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 Uchiha, Kodoku

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Jitsurei Zukai

PostSubject: Uchiha, Kodoku   Mon Oct 28, 2013 4:50 pm

Playby: Madara Uchiha

Basic Character Information:

Name: 孤独うちは Kodoku Uchiha
Alias / Nickname: 実例図解 Jitsurei Zukai
Age: 29
Gender: Male


Despite how he feels about himself, Kodoku is a man who stands stall and proudly for the sake of his causes. A broad-shouldered Uchiha with a build that makes him as worthy as any shinobi of his rank. In detail, he is not excessively large nor excessively small. Somewhere above average in height, standing around 6'0, and average in weight. However, that is how it should be, as he is no Akimichi. No boulders will be flung unless they are taken from the very earth that Kodoku manipulates.

His hair is long and black, as is a trademark characteristic of the clan. It reaches his shoulder blades, and appears to be naturally straight. The playby image provides a better example of the hair's appearance. Kodoku's eyes are also dark, but not entirely black. Instead, a powerful hue of grey that pierces where it looks. The grey of Kodoku's eyes are seen often, considering that he often does not use his Sharingan in an attempt to hide his identity. His physical features can lead to suspicions, yet there is no proof until the glowing red appears.

Kodoku's usual attire consists firstly of battle-ready gloves, which end at his wrists. From there, he has a long-sleeved shirt whose sleeves end midway up his forearms. Over this, a cloak of dark material which bears resistance to the elements of the world. The cloak has pockets within, providing storage space. Over the long sleeve shirt is a shirt with short sleeves, sown in a v-necked form like the the other shirt to reveal a bit of the fishnet mesh underneath.

As the cloak reaches down to Kodoku's ankles, one would also find a pair of black pants with the same combat quality as the rest of the clothing. By now, it should be noted that the attire was designed to survive a harsh beating. Underneath, black combat boots adorn Kodoku's feet. They are designed in such a manner that he can still use chakra through them, making the academy techniques as viable as always.

Kodoku's tool pouches are fastened on his right hip and lower back, along the midriff. There are kunai holsters on either lower leg, attached to his pants and hidden in the fabrics of the pockets. Inside the cloak, Kodoku carries a pocket watch, a journal, and a pen. The tool pouch on his back carries not only weapons, but also has room for alchemical ingredients and related counterparts. Kodoku's weapons are usually fastened at his waist and back, kusarigama and katana respectively.


"Who am I? Jitsurei. But no... really." is a conversation that Kodoku often has with himself, due to the necessity of hiding his identity to the public, and even his higher-up Iyasu. Kodoku forces himself to hide from the threats of his past, not wanting to stir trouble with the organization that so hated him for leaving it. At least, he remembered that being the rule at the time. If you leave, you don't come back. You don't go anywhere. That was it.

Such a threat would cause great turmoil in both Kodoku's nation and himself, making him feel responsible for the fate of those harmed should his identity ever be revealed. So he lives on as his alias, questioning his own person and wishing that it wasn't but an illustrated ploy to deceive all the people he loves. Yet, deceit was a factor that made up some of his personality. When you were an ex-criminal on the run, you lived a life of lies until you felt truly secure. That moment has not come, so one can guess Kodoku's current state.

Despite his immense power as an S-Rank shinobi, Kodoku often does not feel completely safe with getting close to particular individuals. Committing to a full relationship could cause him to get too close, and there's a chance that even if he were to tell his best friend, they wouldn't understand. They may turn him away, or better yet, tell all of his enemies in fear of what he is. An Uchiha - a vile creature that was part of the organization that causes mayhem across the country today.

How could you take such a secret? Merely a passing thought, or a conspiracy behind handing the title of Kage off to the world's most hated enigma? That was the kind of question someone would have to answer, and Kodoku doesn't want to put that decision on anyone. So he hides himself, in the darkest corners of his mind. A masterful liar with a body that is all but readable. Is he as sincere as he tries to be? One would have difficulty telling otherwise.

A life of lies also means a life of coldness towards others, and a self-pressure to keep them from finding the truth behind false words. As a result, Kodoku often carries a cold shoulder out of caution more than actual dislike. This seems to emerge only when touchy subjects come up, however. At heart, Kodoku is a friendly person who wants to get along with his friends, people, and even rivals. Yet, that seems to be a difficult goal to accomplish.

Coldness goes not only from every day life but to combat and endurance, allowing him to remain stoic against even serious threats. When one has bluffed for a majority of their life, they learn to pick apart the true skill of others. A man can only brag so much without taking action, and when he fails to live up to those words, action is taken against him. Lethal action. Kodoku has no issues with combat or the death of people, the sight does not bother him. Perhaps if they were people he were connected to, he would be more sentimental. Collateral damage isn't going to make him weep.

Aside from his duties as a Kage and Shinobi, Kodoku does have human interests. He often enjoys visiting coffee shops or tea shops, or exploring the forest while he searches for ingredients to brew his own teas. If not sipping or exploring, he sits and waits for the rain to pour into his dreams. Perhaps a lazy activity that some would look down upon, but an activity nonetheless. Rain is relaxing for Kodoku, and listening to it is something he would prefer doing over any stack of paperwork.

In terms of enjoyment, Kodoku enjoys training and battles as much as any warmonger. However, he often has to refrain unless he's fighting someone on his own level. His powers are vast, and he wouldn't want to cause extreme damage to his own village, much less hurt or kill someone who insisted too much that he use Goukakyuu no Jutsu. In a more menial form of combat, Kodoku also enjoys board games such as chess or checkers, as well as card games.

Intuitive at heart, Kodoku is an intelligent man who is good at both tactics and strategy, given he has at least a small amount of time to think. This often allows him to dominate both games and fights alike, a quality that many would strive for. However, intelligence is not the entire battle. That, combined with all that Kodoku has achieved, makes him the person that he is. A man that cannot be true to himself. A man that can't call himself by his own name. A gifted man with many talents that are limited by self-suppression.

Your Ninja Way: "Be true to yourself. You're all you've got."

Goals: To let his true self be known and loved, whilst preserving peace and protecting both himself and the people he's come to serve as Kage. A goal that feels impossible to achieve.

Bloodline Information:

Bloodline Name: Sharingan
Kekkei Genkai | Bloodline Techniques:
(This is the description according to the app.)

Approved Bloodline Application Link: http://www.narutor.org/t30250-uchiha-clan

Clan Information:

Clan Name: Uchiha
Clan History: N/A
Clan Application Link: N/A

Role Information:

Title: Kage
Rank: S-Rank
Residency: Kumogakure, The Boreal Highlands
Organization | Group: Ex-Torehaka

Skill Information:

Skill Specialty:

-Main Specialty: Fuinjutsu
-Sub Specialty: Ninjutsu
-Tertiary Specialty: Weaponry (One-handed Swords x3, Kusarigama x2, Basic Weapons x2)

Elemental Affinity:

-Primary Element: Katon
-Secondary Element: Doton
-Tertiary Element: Futon

Special Characteristics:

Special Characteristics: [These should be selected from our previously approved list of Special Characteristics or custom made here for approval. C rank gets 1, B rank gets 3, A rank gets 6, S rank gets 10, and SS rank gets 15. If you do not have a KKG then you get an extra slot every rank.]


History Information:

History: [Please write your history and be detailed. This is mostly for you to know about your character. Split this up into arcs, such as "Birth Arc" where you describe the family and the birth and what that meant/how it affected the family. "Academy Arc" where your character ages enough to enter the academy, and starts to open that chapter of their life. And "Genin Arc" where they finally become a genin after a long time of training in the academy. Each Arc should be around 2-3 paragraphs long]

[This is where your Jutsu, Styles, and Equipment are to be posted with their proper formatting. Genin start with 10 Techniques/Equipment, Chuunin with 15 Techniques/Equipment, Jounin with 20 Techniques/Equipment, S Rank start with 30 Techniques/Equipment, and SS rank start with 40 Techniques/Equipment. One style is allowed per rank. Standard weaponry (Such as kunai and senbon) need not be posted here, as they are purchased and maintained IC.]

Styles Page:

Equipment Page:

Jutsu Page:

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PostSubject: Re: Uchiha, Kodoku   Mon Nov 04, 2013 5:23 pm

I see this application hasn't been touched in a while. I've come to inform you that you have one week to complete the character before it's archived. Thank you.


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PostSubject: Re: Uchiha, Kodoku   Thu Nov 07, 2013 2:54 am

At request, this application has been given 48 hour non-combat RP approval.


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PostSubject: Re: Uchiha, Kodoku   

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Uchiha, Kodoku
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