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 Outline of Events November 2013-November 2014

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PostSubject: Outline of Events November 2013-November 2014   Wed Oct 23, 2013 11:18 pm

Alright, so I was asked to make up an outline of events for the site. Here's what I have so far.

Feel free to make any contributions, send a message to me on Skype (endoftheworld44) if you don't already have it, or the Skype mods group if you have any ideas, criticism, anything in general. As the outline template shows, we're going for 1 IC event and 1 OOC event per month.

November 2013: Wandering Bandits with a Jutsu Scroll

Poetry Competition

December 2013: IC Event

Short Story Competition

January 2014: IC Event

Video Game Speedrun Competition (We decide on a game and have people speedrun it, fastest time wins)

February 2014: IC Event

Character Sketch Competition

March 2014: Seven Legendary Weapons released to the playerbase.

OOC Event

April 2014: Village Sieges (most likely to be scrapped, swapped, or changed)

OOC Event

May 2014: Universal Tournament

Photo Editing Competition

June 2014: IC Event

OOC Event

July 2014: IC Event

OOC Event

August 2014: Six-Tails Jinchuuriki Event

OOC Event

September 2014: IC Event

OOC Event

October 2014: IC Event

OOC Event

November 2014: IC Event

OOC Event


All of my characters, current and past.

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Outline of Events November 2013-November 2014
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