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 Kagakusha, Neiro

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Neiro Kagakusha

PostSubject: Kagakusha, Neiro   Tue Nov 05, 2013 6:33 pm


Playby: Feitan, HunterxHunter

Basic Character Information:
Name: Kagakusha, Neiro
Alias / Nickname: N/A
Age: Fifteen, born on September eight
Gender: Male

Neiro has a bit of a disheveled appearance. He's stands at roughly 5 feet and 3 inches tall, which is a rather short for a boy his age. His brown eyes tell the tale of a very focused individual. Slanted and piercing, with slight bags underneath due to a lack of sleep. Medium length black hair hangs down past his neck and swept away from his face. He's not one to primp and pamper himself so he leaves to to grow as it pleases, leaving it messy, uneven and unkept.

His body is athletically toned like most genin his age, if a bit scrawnier than most. Muscles where they count, but that's about it. The lanky proportions of his limbs however, aesthetically do him no favors.

His sense of style is fairly drab. He prefers wearing very baggy and loose fitting clothing with large, open sleeves that hang past his hands. He wears a simple black long-sleeved shirt with a red V-shaped design that crosses over his shoulders, across his back and around the rim of his collar. The collar of his shirt reaches up just above the bridge of his nose with a grey Kumogakure emblem sewn where his mouth is located. Threaded through his collar are two red strings that dangle down the back of his neck. If pulled, they will cause the collar to constrict around the lower half of his face, acting as a makeshift face-mask. He also wears a pair of long black gloves. They reach all the way up his forearms, and carry a red diamond-like shape printed on both palms to match the one on his shirt.

His black pants puff out and sag down at the knees like traditional ninja garb, with additional red trim around the pocket area. They are then abruptly cut off at the calf by tall, thin black boots with brown straps that tightly cling around his legs. He of course carries a few accessories as well. A medical bag is tightly strapped to his lower back along with his standard ninja tool pouches. Clinging to his forehead with a red strap and thick brown lenses are a tight pair of safety goggles. Finally with that space being occupied, his village's forehead protector is delegated to being proudly wrapped around his right arm.

Personality: Neiro isn't the easiest person to get along with. Due to scars left by past relationships, he's not able to trust easily. He has a tendency to push people away. He's stubborn, and at times he'll come across as crass, arrogant and emotionally distant. He also has a large tendency to brag about his intelligence and knowledge of Chemistry. Though he doesn't speak very often, you can usually bet that what comes out of his mouth will be some short sarcastic or condescending remark. These are all negative qualities, but he uses them to protect his fragile heart.

Behind that stoic demeanor and all the walls of sarcasm however, lies a kind soul. Though he may be misguided at times, he does feel empathetic for people in need. He doesnít trust easily, but when he does put his faith into someone, his expectations out of them are incredibly high.

To understand Neiro, you have to understand Neiro's love of science. His affinity for it is unmatched, and his entire life revolves around chemistry. When confronted with a difficult problem, he tries to mentally deconstruct it to it's purest form, and then come up with a solution for each of the smaller issues. He claims that logic trumps over all things, but he puts more stake into his feelings than he realizes. Overall, Neiro is still very young and has a lot of growing up to do. He has his faults, but he has his strengths, dreams and aspirations too. In the end, he's just human.
Your Ninja Way: Everything in this world can be understood by breaking it down to it's smallest chemical compound. The pursuit of knowledge. Never giving up. Learning all the facts and then using them to achieve greatness! That is my ninja way!
Goals: Becoming the world's top chemist and changing the world through his way of science.

Role Information:
Title: Genin
Rank: C Rank
Residency: Kumogakure
Organization | Group: N/A

Skill Information:
Skill Specialty:
-Main: Eijutsu
-Sub: Ninjutsu
-Tertiary: N/A
-Elemental Affinity:
-Main: Fire
-Sub: N/A
-Advanced: N/A

Special Characteristics:
Special Characteristics:

History Information:
Birth Arc - The spark that lights a young flame:

Academy arc - The flame that discovers it's passion, burns even brighter:

ĒGenin arc - The passionate flame that grew into an inferno:

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Neiro Kagakusha

PostSubject: Re: Kagakusha, Neiro   Sun Nov 10, 2013 8:54 pm

Styles Page:
Equipment Page:

Jutsu Page:

Poisons page:


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Neiro Kagakusha

PostSubject: Re: Kagakusha, Neiro   Sun Nov 10, 2013 8:57 pm



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White Fox

PostSubject: Re: Kagakusha, Neiro   Sun Nov 10, 2013 9:42 pm

i stamp this app approved.


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PostSubject: Re: Kagakusha, Neiro   

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Kagakusha, Neiro
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