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 Mokusei Senju

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Mokusei Senju

PostSubject: Mokusei Senju   Wed Oct 23, 2013 3:58 pm

Playby: Kyoraku Shinsui - Bleach

Basic Character Information:
Name: Mokusei Senju
Alias / Nickname: Shodai Tetsukage
Age: 38
Gender: Male
Appearance: Mokusei is, in every sense of the word, unique. He is roughly 6ft 8, making him taller than everyone else he knows. His hair color is a simple dark brown, although he wears his hair in a ponytail of sorts running down his back. His hair, if left unkempt, would just fall in an untidy mess down his back, and cover his face as well. As it is, only a single curl falls to his face, although it does not obscure his vision or impede him in any way. His eyes are grey, a dead grey of someone who has seen much suffering. Mokusei has also gone a while without shaving his chin and jaw, resulting in a shadow, which he will not let evolve into a beard. A Kage has to look the part after all.

When it comes to what to wear, Mokusei does not limit himself to what he should be expected to where: formal attire that shows his status. Instead, he wears the most practical and comfortable clothing he has, which consist of a sakkat he usually keeps on his head unless in a heated battle, a black robe, with a mint green obi sash tied around his waist in a bow. On top of his black and white trimmed robe, he also dons a haori, which is completely white on the outside, except for the designs along the bottom, near the hem. And then, upon his haori, he wears a pink, floral patterned kimono, which one would associate with a female. When he is safe and unworried, his arms are not on the sleeves of the kimono, and it hangs off his body. When in battle, or at least anticipating trouble, he will either have his arms through the kimono or, if the trouble coming is bad, he will take off the kimono, to add to his speed by even a tiny amount. His hairpins, used to keep his ponytail in check, are the only expensive items he wears, not to mention the smallest. Crafted by a master, they are silk and ruby hairpins, which Mokusei protects with his life, as they are the only item of clothing which were not originally his.

Personality: Mokusei is a kind soul, very protective of his village and its citizens, and he takes his role of Kage very seriously. At least, that's how he sees it. He comes across to the village as a drunken weakling leader, how is neither respected nor feared, and so is partially hated by his villagers, and this is the intention.

In reality, Mokusei is a sly, cunning, and intelligent bastard which his enemies fear. His quick thinking has saved the village and kept it alive during it's four years of life. He was not the only one to think of starting a village, and he was not the strongest either. It was his brain that put him above the rest, and because of that he has made an oath to protect his citizens no matter what. His bodyguards spend all their time protecting him, and his advisor is one of his closest comrades. Because of this, these three people, and the leader of the ANBU, are the only ones who know that Mokusei cares more about the village than he does his village's prized possession: the secret to the Rinnegan.

The entire reason the Tetsukage acts the way he does, and makes the village think he is weak, is because they have all seen him fight. Most of the village knows his strength, that's why none have as of yet revolted. The elders of the village, those who have known Mokusei his entire life, all understand to a small degree what it is he is doing. Mokusei pretends to be drunken, weak willed, and pathetic because, if he acts like nothing is wrong, the people will hate him, but believe him, and do not worry. It keeps his village relatively peaceful, ignoring all the Senju hate towards their brethren.

Your Ninja Way: "I am as Iron, unwavering in my resolve, able to cause great joy to those I love, and greater pain to those I don't"
Goals: To rid the world of needless suffering.

Bloodline Information:
Bloodline Name: Senju - Wood Release
Kekkei Genkai | Bloodline Techniques:
Approved Bloodline Application Link: Mokuton

Bijuu Information:
Name: Mari
Title: Four Tailed Lanced Armadillo
Appearance: Unlike a mass majority of the Bijuu, the Four-Tailed Lanced Armadillo is not out-outrageously different than others of it's species. It's snout is long, forming like a cone which ends at it's mouth; the greyish tone of its skin becomes a more faintly pink pigmentation to further outline it's lips. Bumps across it's head seem to protrude more sharply, having not enough edge to cut, but enough to create a menacing touch. This would also seem apparent on it's shell, in which the layered plates are dotted with numerous pecks that fold backwards, making it more dynamic looking and appealing to it's stature.

Personality: Mari is a rather head-strong and competitive type of creature, considering everything an obstacle to be crossed, and never giving up. When it comes down to the Jinchuriki feeling down, Mari can be expected to make a punny joke of "Let's keep rollin'!" as 'Rolling' seems to be its solution for everything. When it comes to it's bond with it's Jinchuriki, it can be expected that it will not allow them to call it by it's real name, as it will persist to be known as the "Four-Tailed Lanced Armadillo" and nothing else.

Role Information:
Title: Shodai Tetsukage
Rank: SS Rank
Residency: Seikogakure no Sato

Skill Information:
Skill Specialty:
-Main: Taijutsu
-Sub: Ninjutsu
-Tertiary: Fuinjutsu
Elemental Affinity:
-Main: Doton
-Sub: Suiton
-Advanced: Mokuton

Special Characteristics:
Special Characteristics:

Physical Special Characteristics:

Mental Special Characteristics:

Chakra Special Characteristics:

History Information:
Arc I : From Humble Beginnings

Before everything, before Kitai was destroyed, before Seikogakure was founded, before Mokusei was appointed Kage, he was a young boy, travelling with his family, the Senju clan, around the area outside of the Kitai City, a metropolis in its era. Many of the Senju had settled there, however few had decided to wander for a longer time before settling down, to see if another city was to be found. Among those travellers were Mokusei's older brother, Hayashi who was eighteen, and his younger sister who was only fourteen, Tekki. Mokusei had been the middle child, and was sixteen. Their parent's did not approve of Hayashi leaving, nor did they want him taking Tekki, who wanted to go herself. In the end Hayashi had snuck out of the village one night, and had taken Tekki with them. His parents were furious, his mother mostly, and she took her anger out on the only son that had stayed, resulting in scarring all down the young teenager's back. Before then, Mokusei had worn clothes befitting a Senju: very little in the top half, to get a tan and show his muscles, but now, and since that day, a black robe was fitted onto his back, and a pink flower kimono on top of that. He was laughed at and mocked for his choice of, what everyone saw as, feminine clothing but he did it so none would see his scars. he didn't want his mother's name disgraced, even after all that she had done.

From that point on, Mokusei began to grow distant from both his parents, and his clan. He had debated running off to find his siblings, but he knew that plan would more likely result in him dying  than him finding what he was looking for, so he stayed, got laughed at, and persevered, which in the end, when he reached twenty-four, made him the strongest living Senju, and he was appointed leader of the clan by all. He had no idea how much he was going to be needed soon.

On his third week of being the clan leader, when everything seemed to have been settled, and everyone was agreed that he was the best Senju for the job, Mokusei went into Kitai to negotiate proper peace with the city, and the whole clan came with him to it, possibly to show intimidation, which Mokusei did not want. He went to the leader of Kitai, but he never made it back to the clan. The Queen of Kitai was not wanting to negotiate friendship. She was here for war. She wanted to capture Mokusei and use that to blackmail the Senju into surrendering, before she slaughtered them all. However, just at the moment when her guards were about to grab him, the whole Earth shook, and it was that moment Mokusei acted, using his superior Taijutsu prowess to defeat the guards.

Instead of attacking the Queen, which is what he would have normally done, he ran outside to see what had just happened, and saw devastation. The entire city had been attacked by a demon, one he could see running off into the distance. He looked around and saw only death and despair. Not only was Kitai dead, but none of his clan members had survived the destruction. Mokusei just ran, and ran, and ran.

He was alone.

Arc II : Finding a Purpose

His home, his family, everything he knew was gone, destroyed in an instant by that beast, whatever it was. But now, with no purpose in life left, Mokusei just walked. He wandered around the entire world, stopping at nights, fighting off bandits, and simply surviving. It reminded him of something from a long time ago: his brother and sister leaving to wander. Is this what it had been like for them? Would things have been different now if I had left with them that night? Is this all my fault? These questions and more floated through his head, like a passing thought, all fiercer than the last, and all always coming back again to haunt him.

He thought about his sister, he hadn't seen Tekki or Hayashi for a long time now. Maybe they had already learned of the destruction of Kitai, and the loss of the Senju. Maybe they had found somewhere to live already, and the remaining clan members were surviving well. Mokusei had given up hope for finding them within the third week, as he knew how unlikely the chances were in this big world. He was not going to find his family. There was no water anywhere, no food except scraps of meat here and there from long dead animals. He didn't feel like he had the power to create a tree for shade, or even a house, simple as the action may have been, he wasn't going to survive, he slowly realised this, and so, when he fell to the ground, he didn't bother getting back up. He let the world consume him.

It seemed the world had another idea.

Waking up, two sensations went through Mokusei's head. The first: he was still alive. The second: he was not in the wilderness anymore. He was inside something, not a cage, but a house. And someone, standing next to him, caring for him. It didn't seem right, but his saviour didn't seem to be startled that Mokusei had woken up, or even that he was alive. Mokusei had been saved because he had been found, that was all. His saviour seemed too kind but Mokusei had to go, he couldn't stay any longer than possible. When he mentioned this, he was asked if he was part of the big group of travellers that had passed by earlier. When asking for more information he was told about the "Magnet People" as well as the "Ones Who Could Create Trees". Mokusei couldn't believe, it couldn't be anything other than Senju. He asked where they had gone, and when he found directions, he ran off, promising to come back to repay his debt.

After four more days of walking, Mokusei eventually found the group. The "Magnet People" he learned were the Kurogane, and the tree creators were not only Senju, but Mokusei's brother and sister, and a family the sister had had with the Kurogane, resulting in a new generation of both Kurogane and Senju. The two clans had become close in their time together, and they had become the greatest of allies, and even greater friends. The children had been taught their abilities alongside one another, and a two man team of Kurogane and Senju were flourishing, they made excellent pairs, complementing each other's imperfections. But Hayashi, Mokusei's older brother, now at the age of 32, did not seem happy, and when asked why, it seemed that he hated the Kurogane, calling them imperfect, and Senju were "true blood" the Kurogane didn't deserve inside them. Fret all he might, Mokusei knew he wouldn't dare raise a hand against the clan brothers. At least, he thought his brother wouldn't.

That night, Mokusei couldn't sleep after hearing his brother's words, so he had gone outside for a walk around the camp everyone slept in when they stopped for the night, and stopped outside his sister's tent, smiling at how much she had changed, and how beautiful she now was. He then went on to his brother's tent, he could see it from here, but stopped. His brother was getting out of the tent, with a knife in his hand. Moving so that he wouldn't be seen, Mokusei watched as Hayashi went into Tekki's tent, and after a few minutes, Mokusei went in to see what had happened, and he saw the horror: Tekki was dead, and in Hayashi's hands was the knife, now bloody after stabbing his own sister in the heart. Mokusei ran outside the tent and threw up, before his brother came out to explain what had just happened, but Mokusei saw it already, and he didn't want to hear any lies. he ran back to his tent, and tried to sleep, but he sat up and wondered about the implications, as he could not, and would not, sleep.

That morning, Mokusei eventually slept, and so he woke late into the afternoon, and his waking was greeted with loud noises coming from outside his tent: shouts and screams, and the only words Mokusei could pick up in his drowsy state were "murder" and "betrayal", which instantly woke him, and he ran out instantly, to see his sister's dead body there on the ground, decrepit, and desecrated. Her husband stood next to the body, not crying, but tear marks clear as day on his cheeks. Next to him was Hayashi, standing smug looking at Mokusei as he shouted to the people about how it was the Kurogane leader that had killed Tekki, it was their fault, it was they who had betrayed the group. Mokusei tried to speak out, but in the crowd his voice was not heard. Hayashi had been the Senju leader of this group for a long time, and they would not believe Mokusei's words over his, truthful as they may be. The Senju were, within a few minutes, in a frenzy, saying they were going to kill the Kurogane clan who were on the other side of camp. Mokusei ran and told the leader what had really happened, and he understood and accepted it: he was not going to fight back, but neither was he going to allow the slaughter of his people. He put it to Mokusei to stop the attack, as he hadn't been able to stop the death of his sister. No, not death, murder.

Cold, calculated murder.

Mokusei ran to the crowd of Senju, walked up to the make-shift stage his brother was on, and tried to tell the people the truth. They passed it off as lies, and they all shouted to Hayashi that Mokusei was trying to take power. When asked if that was true, it all fitted. All that was left was to say "I have no other choice".

Fighting his brother was difficult, not because of any power difference on his side, but because Mokusei did not want to kill him, yet he knew he had to. He dodged his brother's Wood attacks, and Mokusei knew fine well he was the stronger one. He had stayed in Kitai, suffered beatings from his parents, been ridiculed for his clothing, and had become the strongest living Senju still of the clan. He knew more powerful juts, was faster, stronger, and more agile than his brother. He was simply better, which infuriated Hayashi even more when the other Senju began to realise the clear strength advantage between them. He became more reckless in his attacks, and the match became easier and easier and the attacks became more erratic.

Eventually, after around five minutes of sparring with his brother, Mokusei decided to end it. He kicked his brother in the ribs, injuring him and then Mokusei followed this up with handcuffs of wood, pinning Hayashi to the spot, and winning Mokusei the battle, without killing his brother, which was a relief. He had already lost his parents, and his sister, he did not want to lose the only family he still had left. So he walked away, dispelling the handcuffs as he did so, and releasing his brother, who was not one for honour. He pulled out the knife, still coated with the blood of his sister from the previous night, and ran at his brother, hoping to kill him with a backstab. Reacting in time, Mokusei had disarmed his brother of the blade, but his brother had kept running at him, so Mokusei had to dodged and deflect attacks all the way through another battle.

Then, in one moment, it all stopped. The attacks stopped coming, and Mokusei did not know why. Then he noticed his right hand, curled into a fist, with its contents gone. The dread feeling started, and as Mokusei looked at his brother, he already knew it would be the last time he could gaze into his eyes, and he would gaze back. The knife, the knife that had killed Tekki, was now protruding from Hayashi's chest. His frantic breathing signalled that he had punctured a lung, and was coughing up blood. He fell, and Mokusei rushed to him, asking for medics to arrive, and to hurry. He tried his best to save his brother, but he was stopped by Hayashi. Tears streaming down both brother's eyes, the eldest spoke, "I only ever wanted what was best for the clan... I did not want to kill Tekki, I had to. Don't save me, I do not deserve it, but promise me you will protect the clan brother." He was coughing up blood, this must've been putting him through agonising pain to speak, but he continued, "There is one thing I must ask of you, one last thing. Not far from here, near the ocean, is a shrine with words only a chosen few can read. It details a powerful ability, which could destroy this world. I want you to protect it, as I was hoping to, from those who would use it for harm. Now let me die brother, kill me with that cursed knife, and let my soul rest with our family." With that, his words stopped, but the coughing continued. As much as Mokusei might have hated his brother for killing his sister, he could not deny him either of his wishes, or shed tears for his brother, whom he still loved. Pulling the knife out of his lung, Mokusei looked once more at his brother's face, who smiled back at him, one last time, before Mokusei spoke once more to his brother, "Be with Tekki, and our parents brother. May you be granted the peace you deserve" and the blade was plunged into Hayashi's heart, killing him instantly, and letting his soul drift.

And with that simple action, Mokusei had orphaned himself.

Arc III : A Place to Call Home

All the Senju looked up to Mokusei now, they viewed his as the new leader, the alpha, as he had just killed the former leader. Once again, he found himself as leader of the Senju clan, a position he never thought he would have found himself in again, not after what had happened last time. However he knew the way forward. He rallied the Senju, calmed them from their rage, showed them the error of their ways, that the Kurogane were not to blame, and they actually listened. They started to calm down, and though their anger remained, the prospect of a battle had gone, and all seemed safe for now.

Following his brother's advice, Mokusei found the shrine after a few days walking alone, he didn't want anyone to see the shrine unless they had to, and no one right now had to except from Mokusei himself, as it was his brother, and he was the leader now. It had strange writing on it that he couldn't read, but he was sure it detailed a power, one that Mokusei swore to protect. To hide the secret, using one of the most powerful Senju jutsu, he created a forest around the shrine, so none would find it unless shown the path. After that was completed, Mokusei returned to the Kurogane and Senju, and said to them they all now had a place to live, before showing the Senju the forest. He charged them to protect it no matter what, so a compound was created for the clan to live in. The Kurogane, Mokusei asked to live here too, but a forest was not for them, so instead a metropolis of metal was created for them to live in. A Hidden Village. To enter the village, the forest had to be traversed, or you had to sail, as the village was next to the ocean. To lead the two clans, the Senju offered Mokusei to lead them, more out of hatred if the Kurogane became the leader, than out of Mokusei's worthiness.

And thus, Seikogakure was born.

Arc IV : Power After a Pilgrimage

Three years later, Seikogakure had become a massive city, full of many civilians and shinobi alike. People had heard of the village and had flocked to the village, so quickly an ANBU had been formed. Two bodyguards had also been chosen to protect Mokusei: the Tetsukage as he was now called, by his advisor, much to Mokusei's dismay. But having a tag team of Senju and Kurogane could help the younger generation forget the older's vendetta's. Sadly it had not yet worked, as the Senju still hated the Kurogane, because of the belief that they killed the "Princess of the Senju" as Mokusei's sister had been known as.

However, now that his village was in order, and nothing bad seemed to be happening that couldn't be sorted by his advisor, Mokusei decided it was time for him to go on a pilgrimage of sorts, to leave the village for a small period of time, to collect his thoughts and find the way forward for both himself, and his village.

He wandered through the forest of the Senju, stopping in the compound to greet his clan, before going to the shrine, whose exact location only Mokusei and the Senju leader, who had so far not been chosen, so only Mokusei knew the location, and the meaning of the shrine. He bowed before it, still being unaware of the power it held, before he left the forest, and journeyed into the desert away from the village. He knew precisely the location of his village, so he would find his way back eventually.

On his journeys, he saw many things, but on the fourth day, he saw the most spectacular wondrous sight, and it changed his life.

Strangely, he thought nothing of it, he saw an Armadillo in the desert, enjoying itself. But then, he realised how far away the creature was, and as he walked closer to it, he noticed that it was huge, bigger than the highest point of Seikogakure by quite a large amount. Laughing at the fact he hadn't realised made the creature, it was still definitely an armadillo, and it spoke, in a proud voice, "I am the Four Tailed Lanced Armadillo, who do you think you are? Rollin' rollin'". Hearing it's name, it seemed like a female beast, Mokusei stopped, and then asked her, "Thirteen years ago, there was a city known as Kitai. It was destroyed by a massive beast, about the size you are. Millions of lives, eradicated in one day. Was. That. You?" The Four tailed stopped what it was doing, and regarded Mokusei for the first time since they had met, before she spoke again, "First of all, you do not speak to me like that unless you want to fight. Second of all, I do not take kindly to the destruction of human kind, but I suppose it may have been Eight that did that. But you have no chance against him, most of us don't, and we are his siblings. Obviously Nine probably could, but it's been ages since we've heard from him" All these names meant nothing to Mokusei, except Eight, which he assumed was the number of tails. The Eight tailed beast. When asked if she would come back to the village, the four tailed agreed but said that to properly inform Mokusei about everything she would have to reside inside him for the time being. She could lend her powers of changing the weather, as well as give him information on anything she knew about. Mokusei wasn't stupid, he had to ask, "If I do this, what's in it for you?" The Four Tailed just laughed and said, "Nothing, I'm just rolling on, that's how I do it. And with my powers, we'll be able to overcome any obstacle. Just promise you will never give up and we're all good. Now, proper introduction. My name is Mari, but you may and will only call me "The Four Tailed Lanced Armadillo", nothing else. And you are?" Smiling, and forming the hand seals necessary for a strong Sealing ritual he knew, the Tetsukage spoke, "My name is Mokusei Senju, Tetsukage of Seikogakure no Sato, and Acting Leader of Clan Senju. Call me whatever you wish"

The simple reply, from the overwhelming creature, was, "Moku"

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Mokusei Senju

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Academy Jutsu:
Hachimon Eight Gates:
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Suiton Jutsu:


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After discussing problems over Skype, and unless any other member of staff has a problem with this...


Locking and moving to designated approval forum, any admins with problems can take it out if they see something wrong, and generally moderate as they see fit.

Enjoy the RP, and good luck with your position.


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Mokusei Senju
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