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 Sand Gourd

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Ryu Akihito

PostSubject: Sand Gourd   Mon Nov 04, 2013 3:12 pm

Name:Sand Gourd
Appearance:The appearance of the item is exactly the same as gaara’s sand gourd in the anime. The dimensions aren’t exactly the same as gaara’s gourd. It’s 4’ in length. The upper less wider circle of gourd is 1’ in width and the lower, wider circle of the gourd is 2’ in width.
Rank:: E-S rank
Range:: N/A
Special Abilities: The only ability it has is that it’s made of sand. Not only is it used to carry sand, but it’s complete body is made of sand, so if need be, by using the sunahama bloodline, it can be used for sand based jutsus.
Descriptions: The gourd is made to help sunahama bloodline users to have sand where sand is not present naturally. It can carry enough sand for one to do a good amount of damage and block damage if need be, depending on the rank of the item.
Origin: The gourd originates from the scrolls that describe of a kazekage who used a similar equipment, and was known by the name of Gaara.


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Sand Gourd
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