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 Tribe Jinkei

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Living Saint Bayul

PostSubject: Tribe Jinkei   Fri Oct 18, 2013 6:10 pm

Tribe Jinkei

”It is not the powerful, the egotistical, the wise or the foolish whom will succeed but the those who are faithful to their beliefs. Upon the wings of angels will humanity be saved from itself,  and from the tears of those angels will civilization be reborn.”

A Brief History of Jinkei:
The Jinkei grew out of a need for community. Civilians gathered, seeking out peace as they left the ruins of Kitai and those who were too sick of bloodshed and war stood by their side to protect them in their travels. Quickly bandits and rogue shinobi sought to take advantage of these nomadic people and began assaulting their caravans for resources and valuables upon the realization that they would never kill those attempting such brazen attacks. Eventually a man stood up amongst the nomads and unified them into a tribe, giving them a code of conduct and allowing them to exist and defend themselves with meaning. This philosophy became known as Jinkei and the Tribe of Jinkei was born. These nomadic people constantly move and work to pass on their ways of life and their philosophies to those who might improve their station in life. The tribe willingly accepts all who would join, provided they complete their initiation, and refuses to take a life the rest of their natural lives.
[1] Do Not Kill: The primary tenant of Tribe Jinkei, the act of taking a life is completely unacceptable for a member of the Tribe. Those who kill another human being, even on accident, are penalized with death. As soon as the life is taken, a ritualized tattoo on that tribe member will begin glowing and allow for certain Sensory based techniques to track them quite well.
[2] Oath of Poverty: Those who join the Tribe leave behind most of their possessions, keeping with them the things they need to survive. The goods and money of the people are given to the survival of the tribe and as a cohesive unit they work together to exist.
[3] All for the Tribe: Old alliance and loyalties are left behind upon joining the Tribe. Clans are forgotten, families exiled, and villages abandoned. Your loyalty is only to your new family amongst the clan, with each member acting as a sister and brother.
[4] A life of Service: Those who join the tribe understand that they are dedicating themselves to a life of service. Whether acting as a shinobi to defend and earn contracts for the Tribe or acting as a civilian to help ease the life of everyone else, the moment you accept the tattoo you become part of something larger than yourself.
[5] An Honorable Kill: When a person kills a victim and their tattoo becomes active, those who are assigned to track and eliminate them are considered the only ones allowed to kill. This “Honorable Kill” is only offered to shinobi with reason to assist in the hunt and very rarely given out at all. Usually these missions are led by an Angel of Mercy, but exceptions have been made in the past.
Living Saints: The term “Living Saint” is offered up as a reward to the faithful for their service to the Tribe. They are usually people of great depth and status amongst the Tribe regardless of rank or military prowess. These individuals embody the tenants of the Jinkei entirely and are well respected by not only Jinkei tribe members but nations around the known world for their humanitarian efforts. Living Saints are a rarity, with only a few handfuls ever granted the title since the creation of the Tribe. They act as the unified leaders of the tribe, working together to ensure the survival of Jinkei and act as the leaders of the Tribe, each Saint having equal footing with the others.
[spoiler=Current Living Saints]

  • Living Saint Bayul Aburame

Angels of Mercy: The ANBU unit of the Tribe is named after the creatures they often seem to imitate. The Angels of Mercy are a specialized group with most of the members focusing on Eijutsu as their primary study. But do not think they are pacifists by any means, as they are the primary police forces and in charge of all executions. As merciful and beneficial the angels can be, never forget that they are the elite amongst the Tribe. To be promoted to an angel is quite an honor.

Initiation Into the Tribe:
The tribe enforces a very strict policy of leaving the past behind in order to secure a cleaner and more sensible future. A promise of fealty to the beliefs and good of the tribe is tantamount to any other obligation a person could have. Such a promise cannot be proven with only words, instead requiring a show of dedication and willingness to bend to Tribe Law. The ordeals move in three steps.

  • Cleansing: Those who would join the tribe must first be cleansed of their past. Usually this is done in a sweat lodge, with heats reaching well over one hundred degrees. Participants are expected to remain awake for the ordeal, twelve long hours in the heat with Angels of Mercy and Living Saints watching their every move. Minimal clothing is allowed, any non-weapon possessions will be burned in the fires of the sweat lodge. Questions may be asked in the form of an interrogation, but what exactly happens in the sweat lodges is kept quite private.
  • Desolation: From the fire, those wishing to join the tribe are drug out of the sweat lodge and lashed to a pillar by their wrists and left to starve for two days. With their body exiting the heat of the lodge and suffering whatever weather the season grants them for their ordeal, many feel like they are being frozen to death. This portion of the initiation is built to break down people and leave them at the end of their endurance. It is far from mandatory, and it is at this point that many initiates give up on their desire to join Tribe Jinkei.
  • Admission: After all of their suffering and struggles, initiates are then marked with the tattoo of the tribe and fully admitted to the rank of Tribe Member. Usually there is a great feast and celebration as the tribe has gained a new brother or sister and that is be respected and commended. The tribe grows, and the initiate is treated as family.

Sacred Tattoo:
The tattoo above adorns the back of each and every member of the tribe. Starting at the lower end of the spine and ending just at the bottom of their neck, this tattoo is taken during their initiation ritual with no more or less pain than any other permanent marking of the skin but with very deep meaning and purpose. The tattoo acts as a means for the tribe to fine one another, allowing the Sensors amongst the clan to locate members within a 5m radius [See Tribe Exclusive Jutsu]. This tattoo also acts as a punishment for those who commit the ultimate taboo of killing another shinobi. Upon the death of another, the tribe member responsible’s tattoo will begin to glow a bright red and remain glowing until the tattoo is removed or the member (now exiled for their sin) is killed. The only time this tattoo does not activate in such a manner is when a tribe member strikes down another with their tattoo already marking them as a traitor to the tribe.
Tribe Exclusive Jutsu:

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Living Saint Bayul

PostSubject: Re: Tribe Jinkei   Tue Oct 22, 2013 10:33 pm

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Tribe Jinkei
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