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 Skill Points Guide

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PostSubject: Skill Points Guide   Mon Nov 04, 2013 9:20 pm

Skill Points

What are Skill Points?
Skill Points essentially the Experience Points or Character Currency in our world.  You use them to rank up, to get new jutsu, and even to get new supplies.  The best part about earning them?  It's automatic and as easy as posting a in a roleplay topic!  To earn Skill Points (Or SP for short) you need only post as your character, with your roleplay account.  We ask that all roleplay posts be at least 200 words or longer, unless specific permission is obtained for shorter posts.  If you see someone who has posted fewer than 200 word count and they don't appear to have obtained permission from Staff, feel free to contact someone on the staff team to have it addressed.
At this time, you automatically earn five(5) SP per a post.  This number may change at any time without warning, and there may be certain events where bonus SP are awarded for certain areas and such.

What can I spend Skill Points on?
Skill Points are the currency to allow your character to grow and progress.  You can spend them on darn near anything you want, though obviously certain things cost more than others.  Here's a basic breakdown of what things cost.

Quote :
E-D = 10 SP
C = 25 SP
B = 50 SP
A = 75 SP
S = 100 SP
SS = 150 SP

Rank up-
C-B 150 SP
B-A 400 SP
A-S 1000 SP
S-SS 1500 SP
How do I use Skill Points?
Once you've earned your Skill Points, you need to go to this forum here to manage your account.  A topic is located there that will explain the fine details of how to spend your hard earned points.  Once you spend the points, they're gone though.  So spend them wisely!

Special Rules for Skill Points
-All topics done for SP must be 200 WC or more.
-All WC training topics MUST be done in the appropriate training board, to prevent people from trying to earn SP while gaining something else anyways.  No double dipping.
-If your character dies, you may retain your SP across to a new character.
-You may pay SP to another person for IC services.  No OOC services may be paid for with SP.


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Skill Points Guide
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