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 Training Guide

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PostSubject: Training Guide   Mon Nov 25, 2013 3:21 pm

Training System And Rules

After building your character, and beginning to march into the realm of RPing, one starts to enjoy the idea of customizing their character with whatever they can customize their character with. So, naturally, you head over to the customization area, and begin to build you own custom adaptations to your character. These custom things are approved for training, and it is then that you hit the wall, with the single questoin: "How do I train for things?" This short system is devoted to showing you how exactly you can train all of these ideas that you have, after they have been approved for such an event. Training is really rather simple, and is conducted with ease in most cases. Training can either be done with SP, the currency of the site, or through word counts. SP, otherwise known as Skill Points, is acquired through posting. Once you acquire these SP, you can offer to purchase your custom creations with it. For more info on SP, please refer to the SP Guide for more info. In short, SP is spent in different quantities depending on the level, or rank of the jutsu that you are trying to acquire. Below is a short guide to show you just how much PAC you are spending on each jutsu, depending on the rank (this is all explained in more depth and detail on the PAC Guide page):

E 0r D Rank Jutsu/Weapons/SC/Whatever has been approved for purchase - 10 SP
C Rank Jutsu/Weapons/SC/Whatever has been approved for purchase - 25 SP
B Rank Jutsu/Weapons/SC/Whatever has been approved for purchase - 50 SP
A Rank Jutsu/Weapons/SC/Whatever has been approved for purchase - 75 SP
S Rank Jutsu/Weapons/SC/Whatever has been approved for purchase - 100 SP
SS Rank SC/Whatever has been approved for purchase(THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS AN SS RANK JUTSU!) - 150 SP

The other way to train is through word counts, and writing up training posts. Some of you may be confused about what exactly this is - word counts. Simply put, it is a cost effective way to go about gaining items, jutsu, or whatever has been approved for training/purchase. In order to gain things through word count, you must post a topic that is in character completely devoted to that character training. This training will be training for that specified jutsu, and must fill a certain amount of words. The higher the rank of the jutsu, weapon, custom creation, the higher the word count, and thus the more writing you will have to do. Because of this, time is substituted for spending SP. In the same way that SP prices raise the higher the rank of the custom creation, word count raises; below is the rate at which word counts raise:

E Rank Jutsu/Weapons/SC/Whatever has been approved for purchase - 100 Words
D Rank Jutsu/Weapons/SC/Whatever has been approved for purchase - 250 Words
C Rank Jutsu/Weapons/SC/Whatever has been approved for purchase - 400 Words
B Rank Jutsu/Weapons/SC/Whatever has been approved for purchase - 600 Words
A Rank Jutsu/Weapons/SC/Whatever has been approved for purchase - 1250 Words
S Rank Jutsu/Weapons/SC/Whatever has been approved for purchase - 2000 Words
SS Rank SC/Whatever has been approved for purchase(THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS AN SS RANK JUTSU!) - 3500 WC

In order to offer and example, for clarity, I will provide an instance. Let's say you are making a B ranked custom jutsu, and you have had it approved for training. You currently have no SP, or you, for whatever reason, do not want to spend your SP currently. So, naturally, you turn to word counts for getting the B ranked jutsu. Because, as you can see above, the word count on achieving a B ranked jutsu is a full 600 words, you would have to create a topic in which you write at least 600 words of training for that B rank jutsu. You can either make the topic a solo topic, and write the 600 words all at once, or write with someone else. In the end, however, you have to have written 600 words yourself - you do not combine your words with your role playing partner's words when you write together. You must have 600 words yourself. Once this training topic is complete, you have fulfilled the training, and a moderator/admin will look it over for approval, validate it, approve it, and move on.

NOTE: When purchasing a jutsu with multiple ranks (Usually denoted with E-S) one must always purchase or train the technique at its highest rank regardless of the userís rank.

Ranking Up Rules

Ranking up is not so different than training a jutsu, and there are numerous ways to go about it. Of course, while it is/can be similar to simply training a jutsu, it is a lot harder, obviously. The three main ways to gain a rank are through purchasing the new rank with SP points, through completing a rank test such as the chuunin exams, or through surviving a hard mission. The first and most common way to gain rank is through SP. Through acquiring enough SP points, you can buy the new rank. Keep in mind that, like different jutsu, the rank you are trying to buy has a lot to do with how much it is going to cost. Below is a system of how much it costs per rank to rank up with SP purchase:

Chuunin | B Rank:
150 SP
Jounin | A Rank:
400 SP
Special Jounin | S Rank:
1000 SP
Kage/Sannin | SS Rank:
1500 SP

The second way, and one of the more common ways also, is that of rank testing. Chuunin exams and Jounin exams are generally standard for villages. Chuunin exams as well as Jounin exams take many different forms, and can be arranged completely different depending on who is arranging it and what they want to do in order to test the genin, or chuunin. It is not often that any other kinds of tests are used, other than specialized tests on occasion, such as tests that allow you into groups and organizations such as the ANBU divisions of a village.

The last, and most unused way of gaining rank is through that of a mission. Certain missions can be made in place of a chuunin exams, with the ability to cause the participating ninja to rank up, should they succeed in completing the mission, and get the approval of their village leaders and the forum staff. This is uncommon, and missions of this sort must be approved by the village leader, such as the Kage. Should a mission turn out to be a lot more difficult than expected, and it is submitted as a rank up test, and is approved by the village leader, that is also acceptable.

Chuunin Exam Rules
Chuunin exams are popular within villages, and consist of large competitions that are used to sponsor growth in the villages's ninja, as well as test the growth that they have already gone through. These tests are generally, not always, administered by the Kage of the land themselves, or one of their council members in the case that they have council members. These tests can take different shapes, depending on what the Kage wants the test to look like, but are known to be notoriously hard and very dangerous. These tests have to have a considerable amount of people in order to actually be established, seeing as the point is to filter out the small number of shinobi with more honed skill from a crowd. Because of this, chuunin exams can only be held when at least ten people sign up for the exams - this is to make sure you have the activity that is needed. At least eight must participate in the chuunin exams to have it counted as an official chuunin exams. This means that smaller, less active nations will be unable to hold their own chuunin exams without first finding a source for population, such as making joint chuunin exams with other nations, etc.

Chuunin Exam Rules

Jounin Exams are even more dangerous than their Chuunin counterparts, with the risk of death being quite real to those who are not careful in their participation. †Jounin Exams have a participation requirement just like the Chuunin Exams, to ensure a fair mix of members. †For a Jounin Exam to be allowed to go forward, there must be twelve shinobi who sign up and at least ten of them must actually participate. †Jounin Exams can be a joint endeavor if villages or organizations agree to it, but due to the inherent danger in the tests it is cautioned to be weary if you make such a deal.

Credit for original guide to CleverYamanaka.
Revisions credit to GenShinigami


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Training Guide
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