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 Kaylar, Jesmin [WiP]

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PostSubject: Kaylar, Jesmin [WiP]   Sun Nov 24, 2013 10:10 pm

Playby: Sorata Hyuuga, credit to HyuugaChisaki on DeviantArt.

Basic Character Information:
Name:Kaylar, Jesmin
Alias / Nickname: N/A
Age: Fifteen(15)
Gender: Male
Appearance: Jesmin’s most prominent feature is also the one he is least proud of; his eyes. They are the classic white and violet colors of those of the Hyuuga bloodline, with no pupil or iris visible. He straight brown hair, with bangs that come down to cover his thin, black, eyebrows. His bangs part in the middle, making his clear forehead plainly visible. He tends to have a semi-serious expression on his face, though this is largely out of habit rather than actually being in thought.
Jesmin wears a custom made headband around his neck. On it is the symbol of a long lost village that he heard tales of in the orphanage. The Village Hidden in the Leaves. Legend states that the Hyuuga, and therefore the Byakugan, originated from there. Though no one knows the exact details. He wears it as a reminder to push through the present and leave the past behind when he can. On his body, he wears a mesh undershirt, a black sleeveless shirt, and an old green jacket he located in a secondhand store that he found his headband in. For pants, Jesmin wears a pair of black, loose, pants.
Personality: Jesmin is what most people would call a kind soul. He isn’t particularly aggressive person, always very quiet and calm instead. The first label most people would put on him would be “introvert” because he avoids engaging with more than one or two people at a time, preferring to tinker with his puppets, read a book, or just stare off into the sky. His temper runs hot if you can find the right chord to strike, but generally it is difficult to get a rise out of him.
Jesmin has an IQ well above the genius range, though he himself doesn’t particularly believe it himself. He knows he’s smart, but he tends to apply his intelligence to non-combat solutions. There are the rare few cases though when he really applies his head and tends to dominate the battlefield. His skills are far from the level of a true master, but it is apparent to any who observe him that he has great potential.
Despite his normally calm and collected personality, Jesmin is incredibly competitive. He doesn’t like to show off, but he can get vicious when competing. He is loyal to his friends, and would lay his life down without a second thought if needed for them. He constantly strives to become stronger, and tries not to rely solely on his Byakugan, trying to prove to himself and others that not every solution involves the doujutsu of the Hyuuga clan.
Your Ninja Way: Blood isn’t what makes someone a ninja. It is dedication to the arts that does.
- Prove that despite him not being a true blooded Hyuuga, Jesmin is capable of anything that those who are born into the safety of the clan normally.
-Find the Hyuuga girl, and defeat her in fair battle.
-Become the Clan Leader of the Hyuuga Clan

Clan Information:
Limit Name: Byakugan / All Seeing White Eye
Limit Type: Doujutsu
Clan Type: Bloodline
Organization Relation: Kumogakure
Method of Creation: Canon
Limit Description:
All people born into this bloodline possess the Byakugan, a kekkei genkai that gives them extended fields of vision and the ability to see through solid objects and even the chakra circulatory system, amongst other things, and expel chakra from any of the tenketsu in their body.
Clan Application Link: Hyuuga

Role Information:

Title: Genin
Rank: C Rank
Residency: Wander
Organization | Group:N/A

Skill Information:

Skill Specialty:
-Sub: Ninjutsu
-Tertiary: N/A
Elemental Affinity:
-Main: Earth
-Sub: N/A
-Advanced: N/A

Special Characteristics:

Special Characteristics:

History Information:

Birth Arc:
Academy Arc:
Genin Arc:


Equipment Page:
Jutsu Page:


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Kaylar, Jesmin [WiP]
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