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 Koto's Rinnegan write up

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PostSubject: Koto's Rinnegan write up   Fri Oct 25, 2013 7:39 pm

So here we have it. Koto has submitted a Rinnegan break down for our uses, and as a donation to try and encourage his being hired on as staff. So if everyone could give their input on it, I'd appreciate it.

Koto wrote:
Alright, well my guide is mainly the usage of bulletins which are directed at modifying the Rin'negan to still keep it's main tactical use, as well as nerfing it with the intention of stopping someone from becoming 'God' per say.

So, first off. We do need to accept that people will be set on (if they get Rin'negan) using the advantage of the Six Paths Technique. Now there's two fixes to this. Not something too major, as it's kind of obvious, but they will need to actually kill someone IC to use them as one of the paths. After this, they can assign this path to be a specific "Realm". Lets say I kill some dumb ass on the forum, and give them God Path. From that point forward, the main body will not be allowed to use any of that realms techniques (Shinra Tensei, Bansho Ten'in, Chibaku Tensei). As well, since we have seen that the paths use chakra from the main body (Which, being an Uzumaki, Nagato had a large chakra reserve) so this gives us a pretty reasonable limit.

Now this limits the power of having Six Paths at your aid AND your main body with all the skills. Every technique the paths use will drain your own chakra, so you don't have a limitless source of attacks. Even at S rank, using the paths to attack every post will give you a range of 10 post, since most of their attacks are A-rank, and S-rank in some cases. Though some of the skills will be overly powerful regardless, such as Shinra Tensei, Bansho Ten'in, and Chibaku Tensei. Note that Shinra Tensei will be the least changed. It will have a limit of once-per-post (Not 5 seconds), and only a 3m range. It will of course reflect any attack, and be S-rank. But you don't want to butcher the God Path too much. It is the second-most offensive. - Bansho Ten'in however will have the heavy change that it can only grasp non-living objects (excluding trees and flora). The technique should be B-ranked, since it's basically just doing some Jedi Shit, and the only way to use it offensively is to throw it, and allow momentum to take in. Because of this, it CAN be dodged with relative ease. It also lets you do what Wind Release at B-rank can do on it's own. - As for Chibaku Tensei, I say it has a heavy burden. Cost 75% chakra, and follows what Itachi taught us. It can be stopped with attacks that are powerful enough. Now we will need to work to think of a fair system for this, such as a "Three-turn" effect, in which you have to destroy it. Maybe 2 turns to be fair to the technique. - Likely 5 A-rank attacks will destroy it.

Now hang in there, I don't plan to give you a long address for everything. This is just my ramblings on how to fix the technique and ability, but I will try to limit it. I got off topic by going into the God Path, so for this next one, I will address the other 2 paths I think will be the hardest to monitor. In all fairness, Human Path can easily be fixed, and Preta is... Well, he's kind of fine. Hell path will be... Eh, iffy, but he's going to be reworked t be a medic, mainly. He can revive others at a heavy cost, or restore his paths. Interrogation also, but it will perform as a contact Genjutsu.

Now how about Asura? He's the main offense that I personally love. This particular guy will be made optionally customizable. Perhaps you want to make him a Buki user? Go for it. Anything you do with this body will require modifications much like a puppet. He will basically be able to do whatever you wish (within reasonable restaints) if you get everything registered. I had more to say towards this, but there's country music in the background and it's killing my design for this. So I'll touch base with it later. - Now Animal path is a fairly easy fix too, but I'm still going to address it with concern. All summons will need to be registered as normal summons would, and must follow the restrictions that other members have with summonings. They can not be of a already owned contract. -You can also only summon a single creature to the field every post, and they disappear in the following. Now this may seem unreasonable, but looking at the picture as a whole, this is acceptable.

- Now, separating myself from the idea of the canon Six Paths, we can take a "Tobi" approach, and something an old site I was on a long time ago did (before Pein fought Naruto). Perhaps your paths will only be based on WHO you kill. This makes it much more... Interesting. Whatever person you kill will be your path, and they will only have access to your techniques. Jinchuriki, Kekkei Genkai, there is no limit. - For example, giving my own person preference... I'd take an Aburame as Preta, Magnet Release user as God, Buki/Nin as Asura, and a puppeteer as Animal. But thats just how I do it.

So I hand this off to you all to think about. When, and if, I am allowed to see this thread, I will add more. Just faced with some handicaps at the moment.


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PostSubject: Re: Koto's Rinnegan write up   Sat Oct 26, 2013 12:40 pm

Looks like reasonable suggestion have been made for this power.


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Yuudai Uchiha

PostSubject: Re: Koto's Rinnegan write up   Sat Oct 26, 2013 4:33 pm

I agree this seems well thought out.


PAC 197
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PostSubject: Re: Koto's Rinnegan write up   

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Koto's Rinnegan write up
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