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 Special Characteristics Guide

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PostSubject: Special Characteristics Guide   Mon Oct 21, 2013 6:05 pm

Special Characteristics

What are Special Characteristics?
Like being a member of a Clan or not can define your identity, the elements and specialties you wield can define your identity and your personality and looks can, the Special Characteristics are what defines who you are as a Shinobi in more ways than one. Special Characteristics may define your true character, provide valuable boosts to your previously chosen specialties, allow you the use of legendary items and jutsu, or even enhance your attacks.

Starting Number of Special Characteristics

  • Genin = 1 Special Characteristics in total (2 for shinobi without a Bloodline or Secret Technique)
  • Chuunin = 3 Special Characteristics in total (5 for shinobi without a Bloodline or Secret Technique)
  • Jounin = 6 Special Characteristics in total (9 for shinobi without a Bloodline or Secret Technique)
  • S/Kage = 10 Special Characteristics in total (15 for shinobi without a Bloodline or Secret Technique)
  • SS/Sannin = 15 Special Characteristics in total (20 for shinobi without a Bloodline or Secret Technique)

Why are there different ranks to my Special Characteristics?
As you move up through the Ranks of your village, you will be able to learn much more, while you can also proceed to perfecting and mastering certain skills and specialties. To make things easier for you, we have written down some of the many things you could do with these differently ranked special Characteristics below. Do keep in mind that if you want to increase your physical speed, strength, endurance or reflexes, you will have to follow the set amounts gives below.
C rank: As the lowest of the characteristics, these characteristics are small tricks and traits that one might find among genin. This may be specialized training to enhance their speed slightly or perhaps a more close dedication to their specialty than others with the same. While it provides boosts and special abilities, they are easily overshadowed by other Special Characteristics of a higher rank. Also at this rank are low level skills such as lock-picking, Lie-detecting, lying. This is where many skills begin to truly develop.

B rank: These more advanced characteristics show definite boosts that provide more solid advantages over other shinobi without them. It is this rank of characteristics that begin to help further define your character beyond their specialties. One can move from simply a martial artist into the top of his class, or an expert engineer of puppets. Beyond that, this would include a deeper understanding of select skills from the C rank.

A rank: As you reach the rank of Jounin this level of special characteristics opens avenues that lend your character greater boosts and talents. It is at this stage that shinobi become clearly known for their traits and many are considered experts of the characteristics they take. Become faster, stronger, use jutsu that others could only hope to imitate, and even perhaps obtaining a third specialty and broadening their skills. Those with abilities at this level could very well be teachers or instructors to help other shinobi learn similar SCís or lower ranking version of their own.

S rank: Legends. These special characteristics are only earned by the best shinobi and only a few more than those who earn them see them in action. With these traits shinobi can dominate the battlefield and show skills that their long years of training have made possible. †These are true masters of their traits and as such are usually the best in their fields.

SS rank: The absolute best. †These people have the skill and knowledge that they may very well have created their field of study. †The mere idea of someone having this level of skill is too much for some people. †Those with this level of skill don't even have to think of what they're doing and they can still accomplish it perfectly, every time.

Additional | Important Note

Clanless Extra: As a Clanless Shinobi, you may add one Extra Special Characteristic spot every rank. This is to make up for the lack of a Kekkei Genkai, and making it more rewarding for those who have chosen to be Clanless. Please make use of this and take advantage of it appropriately.

Custom Special Characteristics: Though allowed, the creator of any Special Characteristic must understand that once approved for use for their character the approving moderator will promptly put a copy of the special characteristic into this guide under the proper heading. From that point on, it is open to all players and characters that meet the requirements.

Training Optional: So you want to get a shiny new Special Characteristic without spending precious points? Well luckily any SC can be trained so long as you are willing to put time and effort into the topic. While you cannot turn these topics in for any sort of advancement, you can write them up and earn the Special Characteristic free of charge.
Training Requirements:

Upgrading Special Characteristics: Upgrading a Special Characteristic is done by either paying the appropriate PAC or training with the appropriate word count. There are limits however in trading up in SCís.
-The upgrade must pertain to SC being upgraded (If it is a Strength Boost SC, then you must upgrade to the next level of Strength SCís rather than swapping it for a Lie-Detector SC).
-The upgrade may only go up one rank, no skipping from C to A rank SCís.
-Upgrading an SC replaces the older SC, thus eliminating the potential to go over the total maximum for a Shinobiís limit on Special Characteristics.
-To upgrade, a Shinobi must have previously bought/trained for the lower ranked Special Characteristic. You may not buy an A rank Speed Boost SC without purchasing first the C and B ranked Special Characteristics.
-Once every two months that your character is active you gain an extra SC slot if you submit an update with a new arc for your character, explaining what has occurred since your last arc.

Maximum Boosts: Anything that gives a boost to chakra, speed, strength, or any other improvement perk must follow this guideline. Any SC boosting something may only boost it by 5% per rank. [C rank= 10% boost, B Rank= 15% boost, etc].
Special Characteristics Template

Name:[/b] Name of the SC
Rank: Rank of the SC
Requirement: What does it require to obtain?
Range: How far does your SC work? †If it only affects your character, put "Self" here.
Description: Describe what it does and how it does it.

[b]Name:[/b] Name of the SC
[b]Rank:[/b] Rank of the SC
[b]Requirement:[/b] What does it require to obtain?
[b]Range:[/b] How far does your SC work? †If it only affects your character, put "Self" here.
[b]Description:[/b] Describe what it does and how it does it.
Approved Special Characteristics
Chakra Based Special Characteristics:
These special characteristics revolve around chakra in its most basic form. Whether it is increasing your chakra capacity, gaining an additional elemental affinity, or finding new and creative uses to chakra; you can find it all on this list.

Approved Chakra Special Characteristics:

Physical Based Special Characteristics
Physical characteristics make a character stronger, faster, or even give them unique things like ambidexterity or increased flexibility. Through training, meditation, or even surgery; these are the characteristics that revolve around the body without any specific Specialty required.

Approved Physical Special Characteristics:

Knowledge Based Special Characteristics:
Acting, lying, Knowledge in Anatomy, these are some examples of what can be found in this section. These are skills that are non-combat based but can be quite the magnificent tool to use †in roleplay. Whether youíre trying to detect whether the shinobi youíre interrogating is lying or picking a complex lock
Approved Knowledge Special Characteristics:



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Special Characteristics Guide
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