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 Myriad Truth[Puppet]

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PostSubject: Myriad Truth[Puppet]   Thu Nov 21, 2013 5:37 pm

Appearance: This puppet is shrouded within a solid black cloak.The fabric of this cloak would be torn to shreds.Many of the tears would be located upon the edges of the cloak in all.
Since most of the puppets body were never seen it remained hidden amongst the many ninja who it were used against.Although it were a hidden bit of weaponary it's face would always be seen.It were a light brown color showing that it was created,from a willow trees wood.It held no nose,and possessed a full smile just below where a nose should have been.This smile were painted in a solid white pet,in its design the smile read that of a docile care free expression.Just above the smile rested to emerald green jewels used to represent a pair of eyes.Although they were not oval,or cricular they did however suit the meancing puppet in all ways.Atop it's head laid a number of abyssal black locks in which were tightly packed under the puppets hood,therefore never being seen by anyone but its orginal creator Kannon Furama.If a closer look were taken anyone would notice the various cuts,and scratches upon the objects wooden flesh.

Laying on the puppets back would happen to be a large sword used in combat. The swords hilt retained the shape of a single
4in ring.A single 4ft to 5ft shaft were extending upward from this ring spliting the weapons,blade down the center.The shaft were constructed from a transparent sliver metal of unknown orgin.The blade itself however were crafted of a hardened fiber glass.Etched into the blades surface were several runes of the Furama clans legends.

Body Slots:
  • Slot 1 - Shuriken Launcher
  • Slot 2 - A crystal great sword
  • Slot 3 - Arrow tipped tails
  • Slot 4 -Snow emitter(Staff approval)
  • Slot 5 - Poison smoke bomb dispencers


Name:Shuriken Launcher
Slots required:1
Type:Long range
Description:This is a basic launcher of simple orgin.Not really crafted from many great resources it is average.Used mainly
by unskilled puppeteers,but some skilled ones may place their own spin onto it with modifications.

Name:Poison smoke bomb dispencers
Slots required:2
Type:close range,supplamentary
Description:Used mainly by the puppets controler as a way of denfense.This will be used to rid the user of any unwanted contacted from the rival forces.The posion
is usually a highly toxic gas or liquid that eats away at any exposed flesh,or cloth.May only come into a effect at 3 to 4in of distance.

Name:Arrow tipped tails
Slots required:3
Type:Mid range/close range melee
Description:These tails are crafted from a harden fiber steel,unlike regular steel it packs little weight allowing the puppeteer to easily move the puppet with ease.The tips of these said tails may be coated in poison or oil for a desired effect.These tails usually are made in sets of three or shapened into many different head forms.They may sometimes be called the Triple Chimera in all branches of the Furama clan.

Name:Snow Emitter
Slots required:N/A
Description:A simple despencer inwhich covers the ground in a little bit of snow.Mybe around 2ft to be right on the mark.A small container usually located in the puppets head holds the snow inside a enternally cooled cooler to conserve the snow all together.This actually causes no harm to anyone but,provides a additional advantage to those of the Snow Release style.

Name:Truthful Chaos
Slots required:1
Type:Any and all ranges.
Description:This blade has been given to all leaders of the Furama clan.Most however really do not use this blade what so ever,but instead allow one of their best puppets to do so instead.This way it provides the puppet a equal chance in a close range scramble if you will.The blade itself may be tossed around between 2 puppets,and the puppeteer just to confuse the rival ninja or warrior.
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Myriad Truth[Puppet]
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