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 Summon of Bat

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PostSubject: Summon of Bat   Thu Nov 21, 2013 5:35 pm

Name: Iki-Ryo(God of Envy)
Rank: B

The Iki-Ryo is a 24 ft tall bat demon.It possesses a rather slender body accompanied by a fairly small head.Iki-Ryo's fur would be a meatlic sliver pigment
aswell. Upon the heads face would lay a narrows snout,the nose atop the snout would be pitched inward revealing 4in of the nostrils.It's eyes are a deep azure shade surrounded by the
creatures abyssal black irises.Each of the creatures 10ft long wings were a dark sliver just as its body.The tip of his wongs both held 4ft long claws,they would slightly curve inward
ending with needle point edges. It's bottom jaw held over 38 fangs of a 2ft long length.It wears no headband protector of any village simply obeying only ,memebers of the Angevine
Clan.There were however a large 3ft Captain James "Jim" Tiberius Kirk of the Starship Enterprise across the confounds of his L.eye.Being partially harmed the flesh of the Captain James "Jim" Tiberius Kirk of the Starship Enterprise remeained fully exposed never really being a aspect of
any battle.More or less it remained a symbol of older battles standing for a slight bravery.

The Iki-Ryo is a rather serious creature once summoned.He may or may not leave straight after being summoning being of short temper.Within different points in time
this temper is seen within battle as it will be selfish,and not help the summoner in a battle of unimmportance.Having that of a attitude with any other clan beside the Angevine it shows
the utter most respect to every single one of them.Even the most struggling members may be refered to as " "Master Ninja" or Master fiend for the more criminal members.With that in mind
he loves particapating in every war it can.It may just appear upon the battle field just before the summoner is able to do so manually.When in the midst of battle Iki relies mainly on it's
large size to annialte the enemy forces by calling upon large tornados in battle over using most of it's chakra.When backed into the most valued brink of destruction the creature begins to wildly
panic in the form of untameble rage.That may only be satisfied by the spilling of scarlet liquid onto the terra beneath him.His humor is rather odd for it focuses around the death of others even allies
at some points in time.His favorite comment is " Those who don't fight,are doomed to suffer the boredom of house life."

Dislikes: Iki-Ryo dislikes water simply because of his fear from drowning.He despises the chakra nature of earth assuming it to be nothing more than playing with dirt or mud.Cold
places do not suit either seeing as he never enters a battle in the Land of Iron,because of the onslaut of snow on the field of battle.

Likes: Iki-Ryo likes to witness the destruction of certain villages such as the Mist,Leaf,and Cloud.Considering that they are main villages hated by the Angevine.He also enjoys flying throughout the
wide open sky freely with no bounderies.After doing his regular task after being summoned he may do so before asking to be dimissed.Being a vampire bat he loves,to drink blood,watch to splatter,and play aroud with it.A twisted sense of humor to this already insane creature.

Contract Type: A clan contract with the Angevine and it's members.

Species: Vampire Bat


Elemental Affinity :

Fuuton (Wind)

Summons Jutsu:

Bat Creation: The user reveals a number of different holes drilled among both of their arms.Unlike the Aburame clan they have enlarged there chakra pores.The chakra flows throughout the arms creating a large bundle of chakra eruoting the flow.In which squeezes through the newly created entry in, the form of small vampire bats .As this is done the chakra mixes with a little blood soon dripping onto the ground,morphing into a bate afterwards.They do this by preforming 3 handselas that end with Ox.The number of bats increases with ranks.A branch of this is bat manipulation it follows the same rank basis, replacing the creation for calling bats over to the battle field.They would appear 1 by 1 with each turn.
It requires 2 Cp with each passed turn to keep them upon the field in both ways.Being fragile a single blow may destroy the created bats.Nothing however may end the manipulation of bats though.The Cp use increases by 2 each rank.

E rank:2 bats
D rank:4 bats
C rank: 5 bats
B rank: 7 bats
A rank:10 bats

Blood lusting twister: The user commands either manipulated or controled bats to swarm in front of him.They would rotate a number of times eventually forming a small twister,of jagged sharp edged wings.It can only cause minor wounds such as cuts,and scraps along the body.Being about a 4ft funnel it didn't towaer over any.It increased in size with a larger amount of chakra input among it's rank. Cost 3 Cp points

E rank: 4 ft
D rank: 6 ft(6 CP)

Bat replacing body jutsu: This jutsu simply allows the user to replace their body with that of a small swarm of bats upon the impact of a attack.Mainly used for quick get aways.

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Summon of Bat
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