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 Yuki, Setsuna

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Setsuna Yuki

PostSubject: Yuki, Setsuna   Sun Nov 24, 2013 5:57 am


Playby: Sode no Shirayuki

Basic Character Information:
Name: Yuki, Setsuna
Alias / Nickname: When high enough: Yuki-Onna (The Snow Woman)
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Appearance: Setsuna even from a young age held a beauty many could not understand as if she was born from the snow itself incorporating its natural beauty into her own being as an infant. She stands at five feet five inches in height with silky cream like skin as pale as snow. Her hair flows down her back brushing against her ankles a shade of pale lavender that complements her skin. Her hair is tied into a partial bun in the back that is clipped at the left side of her head at the front, while on the right it hangs loose and is cut somewhat shorter with strands hanging between her ice blue eyes

She wears a Furisode kimono with a large pale purple bow in the back attached to a pale yellow obi: The top part of her clothing has long sleeves that reach the ground, and the bottom part is also long and covers her feet. Beneath her clothes for her feet she wears white silk tabi and pale lavender traditional style zori.

Her psychical appearance is quite slender weighing in at even one hundred and twenty pounds. Her chest although not to large is neither small but is often restricted by her choose of clothing but is a rather comfortable C cup. Her hips are nicely shaped with curves in all the right places holding a perfect hourglass. Her rear is rounded and rather shapely. Her curves and shapely behind can be quite clearly as her kimono hugs her lower half quite nicely allowing her to flaunt this.

Personality:  Setsuna even at a young age was quite mature and serious more so then those around her making her a dependable and reliable person. Even now as a Kunoichi she is mature, composed, logical, sophisticated, and intelligent. She is also relatively level-headed in terms of how to fight, stating that if one's excuse for a battle is to fight out of hatred, prejudice, or simple competition then it is merely instinctual and animalistic, and that it makes the challenger look "childish," "unworthy," and "not much of a warrior". Though Setsuna has proven now and then that it is 'acceptable' when it involves vengeance, she does not view even that as a reason to fight.

Unlike many of the Shinobi, Setsuna is somewhat pacifistic, and according to her comrades, has despised engaging in combat even when she has been placed directly on the front lines of missions, unless it involves self-defence and protecting those dear to her heart. She refuses to finish off weaker or injured opponents, and will stop fighting them once they've been disabled or incapacitated.

Outside of being a Kunoichi and into her social life, although relatively calm and mature when the situation calls for it, Setsuna is quite laid-back and playful, often teasing or flirting with those younger than her, as she is somewhat sadistic enjoying watching others squirm as she teases them.

Your Ninja Way: ‘All life is precious’
Goals: To become the world’s greatest Ice Sword Style Kunoichi

Bloodline Information:
Bloodline Name: Hyouton (Ice Release)
Kekkei Genkai | Bloodline Techniques: Shinobi with this bloodline limit are able to fuse their Water and Wind based chakra to create a new type of element: Ice. Through willpower alone, people with this bloodline can manipulate all forms of ice, making it a misnomer in a way. This means sleet, snow, ice, etc. can be manipulated and moulded to the user's preference. Note that as this is a combination of two main elements, fire would not react accordingly as if it were regular ice. Water puts out fire and wind spreads it, so chakra infused ice is more resistant to fire than regular ice would be.
Approved Bloodline Application Link: http://www.narutor.org/t28913-hyouton-complete

Clan Information:
Clan Name: N/A
Clan History: N/A
Clan Application Link: N/A

Role Information:
Title: Chunin
Rank: B
Residency: Seikogakure
Organization | Group: N/A

Skill Information:
Skill Specialty:
-Sub: Ninjutsu
-Tertiary: N/A
Elemental Affinity:
-Main: Suiton
-Sub: Fuuton
-Advanced: Hyouton

Special Characteristics:
Special Characteristics:

History Information:



Chunin Arc:


Styles Page:

Equipment Page:

Jutsu Page:

Last edited by Setsuna Yuki on Mon Nov 25, 2013 6:16 am; edited 9 times in total
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The Judge

PostSubject: Re: Yuki, Setsuna   Mon Nov 25, 2013 1:24 am

OK *Put mod hat on* First things first hello and thank you for joining us on this journey.

My first issue is with Kaze no Mai(Dance of the Wind) in it you say "causing those individuals to be considerably slower, which requires the use of more steps to move the same distance and become winded far easier in a shorter amount of time" OK how many posts would it take for a person out of practice to get winded Versus a person who practiced.

Second issue is with the same jutsu you say "She can also expel lightning chakra straight down to increase her jumping height if needed by 10 feet." Only issue is you do not have Raiton I.E lightning style so that needs to go.

Third issue you have the Rank to Cost ratio off here combat jutsu cost 2 ranks less then the rank so a B rank will Cost a D rank, C will cost E and so on none of the C is C or B is A stuff.

Also this jutsu is A rank minimum "Name: Kori Megami no ken: Yonban no Mai: Kyokusetsu shiro (Sword of the Ice Goddess: Fourth Dance: White Melody)
Rank: B
Cost: A
Type: Kenjutsu
Element: Hyouton
Range: 10 metre radius
Description: The fourth stance of Setsuna’s Kori Megami no Ken is the Kyokusetsu shiro or White Melody. Setsuna will raise her sword to her lips as she moulds ice chakra into her lungs. She will then expel a small stream of frosted wind onto her blade encasing it razor sharp ice. The temperature around her will drop as snowflakes fall from her blade onto the ground. She will then proceed to pierce her blade into the ground five times directly in front of her in a crescent shape as ice and snow particles float up into the air flowing up and coming together in front of her. Setsuna will then slash mid air with her sword slashing in any direction releasing a large freezing blizzard that erupts all around her freezing everything in her path in a 10 metre radius"

This is another A rank "Name: Kori Megami no ken: Goban no Mai: Tsukishiro (Sword of the Ice Goddess: Fifth Dance: White Moon)
Rank: B
Cost: A
Type: Kenjutsu
Element: Hyouton
Range: 10 metres
Description: The Tsukishiro or white moon is the fifth dance that Setsuna uses in her Kori Megami no Ken. Setsuna calls out the name of the dance while holding his sword upside down. The blade glows as she moulds ice nature chakra through into the tip and she makes a slashing motion when her target is in position. When she does this, Setsuna draws a circle with the tip of her sword. The space within that circle and anything inside freezes. The circle not only freezes the ground, but everything within the circle's influence, including anything above it in the air, creating an extending pillar of light which freezes all within the circle. The pillar is ten metres tall and two metres thick. Shortly after being frozen, the pillar shatters allowing her frozen victim to fall to the ground. The ice pillar will not shatter if the victim is not caught within it. With a higher level of control and chakra Setsuna can be launch multiple Tsukishiro's outside her blade's length (Within a ten metre radius) creating rows of giant ice pillars to freeze her opponents from beneath. She can even do this in mid air by forming a circular motion causing ice to launch out on a horizontal line even diagonal. However due to the sheer amount of ice used this technique is incredibly taxing."

Also you have 13 Techniques/Equipments you need to lose 3 Jutsu or both your swords and 1 jutsu either way 3 have to go.

After these edits are done i will re-look ^_^
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Setsuna Yuki

PostSubject: Re: Yuki, Setsuna   Mon Nov 25, 2013 1:35 am

I've made the edit with the Kaze no Mai.

I've removed the two Jutsu as well as fixed the ratio's.

Also ti says with the character template chunin start with 15 Techniques/Equipment


Character: Yuki, Setsuna
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PostSubject: Re: Yuki, Setsuna   Mon Nov 25, 2013 6:20 am

After much discussion and fixing done in chat, approved.


~Active Characters

Kiritsu, Jiyuu ~ SS Rank ~ Master of the Lotus Brotherhood.

Kodomo, Kei ~ S Rank ~ Advisor to the Tatsukage
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PostSubject: Re: Yuki, Setsuna   

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Yuki, Setsuna
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