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 Senju, Takashi

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Takashi Senju

PostSubject: Senju, Takashi   Wed Nov 13, 2013 3:45 am


Playby: Kensei Muguruma, Bleach

Basic Character Information:
Name: Senju, Takashi
Alias / Nickname: The Monkey Sage
Age: 23, Birthday is May, 26
Gender: Male
Appearance: Takashi's white, thick, and spiked hair perfectly frames his chiseled facial features.  His hazel brown eyes rest surrounded by his smooth slightly tanned skin, which helps soften his chiseled jaw line.  His broad shoulders give way to his well toned arms and chest, which he keeps fully exposed if at all possible.  Resting just below his rib cage is a tattoo which reads "69" in sharp black font.  

His work attire consists of his, somewhat revealing, black kosode, or robes, which rest against his body, and his black sandals.  To keep his this set of garments close to his body, a large white rope is tied around his waist.  Along both of his forearms are two black fabric braces, coming just shy of his elbows.  Finally, resting above his kosode, is a white, knee length, sleeveless coat, just like his idol, the Shodai Tetsukage.  Along the edges of his white coat are black markings of interwoven tree branches, symbolizing his commitment to his clansmen, the Senju.  On the back of his jacket, is a circular icon of the world tree, similar to a picture Mokusei-sensei once showed him.  

Personality: Takashi, although stern in appearance, is an upbeat, go with the flow kind of ninja.  He finds that the world is a lot easier when you don't dig into the details as much.  Valuing friendship over everything, Takashi is talkative, kind, and outgoing, hoping to meet as many people as possible.  This has also led to his development as a shinobi, as he continues to train each day, hoping to protect his friends as best as he can, sacrificing his all if that's what it takes.  He often looks up to past leaders and great shinobi, and most recently has found Mokusei Senju one of his biggest role models, trying to emulate different techniques and jutsu that they have used.  As such, he is an extremely loyal friend, and makes clear of his intentions.

His striving to protect his vast network of friends has created a desire to train both his body and mind.  Everyday, Takashi can be seen exercising his body, training in different techniques for combat, studying different jutsu used in history, and reviewing the operations of the village.  Because of his hard work and dedication, Takashi enjoys the little amount of sleep he gets, and can be very angry when disrupting him before he wakes up.  Upon meeting his first summon, Wu, Takashi's eyes were opened to a world beyond hard work.  Takashi is often one to joke around while still completing his mission, even in the toughest of times.  His loyalty is not one to be taken advantage of, and he will often let you know when you've put him in the wrong.

Your Ninja Way: A shinobi's greatest strength is loyalty and friendship.
1. Master as many jutsu as possible, and create some of his own
2. Become a sensei and a role model for his village
3. Protect the ones that he cares for, with all of his power

Bloodline Information:
Bloodline Name: Senju Clan
Kekkei Genkai | Bloodline Techniques:
Limit Name: Wood Release / Mokuton
Limit Type: Advanced Element - Requires Earth and Water Elements
Clan Relation: None - Senju clan disbanded.
Method of Creation: Canon
Limit Description: Gives the user a specialized element, that allows them to control wood, plants, and flora.
Origin: The Senju Clan was one of the many famous of infamous clans of the old world, before it was destroyed by the Finger of God(See Plot Topic). After the great war that destroyed most of the known world, the major clans along with the Senju were shattered because of loss of life, lack of organization, or lack of will to continue on as one. While the clan may have had ceased to exist, the kekkei genkai survived.
Approved Bloodline Application Link: http://www.narutor.org/t28536-wood-release-mokuton-kekkei-genkai

Clan Information:
Clan Name: Senju Clan
Clan History: The Senju clan believe that everyone that lives under them is equal, no matter their past, power, or purpose. If the clan member is willing to protect the clan and it's secrets, he/she will be accepted and loved. The main Kekkei Genkai of the clan is the Mokuton of the ancient Senju, but they are always willing to experience new bloodlines, and all are welcome, no matter the rarity of the bloodline. The clan also accept convicts, and evil people. So long as someone is willing to help the clan, the Senju accept them, whether another village is after the new member or not. The clan would fight another village to save the member if necessary.

The Senju clan mostly reside in the Forest of Dreams, which border Seikogakure, and that is where the large compound is placed. However, if a forest does not suit a member, houses are provided in the village for them. Most of the Mokuton live in the forest as it fits their bloodline, but some other would not do well in a forest, so they are accommodated.

Also, the beginning members of the Senju clan, and some new members, despise the village's sister clan: the Kurogane, with a deadly passion. If given the chance, they would kill them, but the Kage forbids it. New members are told the biased story of the Senju and Kurogane feud, and the Mokuton of the clan try to make the other members hate the Kurogane too, they are seemingly trying to build an army, but the Kurogane are filling up just as quickly, not for war, but because they are as open as the Senju. They are always at a stalemate, which infuriates the Senju.

Clan Application Link: http://www.narutor.org/t30678-senju-clan-wip

Role Information:
Title: Bodyguard and Assistant to the Tetsukage
Rank: A Rank
Residency: Seikogakure
Organization | Group: Senju Clan

Skill Information:
Skill Specialty:
-Main: Ninjutsu
-Sub: N/A (Will R.P. for later)
-Tertiary: N/A
Elemental Affinity:
-Main: Suiton
-Sub: Doton
-Advanced: Mokuton

Special Characteristics:
Special Characteristics:

History Information:
Birth Arc:
Childhood Arc :
Genin Arc:

Chunin Arc:

Jonin Arc:

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Takashi Senju

PostSubject: Re: Senju, Takashi   Mon Nov 18, 2013 8:40 pm

Academy Jutsu:

Suiton Techniques:

Doton Techniques:

Mokuton Techniques:

Other Ninjutsu Techniques:

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Takashi Senju

PostSubject: Re: Senju, Takashi   Fri Nov 29, 2013 1:02 am

After a long time between school work and Thanksgiving, this is a completion bump!
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PostSubject: Re: Senju, Takashi   Fri Nov 29, 2013 9:33 pm


I spy problems with your application, nothing that can't be fixed quickly, though I could be wrong. Let us see, shall we?

So, in order to have a summon you have a SC saying that you can summon that animal. If you don't want anyone else to be able to summon your animal, than you have to have another SC stating that you own the contract. Another things is, I'm not sure if summons can be created during the creation of your own character. Rather or not it will be allowed is currently being discussed, and I shall inform you of the verdict when the decision is finally made.

That is actually the only thing that has placed your character on hold. Everything else seems fine. Hopefully we can get you approved soon.


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Takashi Senju

PostSubject: Re: Senju, Takashi   Sat Nov 30, 2013 3:11 am

Edited, for the sake of time, edited Special Characteristics so I'm ready to get summons, took out the summon so I can mission for him in character, and changed Arsenal because of the loss of summon's jutsu.
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PostSubject: Re: Senju, Takashi   Sat Nov 30, 2013 3:28 am



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PostSubject: Re: Senju, Takashi   

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Senju, Takashi
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