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 Top Secret Fuuinjutsu! Blessed Mark of Heaven!

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Kodomo, Kei

PostSubject: Top Secret Fuuinjutsu! Blessed Mark of Heaven!   Sat Nov 23, 2013 8:45 am

Blessed Mark:

Kei was sitting in the hospital. He had been allowed his own room temporarily in the hospital. Being an S ranked medic certainly helped. And he needed to be alone for this. The room was locked and barred from the inside. He had been in a mission here recently. It was an A ranked mission involving him and another jounin. But their target had taken hostage several children after entering an orphanage. He had killed 2 just to prove he would kill them if tey didn’t heed him. Needles to say, Kei had entered and delt with the problem. But he had killed him. He was not sure what to do. He had been enraged that inocent children had been tortured and killed. He had not been able to prevent it at the time. And yet he had killed the target not out of need but out of anger. It dwelled on his conscience. He had determined that he would put his own mark on himself. He would never kill on purpose again. Maim, yes, kill by accident, yes, but purposefully and knowingly, no. He was beyond that. He was a medic, he saved lives. Just the memory brought tears to his eyes. He sat down in a meditating position as he focused, drawing forth chakra. Her began by removing his shirt, slowly, as if not to disturb the air much.

After that, he sunk himself into a meditative situation. He needed to focus. And focus he would. He gathered himself into a half-trance. Not thinking about anything other than his chakra, concentrating on the way his chakra moved inside him. Through the gates and into the organs. Being a sensory ninja helped with this. He could feel the flow in the spiral in his stomach, and the flow through the gates. He needed perfect chakra control for this. He could not risk doing so without being supremely aware of his own chakra. He had designed it for other people, but it would work for him as well. This would help boost his abilities and make him stronger, but also stop him from killing. He calmed his thoughts down and felt the chakra. The flow in his body and how it changed with his movements. How his breathing effected his chakra. This would be impossible to do below someone of his skill. He could feel the chakra, feel it in his eyes and fingers and toes. He could feel it settling in his heart and lungs.

After he had meditated for some time, he took out one hand from his meditative position. He traced his body, feeling the flow of chakra, and deciding where he could best put the marking on himself. He was weaving some of his chakra into his own body, and changing the very nature of his body. This wasn’t easy stuff. He needed to find the right place for him specifically to have it. Or else applying it could get harder. He traced his body, nude excepting underwear. Up is legs, trailing along with a finger, examining the chakra flow. Up the sizes of his stomach, up the armpits. Still not the right spot. The arms where strategically not right, the same with the legs,. The shoulder would be hard to apply the mark to as he was applying the mark to himself. In the end this was becoming a tough and challenging choice. He felt around, untill he came to a spot just above his belly button. About 3 inches above it, almost to the chest. That seemed a good spot. It was in a palce he could move his hands well. He need not go fetch mirrors and use them. He focused his chakra into a finger.

This was a delicate part of the jutsu, and he could not mess up with it. He began to draw. Kei had the foresight to use a room not only secluded and private, but with a wall length mirror. He opened his eyes and began to draw on himself, using his finger. How did he do this without ink? Chakra.He left dark orange markings from his finger. And yet he drew lovely patterns on his skin. They seemed to shimmer and almost move. He slowly drew them, coming from one point right where his diaphragm was, up towards one armpit. The symbols were each small and delicate, and yet so vital for the fuuinjutsu. This was why privacy was needed, if he where interrupted while doing this part, he would have to work fast to correct it or stop any bad influences. But he had some jounin standing guard outside, and a guarantee of privacy from the Tetsukage. And that was a big help. No one even came near this room, no medics pacing in the hall. It was completely silent, even the guards refrained from being loud. It was as safe as could be.

But he drew. He focused and he drew. It was a slow process for him, for the most part because it took much carefull fine tuning of chakra, and secondly because unlike some cursed marks, which had the most basic of physical and mental effects. Cure marks made you angrier and less…moral. His did the opposite, and was less of a vague change. Thus it required more subtlety, and was not something easily applied. If he screwed up he could waste all his chakra, or depending on how, hurt himself. He could not allow that to happen. It was definitely nice to be in the favor of a kage, and privacy and security was one thing that his friend had given him upon request. The Tetsukage knew of the jutsu, but it had not been used yet. He was sure the kage would want to learn it. Kei sank back into his meditative state, “inking” marks all the way up to his armpit. From there, he sank back into a trance for several minutes. This jutsu was just a theory before, this was it’s first use, he was being extra-extra careful. Then he began another line of symbols. These made their way towards his shoulder, a steeper angle than the line towards the armpit had been.

They were surely working their way up. But again, he was being slow. He moved every muscle in his finger with perfect precision as he marked the delicate and intricate symbols on his own skin. He made now of how his chakra flow changed with each one. But so far, all was going to plan. He had expected the chakra in his system to react just those ways. His finger moved again, making another marking. And then another one, followed by another. He had already been in here for 45 minutes. Though much of that had been his initial meditations. The orange color markings had snaked their way up to his left shoulder. He moved his hadn towards his belly button. He meditated again, for a few minutes. The jounin, or at least that was their official ranking, were talking lightly. But this was a sound proof room. It took all his concentration on that single sense to even make out a faint unintelligible sound. He focused on his chakra. Upon reaching his peak of focus again, he began to draw upon himself once more. These markings would lead up towards his neck. They were, aside from their color, beautiful. They would turn a bright gold if he did it right, when all the marks were laid. He focused and drew another mark. Each one subtle and mysterious, winding their way up and towards his neck. Each was a delicate thing, but changing and altering a normal flow of chakra was a delicate procedure at best. Unless you wanted only vague and harmful effects.

Kei focused himself again, and set to work. He drew more symbols. They were almost up to his neck now. Within 3 minutes they were at his chin. But he let them move upward. He continued untill they reached his hairline, where they ended on him. The one on his nose between the eyes had been difficult. Kei sank back into his meditative focus for another few minutes, before starting another line of them, each moving, going up to his other shoulder. The flowing was becoming more evident in them, the color was changing ever so slightly, as the marks became brighter. Only one with keen eyes could hope to seee the change. It was very slight. They moved upward. It took him a total of 10 minutes to get them up to his other shoulder. Then, after a moment, he started again towards his other arm pit. Part of the trick was a radiating circular pattern to them. Each row of symbols and markings was like the spoke of a wagon wheel. Each one crucial for the wheel to function when complete. They reached his armpit. Now, he would work on the lower spokes. He would not have these markings forever, he knew. When he was done they would trail and move along his body until they fused into a single marking. The first horizontal spoke was short, but that was necessary and logical. Necked, towards his right hip. He began drawing the symbols for that spoke, his finger slowly and perfectly marking each and every marking. He could not afford error. No doubt this was boring to the guards. All they knew was that a top secret and powerfull jutsu was being evoked, and that he needed complete safety and privacy. And the orders came from the Tetsukage himself. But at least it was easy for them. He reached his hip. Time for the downward spoke. He began drawing towards his groin. If you looked you could see the pattern now. The repeated symbols where not random, but a long, delicate, and complex pattern. When he reached his groin he paused for more meditation. He was 3/4ths done now. He was ready to start the final spokes. Towards his left hip now. After peaking his meditation again he started.

He drew the symbols, taking time with each one. Perhaps it was taking so long because he was the first. Things of thing nature were always done most delicately when used for the first time. And rightly so. The color change was now more evident, but if someone had been watching the entire thing unfolding slowly over the last nearly 2 hours, they might not have seen any change, due to it happening so slowly. He drew on. He had reached his hip. It was time for the last spoke. He marked these slowly as well, but soon he was done. Now was the most delicate part. He had to make absolutely sure his own chakra was responding to the markings just right. He took nearly 30 minutes, going over the chakra flow in each symbol in detail, noting the way the chakra in his body responded to every symbol, and then in every symbol in relation to the symbols elsewhere on his body. It was a delicate time. If he had not drawn it all perfectly, his time was wasted at best.

When he was sure that he had gotten everything right. When he had tripled checked the chakra flow of each symbol and his body in general, then visually triple checked that each symbol was perfect, he began the ending sequence. He began performing an intricate series of hand seals. He was very fast, to be sure, but he was in perfect control of his hands, making every hand seal perfectly. He strung them together one after another, after another. He didn’t allow his mind to generate distractions. He didn’t think “how many have I done this far?” or “did I mess up on that last one?” He kept his mind free of thoughts. The jutsu and the hand seals ruled his entire consciousness. Again and again he wove them, the series of hand seals a long and delicate process. He then finished with a single seal, and the symbols all over his body burst into a bright glowing gold color. I almost hurt the eyes. It was as if the symbols were floating on water, they seemed to move ever so slightly. While holding his last symbol, he began to focus again. He dived as deep into meditation as he could. He was taking quintuple checks of all his chakra and symbols. He was making sure all was to plan. It was taking him a fairly long time, but this time was the first. When he was 5 times sure, excluding all the times he had checked before, he changed the hand seal one final time.

The patterns began to slowly move inward Those at the center forming a single dot, 3/4ths of an inch in size, and a solid and bright gold color. He reeled them in more. Each spoke, one at a time, coming inward. First, the horizontal right spoke. Then, the spoke going to his right armpit. After those were both done, the spoke going to his right shoulder. He was taking his time monitoring his chakra with every change. The upper vertical spoke was reeling in towards the dot now. Slowly but surely it finished. Now came the spoke that went from the dot to the left shoulder. It began to retract itself into the dot. If a person could see his chakra, they would be able to see how his chakra moved in patterns along with the moving markings. How they seemed to effect the very nature of his chakra flow in and of themselves. Slowly the chakra flow was changing in his entire body, but in an ever so subtle way. Even a skilled sharing an user would need to pay close attention to it to be sure. The left spoke going to his armpit was pulling inward now.

The chakra movements were still happening. The spoke was going inside slowly, but according to plan. Then his left horizontal spoke slowly started reeling inward, moving into the large dot. After many minutes of careful chakra manipulation, he was onto the left hip spoke. It started to rell inwards to the dot. Then the bottom vertical spoke. After several minutes more came the right hip spoke. He was almost there! When that one was fully into the dot, he performed another series of hand seals. The large dot was glowing brightly now. It was a heavenly shimmering gold and silver color. It seemed to alternate between the two, but glow more brightly with each hand seal. He did not count the exact number that he did, though in hind sight he knew. His thoughts only on doing the hand seals. Then, after a final seal, the dot turned bright, pure gold, and began to shrink. Half an inch. Now 1/3rd of an inch. This was when it stopped. When the dot had settled, he began another string oh hand seals. All the chakra loss was taking it’s toll on him. This cost him much chakra and to be sure he would need some rest. But his clan recovered fast, it was in their blood, literally.

The hand seals moved on and on as he took careful measured control of them. He had to be sure, to be exactly and absolutely sure each seal was perfect. He took some deep breaths as his hands worked, concentrating ever more deeply, his mind sinking further into meditative focus. This was why it required solitude and safety. He could not do it right if he had to watch his back. He needed to focus to the point that even with his eyes open, he wasn’t mentally seeing anything. Even with ears he did not hear his own breathing. All his senses focusing on his own chakra, and how hw was altering the very flow of it. He could not get so far into meditative focus with any doubts of his safety. He had to be secure. And that was why the kage had helped him get into such a private and secure room, the reason for the guards outside, and the room hidden deep in the hospital. He needed solitude and safety. He kept up his hand seals. One after another, each one delivate and perfect, with no loss of control.

As he focused the dot began a change. Or rather, new changes outside the dots came. 4 miniscule dots came one on the lower left, the lower right, the upper right, and the upper left. They were just dots, but as the hand seals continued and the carefull molding of his own chakra unrolled, they grew larger. He had been nearly 4 hours in here by himself at this point. But he did not let that fact break concentration. He wasn’t really even aware of time. After much effort, he reached the final seal, and held it, focusing on the chakra flow in his abdomen, thinking. The dots changed. They grew. Very slowly, to be sure, but they grew. Each one at the same time expanding and changing. They were no longer dots but ovals. And within 2 minutes not normal ovals, but filled with ridges. 5 minutes after that they were filling out more. Subtle lines and markings on them revealed them to be wings, in great detail, ever feather was visible if you really looked, though it was 2D and there were no real feathers. The design was intricate and beautiful. And as they each reached their full size, each of the 2 pairs of wings 2/3ths of an inch long, they got still more pretty. Kei let his hand seal go, They had finished. And he was the first to receive a mark of blessing, not a mark which was a curse. This would not make him more angry or corrupt, but more pure. It would prevent him from killing anyone, even if he wanted to mentally. He would be safe and secure in his reasoning, and not able to kill out of anger. He was free from that burden. Kei stood and put on his clothes, which were in a pile behind him. He undid all the locks, and headed outside the room, the guards looking at him for some change, which was entirely hidden by his shirt.



Kodomo, Kei
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Top Secret Fuuinjutsu! Blessed Mark of Heaven!
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