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 Shiru Hozuki

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Shiru Hozuki

PostSubject: Shiru Hozuki   Thu Oct 31, 2013 4:20 am

Playby: Misawa Mitsuyoshi
Name: Shiru Hozuki
Moniker: "Akikori" (Autumn Drizzle)
Age: 24
Gender: Male
Appearance: A man of a certainly recognizable stature, presenting a rugged yet professional swagger. His hair follows a very forgotten lineage of his clan which dones darker hair, instead of the snowy white. He typically keeps his hair drawn up in a sort of messy buisness style, which leans down the back of his head and dips towards shirt. His skin is slightly more toned than would be expected of a member of the Hozuki Clan, likely due to having been exposed to the sun for soo long. His eyes have a fairly moderate, holding only a light brown color too them. His eyebrows are naturally furrowed in a masculine manner, highlighting the creases around his eye in a dominating manner, yet soothed by his wide grin. At times many girls have to question if they too are Hozuki, as they seem to become soaking wet in his presence.

Now, this brings us to another more dominating feature of the man, which further imposes his leadership authority on most. Though most of his clan are distinguishably lean and scrawny, Shiru holds a bit of mass within his arms and chest, though not enough to be outrageous. Instead it is simply an amount perfect enough to compliment his rather lofty height. Fastened very loosely around his neck is an earthly orange scarf which is looped twice, with the largest amount of excess thrown over his shoulder, and the second arm hanging barely above his sternum. Beneath which he wears a dark olive trench-coat which hangs roughly a foot below the waistline. The coat is left open most often, with Shiru's hands tucked comfortably into the front pocket of his black hoodie that he wears beneath. Accompanying these dark colors, he wears a dark pair of shinobi pants which allow a favorable amount of slack in the crotch for easy movement. Noticeably about him is that he hardly ever wears shoes, and instead prefers to go around barefoot without a single worry.

Personality: Often at times people would find Shiru's lack of control over his mouth a sign of ignorance, and complete rudeness. Having no concept of the 'right time and place' to be a tease, he will playfully mock his superior, and peers in the worst of situations. It is a habit which he seems oblivious to the consequences of, though being repeatedly corrected over it. Though this could be due to his sort of obsession with only 'relevant' subjects, as he normally excludes all dynamics of life, and situations that do not directly effect himself, or something he is involved in. While a very hard condition to describe, those who have been around him would understand this description, and could agree full-heartedly.

Though the quirks seem to not end here, as yet another trait of his is left fully exposed at almost all times. Shiru is a bit of a secretive person, having numerous things, even details that would harm nobody, that he chooses to keep a secret. Now this is not to be confused with paranoia, but instead a strange habit of keeping an extra 'ace' up his sleeve. While in certain situations he can be a very sly politician, it is obviously apparent to his closest friends when he is attempting to hide something, and almost always susceptible that it is something entirely ridiculous. This is not to say that he himself recognizes the trait, as he seems to be in a deep denial of it, and even has an intense disdain for others who share this quality. Even when the situation is awkward, and someone nearby is being discrete on purpose, for reasons that can be understood, Shiru is the type who would call them out and force the answer out.

(I know I was a bit confusing in my explanation, so I'll just put a spoiler with key points below, along with some other points.)

Bloodline Information:
Bloodline Name: Hozuki's Hydrification Technique
Kekkei Genkai | Bloodline Techniques: (Will be listed with my Techniques)
Approved Bloodline Application Link:http://www.narutor.org/t30142-hydrification-technique-hozuki-bloodline?highlight=Hozuki

Role Information:
Title: Leader of a Criminal Organization
Rank: S-rank
Organization | Group: (Will post about later)

Skill Information:
Skill Specialty:
-Main: Ninjutsu
-Sub: Bukijutsu/Kenjutsu
Elemental Affinity:
-Main: Water Release

Special Characteristics:
Special Characteristics:
Non-Clan SC

History Information:
(Going to do best to keep this short and to the point)
History: With a pain rooted deeply within a past that one could question if Shiru even has a recollection of, it would be obvious to begin our story here. Though not with an explanation of his parents, or how they were killed before his eyes thanks to justice, which led him to become the terror of the night. No, rather it begins at a time when most children should be rejoicing; a time when smiles consume the playground as two equals strike each other and pretend to become the savages they have yet to realize they are. But not everyone smiles as blows are thrown, as a specific boy has become the target for bitter harassment. Held down nearly everyday at school, students would take turns splattering his limbs across the playground and dismembering him simply to watch him reform, and simply to temporarily have a feeling of significant control over the power of life.

Though back then Shiru was not the care-free threat that he is today, but rather a very shy and worried little boy. He wanted acceptance, and felt that even if it meant being used, he wanted people to play with him. The cycle of obedience would last until the day he earned the rank of genin. Standing in his one true moment of fame, in a state of Nirvana that he had never experienced before as he began to put his headband on, a single student would ruin it. Thinking himself to be a funny guy, one of the other students would rush Shiru in an attempt to splatter him one last time for all his friends, but the circumstances were different. With his family in the audience, Shiru was unable to allow his father to see him accepting such abuse. Going on instinct, Shiru would react in a manner which could only be noted as genetically predicable. As Hozuki had always been ruthless, so would Shiru's actions as he released a bullet of water through the boys chest. While the aim had been for his head, he was unable to fully stable himself as his emotions welled up inside. With tears begin to produce themselves beneath his eyes, he took off in a quick spree, running as quickly as he could to escape the school which hosted such a heavy burden on his heart.

Being young and naive, the boy would find himself entertaining the idea of running away as he curled himself against a dumpster in the lower districts of Kitai. The idea of everyone seeing him crying only further created a detached feeling, one which drove him to assume the worst. Images of the students, teachers, and even his family laughing outrageously at him sparked a fire which pressed him onward, giving him the strength he needed cease all tears and leave the alley. The first few months of Shiru's freedom proved a small bit of difficultly, as he hadn't developed a keen sense of hunting at the time. With his premature sensory skills, he was capable of locating food to eat but always seemed to set the animal off to his presence. Over-time he would develop a style based around his own unique capabilities, sending droplets of water thoughout the nearby area to become stationed by numerous beast at once. From the new vantage point, he was able to simultaneously kill up to three animals without ever becoming personally mixed in the conflict.

Though his development outside of Kitai would not simply stop at the creation of such a minor technique. Monitoring the wildlife in the area, he would begin to take into account their many natures and perceptions which granted them a higher vantage point in the animal kingdom. Points which would need greater strategy to kill, in order to taste their flesh. Numerous techniques would begin to aid him in the following years such as Hidden Mist, Sap Conversion, and his own unique form of Camouflage. Having spent nearly two years on his own at this point, it can be safely assumed that Kitai was furthest from his mind and heart, as he left behind all of his memories with a pair of tattered sandals.
(Here is where my laziness kicks in, since I need to hurry and finish this)
Afterwards he would find himself back at Kitai, more skilled than the young boy he had left as years ago. Curious to how his torturers had grown, he would use his new sensory techniques to track down one of the former bullies, and capture him. Taking the victim to their old school, Shiru would go through a rampage of taunts which ended with his getting carried away and blowing a hole through the mans forehead with the Hozuki Water Gun Technique. Afterwards an estranged old lady would reveal herself from the shadows and offer to clean the mess up. She would continue to offer him a life leading his own army, one which he could use to destroy any obstacles in his way. Though his wishes for revenge differed from her choice, he accepted in hopes to gain enough financial power to one day crush the lives of his bullies. Since then he has lived as the leader of Torehaka.

Anything to do with Water Release

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Shiru Hozuki

PostSubject: Re: Shiru Hozuki   Thu Oct 31, 2013 4:20 am

Name: Akisutoru ( Literally "Forestalling Autumn")
Appearance: The Akisutoru, or "Aki" for short is a roughly whittled looking cane, having an appearance which hides rather well it's effectiveness. From the base of the cane to the very top, which is designed to be cuffed by the palm when walking, it is roughly 81.34cm (32.1 inches). The cane is a made of a specially strengthened Maple Tree, having a very pale complexion with numerous faded brown rings across it. Though crafted to be a fine weapon, it would appear that it is purposely distorted, having a bit of a bow closer to the bottom, and several other undulating shapings in the wood. Though regardless of it's crooked design, Shiru has shown to have a great liking for it, using it often in battle to it's greatest effectiveness, and somehow keeping it unscathed. - The blade which is hidden on the inside is 27cm (11 inches), with the handle being 20.32cm (8 inches) in length.
Rank: A-rank
Range: Length of the cane, Short-range
Special Abilities: As noted previously, the cane is noticeably ineffective to the naked eye, hiding even it's blade of the inside. Though this is not the testament to it's design, which further gives it an advantage over close range combat. Delving further than it's capability to withstand almost any damage, thanks to it being specially treated, it also has numerous hollow points and metal beads throughout it. At the very bottom of the cane there is a weight, hidden within the wood which has wires connected through it, allowing a harder swing and blow thanks to the weights, as well as the capability to overpower most tools. Upon meeting in a clash, the strings within it will be intensely vibrated due to the hollow points, and release a powerful shock through the wood which would knock back most tools. It is often felt by the person holding the handle as well, as the non-lethal vibrations are sent into them. This shock is that on par of slamming a hollowed metal-bat against a hardened surface, which would create enough trauma to sling it on a return path at great speeds, as well as sting the hand a bit. This is not a literal electrical shock, but a reprucussive one.
Descriptions: Not really sure what to put here. Described the appearance and abilities.
Origin: This Shikomizue was crafted by a Senju of the Seikogakure a few years earlier, who did so in respect of Shiru Hozuki who was able to out perform him in a Kenjutsu match. Since then it has been the favored tool of Shiru, using it often in battle and abusing it to perform small task.

- Senbon
- Shuriken

Rp Sample: http://www.narutor.org/t30202-quilleting-foam-lake
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PostSubject: Re: Shiru Hozuki   Thu Oct 31, 2013 4:11 pm



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PostSubject: Re: Shiru Hozuki   

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Shiru Hozuki
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