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 Bloodlines and Kekkei Genkai Guide

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PostSubject: Bloodlines and Kekkei Genkai Guide   Mon Nov 04, 2013 6:43 pm

Bloodline Limit Orientation

For those who are new to the world of Naruto we, at Naruto R would like to inform you on what exactly a Kekkai Genkai is. A Kekkai Genkai, or often times referred to as a "bloodline limit" is simply a supernatural power that comes in many different varieties. A further elaboration will be explained below.

Types of Kekkai Genkai:


A doujutsu is an eye based Kekkai Genkai that over the years has evolved in many ways.  At first mostly every Doujutsu was in some way, shape, or form a direct knock off of the Uchiha's sharingan, but as the years have gone on there has been an evolution.  Now, Doujutsu have simply been "gateways" for more atypical and powerful Ninjutsu, meaning that while the eye is required to change in order for one to use these ninjutsu, the powers do not actually have to travel through the eyes.  So, basically this goes to say that not all Doujutsu have to do something with making you read your opponents movements and all that cliche nonsense.  Simply be creative, use the eyes in some way, and see what happens from there.

Advanced Element:

An Advanced Element Kekkai Genkai is can be one of two things.  The first being that one takes an element like Fire, and says that it's "Hell Fire" meaning that the fire burns hotter, changes color (if so desired) and does other things that regular fire cannot do.  The second version of an Advanced Element is taking two elements and combining them to make a completely new element.  An example of this would be to take the water element and the wind element to either create the Ice Element, or perhaps even make a Snow element.  In some rare cases you could even mix three elements to create your very own unique element.  

Enhanced Physical Traits:

Alright so an Enhanced Physical trait Kekkai Genkai has to do obviously with the physical attributes of your character.  There are several examples of this, one being that you could have increased adrenaline flow and somehow amp your body to react more quickly.  Another would be to have your bodies personal electrical system to work at a faster output so that you could process thoughts faster.  So without going in to much detail and doing all of the thinking for you, the basic gimmies are Enhanced Strength, Enhanced Speed, Superior Sight, etc etc etc.

Enhanced Specialty:

So, if you are not already aware in Naruto there are these things we call specialties (see guide).  These specialties, to name a few, are Ninjutsu, Genjutsu, and Taijutsu.  An Enhanced Spec is being specialized in only one form of specialization and only one form.  These often come with drawbacks of some sort.

Human Animal Bond:

A Human Animal Bond Kekkai Genkai is a bloodline limit that connects you to a certain animal and allows you to either take on the traits of that animal, summon that animal, or do many things with that animal that enhance your physical and mental capabilities.

Readily Available Kekkai Genkai:

Note: These are popular KKG from the Canon that we at Naruto R provide so that those who are not full committed to the idea of change have some sense of familiarity with abilities they can commonly associate with from the show and other Naruto boards.

Sharingan - Previously belonged to the Uchiha
Byakugan - Previously belonged to the Hyuuga
Wood Release - Previously belonged to the Senju
Sand Release - Previously belonged to the Sunahama
Lava Release - Previously belonged to the Kazan
Bone Release - Previously belonged to the Kaguya


So How Do I Create A Kekkai Genkai?:


-Try not to make the same thing someone else has but worded differently
-KKG must be tied to a clan in some way.

There are three methods to creating a Kekkai Genkai. The first is the traditional method in which you simply post a topic, filling out the proper template and waiting for the staff to look at it. The second method is known as the "Fight or Flight" system. The third method is called "Birth of an Empire". The Fight or Flight system and the "Birth of an Empire" system share one thing in common, being that they require a KKG Application topic (further explanation below).

Fight or Flight System:

Here at NarutoR in order to bring out some realism we allow the realization of your Kekkai Genkai through in character topics. In the fight or flight system it is intended that you realize your new power in times of desperation, aka "a death scenario" What happens is you post a topic with another person just like any other topic and then once it's over you create a clan application with a link to this topic.  There is not a word count required but know that we, the staff will judge the quality of the topic and determine its sincerity.  

Birth of an Empire System:

This system is similar to Fight or Flight except that it is based in the past.  With this system one can take the initiative in writing a thorough and In character story detailing the origin of your Kekkai Genkai, much like a "flashback" topic.

What are bloodline special characteristics?:

When you make a bloodline you can create up to six special characteristics that are associated with your bloodline. For example, people with the bone manipulation could have a special characteristic that makes their bones harder to break, making them immune to high falls. Bloodline Characteristics follow the same guide used for character characteristics.
The six Bloodline Characteristics that each are allowed must cover ranks D-SS, one for each, and cannot be scaling.

Using Custom Made KKGs:

To use an already made Kekkai Genkai made by another player one must know if the KKG is "Open" meaning the creator allows anyone to join, or "Closed" meaning you have to ask permission to join.  All KKG are open by default and the only way to make it closed is to have it tied to a clan where the Clan Leader chooses to have it closed.

Can I Have More Than One Kekkai Genkai?:

The short answer is yes. In order to have more than one there are rare circumstances.  The simplest way to have more than one Kekkai Genkai is for you to steal other persons, or to be given one.

-All Kekkai Genkai can be "stolen" in some way or form.  Some may require extra resources, extended word count, or any number of other things, but there is no such thing as a KKG that cannot be transferred somehow.

[center][u][b]Bloodline Limit Orientation[/b][/u][/center]

Using Custom Made KKGs:

To use an already made Kekkai Genkai made by another player one must know if the KKG is "Open" meaning the creator allows anyone to join, or "Closed" meaning you have to ask permission to join.


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Bloodlines and Kekkei Genkai Guide
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