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 Nagano, Iyasu [WiP]

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PostSubject: Nagano, Iyasu [WiP]   Mon Nov 04, 2013 5:37 pm

Close up of face:

Playby: Kisuke Urahara from Bleach

Basic Character Information:
Name: Nagano, Iyasu
Alias / Nickname: Shodai Raikage
Age: Thirty-six(36) years old
Gender: Male
Appearance: Iyasu is a bit on the taller side, coming in at a reasonable height of five feet and eleven inches.  He has pale skin and his grey eyes accentuate his brooding attitude well.  "Stormy" is often an adjective that can be applied to them.  To match his skin he has pale blond hair which falls to the level of his chin and frames his face nicely, with part of his bangs regularly falling to the top of his nose, between his eyes.  Regardless of how recently he has shaved, or how long he may seem to go without it, he always has just a little stubble on his chin.
Iyasu is almost never seen without wearing his dark brown (Almost black) coat, with a patter of white diamonds along the bottom of it over his dark green pants and shirt, which are just slightly baggy, but contain plenty of secret pockets and pouches to allow him plenty of tools seemingly out of thin air.  One of these is a specialized pocket to carry a basic fan, which he uses as it pleases him, sometimes as a distraction, other times just to keep cool, and even sometimes to cover his face as needed.  In his hand is usually a cane, coming to about the height of his hip, which he uses despite not requiring assistance walking.  On his feet are basic wooden sandals and on his head is almost always a classic green and white stripped "bucket hat" which tends to naturally shadow his face, especially his eyes.
Personality: Iyasu is a kind soul who has had the misfortune to live an incredibly hard life.  He genuinely wants nothing but to help other people as best he can but often this leads to conflicts where he must harm others instead.  Years ago he was a very cheerful and optimistic person but the times have changed him, not he tends to come off as brooding and cynical for the most part.  He tries to present a pleasant and happy side to those he is protecting to try and keep their spirits up.
Iyasu's largest problem is that he used to care too much about people and now it has forced him to stop caring for all but a select few.  His life goal is for there to finally be peace across the world, but for the time being he has had to stop caring about the world and focus his concern on his village.  He would happily die to save even one member of his village.  However he has had to weigh the good of the many against the good of the few, and each time he has to make that choice, it kills him a little on the inside.
Iyasu's capacity for love is nearly limitless, but he has learned the hard way that the more you love, the more you hurt.  It has created a deep pain in himself where he fights to contain his strong emotions for the sake of everyone else.  It is only around those he trusts completely that he is willing to open up and let loose, rather than act as a battle hardened soldier.
Your Ninja Way: Help those too weak to help themselves, and never allow evil to go uncontested.

  • Kill The Doctor
  • Save his fiance
  • Protect his village and villagers
  • Gain more knowledge, especially medical and Kekkai Genkai related.

Bloodline Information:
Bloodline Name: Earth Grudge Fear
Kekkei Genkai: This bloodline was created by experimental surgeries on the body to try and allow them to more easily accept transplants and broaden the types of transplants that can be done on the person.  The results were both amazing and terrible at the same time.  On one hand, it was a success, where members of this bloodline can take on surgeries that are much more advanced that normal people, even to the point of having more elements than normally thought possible.
However it came with an unfortunate side effect.  The person's body became composed almost entirely of chakra conductive thread.  While the exterior can be easily disguised to appear normal and human, the interior is something else entirely.
Another side effect is that members of this bloodline may only have one element naturally, all others must be obtained through other means.
Approved Bloodline Application Link: Earth Grudge Fear

Clan Information:
Clan Name: No clan affiliations, to avoid bias, due to him being Raikage.
Clan History: N/A
Clan Application Link: N/A

Role Information:
Title: Raikage
Rank: SS Rank
Residency: Kumokagure
Organization | Group:N/A

Skill Information:
Skill Specialty: [Pick 2 specialties: Ninjutsu, Eijutsu(Medical), Taijutsu, Genjutsu, Fuuinjutsu, Puppetry.]
-Main: Ninjutsu
-Sub: Medical
-Tertiary: Fuuinjutsu
Elemental Affinity:
-Main: Lightning
-Sub: (Cannot have a natural secondary element)
-Advanced: N/A

Special Characteristics:
Special Characteristics: [These should be selected from our previously approved list of Special Characteristics or custom made here for approval. C rank gets 1, B rank gets 3, A rank gets 6, S rank gets 10, and SS rank gets 15.  If you do not have a KKG then you get an extra slot every rank.]

History Information:
Birth Arc
Iyasu was born in the city of Kitai to a wealthy civilian family.  As he was growing up, there was nothing he could not have if he wanted it.  This led to him being a very bossy child, as well as turning him into a spoiled little brat.  He would regularly demand the attentions of those around him no matter what they were doing.  His parents continued to dote on him though, always having time to play with their only child, and it wasn't until he was much older that Iyasu discovered that his mother had been told it would be impossible for her to bear children, so his own birth was a miracle of its own.

Academy Arc
At the fairly late age of eight years old, Iyasu decided that he wanted to be a ninja.  While neither of his parents had ever demonstrated skill in any of the ninja arts before, they humored their son, sending him to the Kitai Academy (After copious bribing) to train.  Much to their surprise Iyasu proved to be capable of molding chakra and proved to have potential as a ninja.  As a surprise to everyone else, he even committed to it, studying and practicing, which was a complete break from his normal attitude of wanting everything handed to him on a (usually literal) silver platter.
While Iyasu didn't graduate at the top of his class, or even near it, he did graduate.  His parents were incredibly proud of him and he was quite please with himself for it too.  He had spent two years in the academy, and was now the age of ten.

Genin Arc
After becoming a Genin, Iyasu reverted partially back to his old ways.  He used his ninja skills to bully other people and used his parent's money and influence to keep himself out of trouble.  His training became a tool to harass other people, not help the city, and no one could seem to keep him under control.  His team despised him, even his teacher would regularly find excuses to force him to stay behind.  It was a full year that this continued, with Iyasu learning almost nothing more in the ninja arts at this point.  But he didn't care, he was a ninja even if he didn't behave like one, and that was all he wanted.

Enter: The Doctor
One day, when Iyasu had been told to stand guard during a rare mission where he was brought along, he went wandering.  They were quite a distance from the city, in the ruins of an old city involving the word "Sand" in its name, that no one seemed to remember anything about.  Supposedly there was an ancient scroll or weapon here that they needed to find.  Frankly Iyasu didn't care, he just wanted to check out the old buildings and ruins.  Wandering around, it wasn't long though before he heard the sounds of battle back where he'd left his post.  Realizing far too late why he was supposed to stay guard, he raced back.
When he arrived, the battle was just ending.  His teacher was the last two fall, despite his best efforts to protect the other two Genin on the squad.  As he stumbled out into the clearing where the fight happened, the rouge ninja who had killed his team saw him.  It was obvious that a Genin like him had no prayer where his team had failed and so Iyasu prepared for his death.  However it was forestalled by a sudden shadow leaping across the battlefield.
It was short work before the dark mass of tendrils killed the four rouges.  For whatever reason, Iyasu was totally frozen in place for the whole fight.  At the end of it, as Iyasu remained stock still, the black bundle of killing approached him.  Then it spoke.  "Hello...  I'd like to make you an offer.  Join with me for limitless power or die right here in these forgotten sands of Sunakagure."  The choice was obvious, and so the creature bound itself to Iyasu, almost like a second skin.

Learning Arc
At first Iyasu and the creature, who called himself "The Doctor", butted heads regularly.  However it didn't take long for them to reach a certain level of understanding.  The Doctor claimed to be an ancient ninja, from long before the Finger of God.  His knowledge was vast and incredible and every time he shared it with Iyasu it made them both stronger.  The Doctor learned to appreciate his host and integrated his unique bloodline into the young ninja, giving him amazing powers and allowing The Doctor to more fully fuse with the boy.
It was thanks to The Doctor that Iyasu became driven again, as a hunger for power and knowledge seized him, pushing him to become better.  He returned to the city and made up a story about how his group had been ambushed and he alone escaped.  They believed him and put him on a new team.  But this time he was an entirely different person.  A hard worker and quick learner who was a great asset to his squad, never slacking or giving less than a hundred and ten percent.
He spent two more years like this, a Genin with access to a Kage's knowledge and power, learning and gathering his strength, becoming closer and closer to The Doctor.  Finally he felt it was time to move to bigger and better things.

Chuunin Arc
When the Chuunin Exams were announced Iyasu signed up for them.  It was honestly not the slightest problem for him to pass them, as he was already on-par with an ANBU member in means of sheer power and skill.  But he kept his skill a secret for the time being.  He feared if anyone found out about The Doctor then they would take him away, and he would lose this source of amazing knowledge and power.
Once he was made Chuunin, he quickly applied for an ANBU position and after considerable testing that he once again passed with flying colors, he was accepted.  It was truly freeing to be part of this organization and see all these secrets.  He hadn't realized it but this was what he always wanted.  To be important.  To have power.  To have control.  He was regularly sent on infiltration missions which he excelled at due to his hidden bloodline, thanks to The Doctor.  It even reached the point where The Doctor's constant whispers and promises of power convinced him to take the hearts of some of his slain Shinobi foes and use them to strengthen his own powers.  It was amazingly freeing.

Destruction of Kitai
Outside Iyasu's knowledge, The Doctor continued manipulating him, pushing him this way and that with the constant promise of power.  Often though it wasn't even necessary to push, their lust for greater power so well merged.  It was because of this that led to the end of the city.
The Doctor had told Iyasu about the legendary Bijuu which once roamed the land and were eventually sealed in the legendary weapon called the Finger of God and thought to be destroyed.  He also told stories of the fearsome Jinchuuriki who were the balance between the Hidden Villages of old.  This led Iyasu to doing plenty of his own research into these creatures.  Before long he had found curious tales which suggested that maybe these magnificent creatures were around again.
After considerable study, using information that only ANBU were granted, Iyasu found a curious source under the city that he suspected was more than just superstition.  Despite The Doctor urging him against it, Iyasu traveled down under the city into the caverns.  However in his attempt to control the beast and seal it in himself, he awoke it and cause sent it on a rampage.  It destroyed Kitai and nearly killed Iyasu and The Doctor at the same time.

Roaming Arc
Two days later Iyasu woke up.  He dragged himself out of the caverns, nearly dying twice more due to his weakened state and the still collapsing rocks.  When he finally got free of the caves and reached the city, all he found was ruin.  There were still a few people remaining, but by then almost everyone had fled the destruction.  It was chilling to see what kind of devastation he was to blame for, even if no one knew.  However it did force the decision to begin wandering on him.  So he did.  The Doctor was his constant companion, and so he learned too.  They crossed enormous areas of land in short time, no real destination in mind, just observing the world and its current state.  Eventually though, about four months into their travels, they ran into a woman...
This wasn't any average woman.  Her name was Flora Azai, and she was the former queen of Kitai City, and still felt she had claim to the world.  Something about her struck Iyasu deep and he couldn't help but fall for her.  Fortunately she seemed to reciprocate the feelings.
In their travels, they ran across another man as well, who wielded the legendary Sharingan and three swords. This man, Yuudai Uchiha, traveled with the four for some time.

Separation Arc
The Doctor didn't appreciate the distraction and they regularly had fights as he tried to hide the darker side of himself from this wondrous woman, though The Doctor made sure to introduce himself to Yuudai.  Eventually it led to The Doctor and Iyasu splitting.  It was a painful experience for them both, as their minds and bodies were practically one with each other.  But in the end The Doctor promised that since Iyasu had chosen to go back on his agreement, he would have to die.  However he didn't try and start a fight there, leaving instead, no doubt to find another host, and someone convincing Yuudai to follow him..  It was strange to be without The Doctor.  A dark film was lifted from his eyes and slowly it sank in to Iyasu how many terrible things he'd done to the world because of his thirst for power that The Doctor had helped feed.  He lapsed into a stupor for nearly a week before he came to his conclusion.  The Doctor was evil, and Iyasu himself had committed evil.  Therefore he had to make amends and help do good instead.  While it would never erase the evil he did do, it would at least help his now tortured soul feel at ease.

Jinchuuriki Arc
Flora remained with Iyasu, and so Iyasu's main goal now was to become strong enough to protect her.  He had no intention of allowing further troubles to fall on her because of his lack of ability.  So Iyasu did what he'd been taught to do:  Research.  By asking around at villages and listening to myths and legends, Iyasu uncovered another Beast.  This time though he went prepared, leaving Flora one night so she wouldn't follow him and be in danger.  He headed into an ancient wood which he knew from The Doctor to have once been the Nara Forest and protected by their members.  Rumors were that it was enchanted and those who trespassed would never be seen again.
Before too long Iyasu felt a presence approach.  It was exactly what he'd come here for.  The Five Tailed Stag was there.  Its sheer power astounded Iyasu though, and he found himself just as frozen as his first time seeing The Doctor.  Fortunately for him the creature chose not to attack him outright.  After it demanded that Iyasu leave, the would be Jinchuuriki bowed down and plead for the beast to hear him out.  He then told the Five Tails about his past, the terrible things he'd done, and how he now realized he needed to make amends.  He then begged the Beast to share his power and give him a second chance to protect those important to him and those too weak to help themselves.
Apparently something in his words rang true, because after nearly two hours of consideration, the Five Tails chose to allow it, and merged allowed Iyasu to seal the Beast into himself.  With his new power, Iyasu went back to Flora and slipped into bed.

Finding a New Purpose
With his new power, Iyasu realized he had to do something big for the world.  He couldn't sit by and just let things move by him.  So he trained harder than ever with the Bijuu, learning all manner of new secrets.  He still retained some memories from The Doctor as well, and used those cautiously to speed it up.  Finally, just shy of a year after the fall of Kitai, Iyasu felt ready to take on the world.  As he had been training though, he had been trying to decide on what exactly he could do to help the world properly.  After discussion with Flora, he decided that the best choice was to build a community, in the style of the old Hidden Villages he had learned of.  In fact he had an idea in mind already.

Founding Arc
Founding the village was easier than expected. Iyasu located clans where he could to have them join him, and chose a location in the mountains for the defendability. A year and a half after Kitai was destroyed by one of the Tailed Beasts, Kumokagure was officially founded. Iyasu gathered a few close friends for various reasons, to join him. He heard rumors of a criminal group lead by The Doctor and Yuudai. However as a full year passed from the founding of the village, Iyasu took the opportunity to ask for Flora's hand in marriage. She accepted at the time, but they agreed to set the date further back, to nearly four years after Kitai's destruction. However as the date came closer, Iyasu began getting a more and more worrisome feeling. Then, a week before the wedding, it happened. Flora was kidnapped by The Doctor's organization. This left Iyasu enraged, but a ransom note threatening her death if he acted on them meant he had no choice but to sit and bide his time, planning and waiting...

[This is where your Jutsu, Styles, and Equipment are to be posted with their proper formatting. Genin start with 10 Techniques/Equipment, Chuunin with 15 Techniques/Equipment, Jounin with 20 Techniques/Equipment, S Rank start with 30 Techniques/Equipment, and SS rank start with 40 Techniques/Equipment. One style is allowed per rank. Standard weaponry (Such as kunai and senbon) need not be posted here, as they are purchased and maintained IC.]
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Equipment Page:
Jutsu Page:


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Nagano, Iyasu [WiP]
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