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 A new ANBU leader[FB]

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Ryu Akihito

PostSubject: A new ANBU leader[FB]   Thu Nov 07, 2013 6:03 pm

Character Name: Akihito, Ryu
Need to know information: Death disabled. No fatal injuries. It's not meant to be a battle type rp, but I wouldn't mind if I turned out to be one. Kinda like a social type rp.
Character Desired: The kage of Seikogakure(Otu)
Plot Description:The thread is a flash back. It would tell the story of how Ryu got appointed as the ANBU leader of seikogakure. At the time he's a well known jounin in seikogakure and the clan leader of sunahama.
The ANBU leader at the time, launches an attack on the kage, to overthrow him. Of coarse a few of his loyal shinobi are involved too.
Ryu is off on a mission and as he returns he finds the village in chaos, the ANBU leader and the kage, fighting one another. Instead of choosing the ANBU leader, Ryu makes a sensible decision and breaks all the codes of the root. Something that has yet to be done in the history of the village.
After the fight is over and the npc of the Anbu leader is dead. The kage is introduced to Ryu. Though he isn't the senior most member of the root, he still is chosen by the kage, after what ever methods he chooses to test him, as the new ANBU leader.
Comments: The plot can be discussed and changed.


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A new ANBU leader[FB]
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