clan after their creation.  This must be managed IC, and will be closely monitored to prevent abuse.

Joining a Clan

To join a clan, there three options.
The first is certainly the simplest.  You start in the clan.  To do this, at character creation, you simply put the clan of your choice down in the appropriate area.  If the clan is not closed (Check the clan information for this) then if your character gets accepted, you automatically gain all available perks of the clan.

The second option is to gain permission in character from the clan leader.  This must be done in a topic, with the appropriate leader of the clan.  If there is no official clan leader at the time, speak to a staff member and we'll figure out some way for you to join the clan.

The third way to join a clan isn’t actually joining it per se, and is exclusive to Bloodline Clans.  This is by having an approved surgery done by an appropriate surgeon embedding the body part of someone from a Bloodline Clan and granting you access to their bloodline.  This automatically allows you access all SC and jutus in the clan.  This particular method extends to people who naturally have the bloodline DNA, and may not be in the clan.

The Difference In Clans
Before people start to get too excited and confused about what the different clan types mean, I will explain certain limitations for the types of clans.
Hiden Clan SC and techniques can be taught to non-clan members, IC, by people who have obtained the SC and techniques themselves through fair means.  However it is incredibly rare for this to happen, and if this does happen, it will be closely monitored by staff.  Almost all clans promote incredible loyalty to each other, and keep their secrets very closely guarded.  We do not approve of creating a character in a clan just to have them run off and teach it to other people on a whim.  You must have valid IC reasons to have lost your loyalties to the clan and to be teaching these techniques to someone else.  Understand that technique trading for OOC reasons is frowned upon.  This possible risk however is balanced by the fact that Hiden Clans are much easier to work a variety of characters into, rarely, if ever, requiring specific elements or bloodlines.
Bloodline Clans are much harder to learn techniques from and require a direct bloodline connection with someone else from the clan.  These clan abilities too, are kept quite secret.  However even if the secrets were leaked, it does most people very little good to learn them without being part of the bloodline to begin with.  This may seem an unfair advantage compared to the Hiden Clans, seeing as it is such a powerful obstacle, but as a balance point, anyone who has had a surgery done on them to implant them with the bloodline DNA, or contains the DNA naturally, can access all of the SC and techniques without limit having to get IC permission from the Clan Leader.  Please be aware that ALL Bloodline Clans can have their abilities stole in some way or another.  There is no such thing as a non-transferable Bloodline.

Types of Bloodlines

Special bloodline abilities are also referred to as Kekkai Genkai.  For the Bloodline Clan types, we have a few examples for you to read.  These aren’t the only options, but are a pretty broad base of choices if you’re thinking of creating a custom one!


A doujutsu is an eye based Kekkai Genkai that over the years has evolved in many ways.  At first mostly every Doujutsu was in some way, shape, or form a direct knock off of the Uchiha's sharingan, but as the years have gone on there has been an evolution.  Now, Doujutsu have simply been "gateways" for more atypical and powerful ninjutsu, meaning that while the eye is required to change in order for one to use these ninjutsu, the powers do not actually have to travel through the eyes.  So, basically this goes to say that not all Doujutsu have to do something with making you read your opponents movements and all that cliché nonsense.  Simply be creative, use the eyes in some way, and see what happens from there.

Advanced Element:

An Advanced Element Kekkai Genkai is can be one of two things.  The first being that one takes an element like fire, and says that it's "Hell Fire" meaning that the fire burns hotter, changes color (if so desired) and does other things that regular fire cannot do.  The second version of an Advanced Element is taking two elements and combining them to make a completely new element.  An example of this would be to take the water element and the wind element to either create the Ice Element, or perhaps even make a Snow element.  In some rare cases you could even mix three elements to create your very own unique element.  

Enhanced Physical Traits:

Alright so an Enhanced Physical trait Kekkai Genkai has to do obviously with the physical attributes of your character.  There are several examples of this, one being that you could have increased adrenaline flow and somehow amp your body to react more quickly.  Another would be to have your bodies personal electrical system to work at a faster output so that you could process thoughts faster.  So without going in to much detail and doing all of the thinking for you, the basic gimmies are Enhanced Strength, Enhanced Speed, Superior Sight, etc.

Enhanced Specialty:

So, if you are not already aware in Naruto there are these things we call specialties (see guide).  These specialties, to name a few, are Ninjutsu, Genjutsu, and Taijutsu.  An Enhanced Spec is being specialized in only one form of specialization and only one form.  These often come with drawbacks of some sort.

Human Animal Bond:

A Human Animal Bond Kekkai Genkai is a bloodline limit that connects you to a certain animal and allows you to either take on the traits of that animal, summon that animal, or do many things with that animal that enhance your physical and mental capabilities.


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Bloodlines and Clans Guide
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